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Club Space, Miami 🎉💥🎶


Richie Hawtin presents EXIT. (September 26th, 2013)


:: Paco Osuna ::
Amnesia, Ibiza 🎉💯🔥🎶


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Amnesia, Ibiza🔥🎶🎉


Ambivalent - Train To Baltimore (Paco Osuna Remix)


new poster for WAKE UP ELECTRONIC PARTIES this time with PACO OSUNA, IDA ENGBERG, FER BR and more.

the event takes place at a seaside location called palexco


nuevo poster para WAKE UP ELECTRONIC PARTIES esta vez con PACO OSUNA, IDA ENGBERG, FER BR y otros.

el evento tendra lugar en una localización junto al mar llamada palexco

Atopisimo- Paco Osuna


Paco Osuna- “PACO OSUNA was born in Barcelona. His passion for music started out when he was very young, at the tender age of 14 he was part of a regular crowd at Studio 54, where the most carismatic dj, Raul Orellana, was spinning Acid House, marking Paco in the way of understanding djing. In ‘94 Paco moved to Valencia where he had his frist contact with the decks as a hobby. In '95 Paco made his first dj set as a profesional at the ACTV club, where he gained a year residency. After that, he started playing in many different clubs including Heaven and Universal. In the meanwhile he worked in a record shop, where he got access to a recording studio in wich he produced three singles for the label Lucas Records. In '99 he got a residency at Amnesia in Ibiza. There he had the brillant opportunity to be lined up with the biggest djs and could learn the different styles looking to build his own. Amnesia was also the place where Paco got in touch with the person who most influenced his future as much personally as professionally, Sven Väth, who soon discoverd Paco to be very talented and introduced him in his Cocoon Booking agency. Paco was the frist Spanish dj to play for this prestigious agency. In 2001 Paco decided to leave house music moving closer to techno. From then on Paco’s career has gotten better and better, leading him to the best clubs and festivals in the world and giving him a 'seat’ in the techno scene.”

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Richie Hawtin presents ENTER.Week8

Day One in Miami

Where to begin….

Pat and I arrived in Miami bright and early at 10am on Tuesday.  Took a cab to his grammy’s house in Golden Beach.  It was super pimp and right on the beach. 

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Bryant arrived shortly after us and we just chilled and watched tv.  The next day we headed down to South Beach so Bryant could check out a venue he was going to vj at that night.  We got there around 1pm and everyone there was SO buck already. Wasted out of their minds and obviously on coke. It was hilarious.  After Bryant was done setting up we headed out to meet some of his coworkers for dinner.  We went to a restaurant called Pub Belly that was sooo tight. It was Asian/Spanish Fusion, so yummy.  ALSO our dinner was casually paid for by Paco Osuna. No big!

After dinner we went to the Mindshake party at Shine in the Shelborne Hotel.

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 It was great.  Bryant’s visuals were on point and the music was great.  Forget about the fact that plain pineapple juice cost $4 (we snuck our own bottles into the club HA).  We stayed til about 5am and the party still wasn’t over yet.

Next post will cover Thursday: the boys arrive and smog vs. basshead party at mekka