Let’s Dance - Sam Holland X Reader

A/N: This is for @parkerroos because she wasn’t having the best day yesterday, hope this cheers her up a bit. But this is also my first Sam imagine, so I’m sorry if it isn’t accurate or if it’s not that good, still hope it’s decent though xD.

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It was a normal night for the Holland family, Tom was reading through his script with Tessa taking a nap beside him on his bed, Harry was spending time with Paddy, causing trouble for their mom, while their dad watched on, smiling at his sons and wife. But one thing was different in the house, and that was two unexpected guests, you and your younger sister, Y/S/N.

Your parents were away for the weekend and you promised your boyfriend, Sam, that you would stay at his place while they were away, but then you found out that they also weren’t taking your sister, leaving you to take her with you. Of course, you loved your sister, you practically never left her side when she was born, heck! You basically wanted to take over the role of mom, you loved her that much.

But you had to admit, you wanted some time to spend with your boyfriend. Luckily the Holland family were thrilled to have you both stay over, as long as you and Sam would behave, they were fine with you two staying for the weekend. Y/S/N loved Tessa, and everyone else, but mostly Tessa, but she did love the rest of the family. You were pretty sure she was ready to move in when she finally met them all and learned that Tom played Spider-Man in the MCU, you weren’t actually shocked to see that she never left Tom’s side whenever he said he wanted to tell her more about it.

You smiled to the water of the shower, finishing up with washing your hair before getting out, wrapping towels around your body and hair as you walked out to Sam’s room where you put all your clothes for the weekend. You quickly got changed, leaving your hair wet since you forgot to bring a hairdryer with you, leaving the room and walking down the stairs, waving to Tom when you walk past his room door.

You made your way downstairs quickly, slowing your pace when you hear soft music being played, it wasn’t unusual in the household, you were used to hearing someone playing the piano or some other instrument. This time it was different though, it wasn’t being played by anyone in the house, it was coming from a speaker in the living room.

You smiled as you walked into the living room, your bare feet cold against the wooden floorboards. Your smile grew even bigger when you saw Sam and Y/S/N waltzing around the living room, both of them smiling as Sam spun her around, laughing at the way she twirled and giggled loudly.

“Having fun?” You asked, making Sam and Y/S/N turn to look at you, Y/S/N running over to you and giving you a hug. You picked her up with a smile, resting her on your hip as Sam rubbed the back of his neck.

“Y/N! Sammy was teaching me how to dance!” Y/S/N cheered, making you look at Sam, an eyebrow raised at him.

“Was he now? Is he a good dancer?” You asked Y/S/N, whispering like it was the best piece of gossip ever, which it was for you since you had always wondered if Sam was a good dancer or not.

“He’s a great dancer! Aren’t you, Sammy? He taught me how to…” Y/S/N trailed off, seeming to not remember what he taught her, which made Sam clear his throat and speak up.

“Waltz, Y/S/N. It’s called a waltz.” Sam said, smiling at the little girl on your hip, who nodded in understanding at your boyfriend.

“Can you waltz, Y/N? Why don’t you and Sammy dance while I help Mrs. Holland make dinner?” Y/S/N asked, making you smile at how excited she was to help with dinner.

“Sure thing, Y/S/N/N.” You said, letting your sister out of your grasp as she ran towards the kitchen, you watching as her little feet lead her towards the person who was like a second mother to you both.

It was a few moments of silence before either of you spoke up, Sam looking at you with nothing but love as you stared at your feet with a blush covering your cheeks. You weren’t sure why, but you couldn’t seem to stop the heat rising to your cheeks.

“So um, how’d you learn how to waltz?” You asked Sam, breaking the silence as he shrugged, looking at the floor after a second, not really remembering how he learned himself.

“Well, from what I was told, my mom taught me when I was little, I think it was for some sort of anniversary party or something? I can’t really remember.” He told you and you nodded, knowing what that’s like since your family loved having parties and making a big deal out of even the smallest things, but it was how you learned how to dance, so you couldn’t really complain.

“Let’s dance.” You suddenly said, looking up at him as he did the same, furrowing his eyebrows slightly at you. “Come on, it’ll be fun.” You said, taking his hands before you both put them in the right positions. You put your left hand on his shoulder as he put his right hand on your waist, your other hands joining as you started dancing.

You danced around the living room, the music now stopped, you didn’t know when it ended, but you didn’t want to stop as Sam spun you, similar to earlier when he was dancing with Y/S/N. This time though, he pulled you close to him and you laughed, forgetting the waltz and just swaying together as you closed your eyes, leaning your head back onto Sam’s shoulder. You could’ve swore that you would have fallen asleep if he hadn’t stopped and gently turned you towards him, pulling you into a hug instead.

“You know I love you, right?” Sam said, making you smile as you nodded, hugging him tighter, forgetting about your wet hair that was soaking his shirt ever so slightly.

“Yeah, and I love you two, freckles.” You said, smirking at the nickname you called him in freshman year when you first met him. You didn’t know his name, but you had talked for the entirety of lunch, so you settled on called him freckles until he finally caught on and told you his name.

You were like that until dinner, and even then you couldn’t get it out of your head, it was one of the perfect moments, the kind that never left your head. You had a perfect weekend after that.


A/N: Okay, this is really short and I don’t know how good it is, but I’m tired and really just wanted to write this as soon as I could after the other one seemingly vanished and I can’t seem to find it. But I hope you like the small imagine, again, first time writing for Sam so I hope it’s at least a tiny bit decent.