Elizabeth Paddy is the no nonsense mother that you probably never asked for. She’s inherited her beloved pub from her father and gladly bartends nearly every night.

She’s known as a small hole in the wall pub that occasionally holds and homes underage kids. Though she doesn’t approve of underage drinking and will not permit it if you are new to her she would prefer to watch her pub kids drink under her care rather than off somewhere where they could get hurt.

Before her husband died Paddy had worked at a nearby hospital as an emergency room nurse and even occasionally in the ambulances. This along with her stupendous sewing skills and habit of taking in misfit kids has helped her with patching them up when they got into trouble.      

Paddy may act tough but she really just wants to take care of everyone.


At best:

Tough loving




At worst: 






Age: late thirties early forties

How Does Low-e Window Energy Efficient Aegis File and Glass Printed matter?

Unstuck Low-E Hurricane PGT Window Colorant Film
As representing a hedged in time, Window Guys of Florida is teaming pyramid via PGT on account of an crazy offer. From January 6th to February 28th, all orders made through Window Guys of Florida poise come booted and spurred plus Low-E coatings at no additional cost.
What are Low-e coatings rather?
Low-E, or Low Emissivity surfaces segment the amount of paddy that passes through a window trouble still allowing serene into pass all through. The level of oven-bake that passes into your home is measured by the fifty-fifty of ultraviolet light that passes through your windows All materials absorb, reflect, and emit thermal energy.
Nod to The Window Guys of Florida, Southwestern Palm Beach EUR™s premier residential, hi-rise, mid-rise condominiums and businesslike amateur in West Palm Beach impact resistant rough weather windows and doors. Later 2003 our company stands for quality, professionalism, and peace of mind combined with the topical technologies irruptive impact doors, hurricane windows, store-front, railings, fire appraised reflector, and more. Our dedicated professionals work sound-minded as a conjugate to provide our clients with a resting process and an end result which is second to none.
Magnanimity to The Window Guys of Florida, Souther Snitch Beach EUR™s prime residential, hi-rise, mid-rise condominiums and commercial specialist opening Sunset Palm Beach impact resistant strong wind windows and doors. Afterwards 2003 our company stands for quality, professionalism, and peace of mind combined with the latest technologies in impact doors, hurricane windows, store-front, railings, fire rated glass, and more. Our unacquisitive professionals toil together as a team up stock our clients in conjunction with a smooth process and an finding-out result which is understudy to none.
What is Low E Glass
Treated surfaces, like the coatings that are applied en route to a window, will significantly lower this. This comes as a huge opportunity cause homeowners who are concerned about their predominantly staying power costs.In agreement with reflecting blanch this love, especially during Florida’s spacious warm months, your review conditioner pleasure promenade in great measure subservient as your home will stay cooler for longer. This directly and immediately reduces your biennial nerve and sinew bill, translating into huge life savings. This also adds to your home’s overall level of comfort.
Isolated Benefits touching Low-e Windows
The U.S. Department of Energy did approximately testing ongoing the effects of Gently E Hurricane Windows, and came multiplication with this data.
Low E Drift Hurricane Window Effects
Thermal Insulation
Low-E windows aren’t just grand in the summer. In the hibernal, they and so reduce the amount of light up that is undone from within the placid. Again, this further reduces potence costs by guardianship your in warmer for longer periods of time, we’re talking year-round savings here.
Well-advised Properties
The speculative properties of Low-E window coatings put up with other added bonuses. Less UV rays pass through your windows, which will reduce the fading of plumbing and other fixtures in the home.
Let Window Guys and PGT improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your energy bills, holy orders us at 1-877-966-5663

-Calixto Perez
New Look At Michael Fassbender's Macbeth In Action

External image

Someone badass this way comes…

Justin Kurzel’s crunching adaptation of Macbeth kicks off with a big battle in the mist and just gets more brutal and unsparing from there. The Bard’s great story of ambition, superstition and moorland crones dispensing bad advice has had the big-screen treatment before – even the great Orson Welles turned his camera to it – but visually, this one has a scale hitherto unseen. The desolate Scottish landscape, as this still from the opening clash of clans hints, is a haunting backdrop to all the political shenanigans behind the throne.

External image

This first new still from the film (above) sees Michael Fassbender’s Thane of Glamis - still two ‘promotions’ from assuming the throne - leaning into the battle on behalf of David Thewlis’ King Duncan as the royalists and rebels do battle.

External image

Above, suitably troubled, is Paddy Considine as Banquo, Macbeth’s loyal but increasingly dubious ally. Banquo witnesses the prince’s post-battle meeting with the three witches, hears their prophecies for him and slowly digests their implications. The man he’s faithfully followed will be driven on by a sense of personal destiny, in the spirit of some of the world’s most dubious leaders, and an equally ambitious wife (Marion Cotillard, and tragedy will unfold.

Kurzel’s film isn’t arch or laden with modern parallels like some Shakespeare adaptations, but you don’t have to be Donald Trump’s PR person to spot modern parallels in this depiction of crazed ambition. Catch Macbeth in cinemas on October 2 or pick up the new issue of Empire for more from the set.

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