modern au aries shacks up with doc mitchell for almost a year. the only bad thing about living with a senior in the 90s is that his computer is one of those really dogged packard bell ones that can only type a few sentences before the screen tears and freezes. and you can’t go on bulletins the same time as doc’s on the phone receiving calls for patients as he still likes to work, for free. in this time she’s trying to scrape enough money to move out, and when she does get a job (at her future husband’s bar waitressing/stripping), she at least starts paying him rent.

doc tries to refuse because he genuinely enjoys having someone in his house since his wife died, and they didn’t have any children, and he gets his pension anyway; she’s like his daughter or granddaughter. but she’ll always leave fat wads on the kitchen counter when she gets in from her night shift which makes him smile the next morning

she doesn’t move out long until she’s pregnant and marries her husband, bc she realises it’s the home she can’t remember having.

Yadigar Laptop'um Yandı.

Çook sevdiğim, yıllardır kullandığım ( 1 YILDIR ) Laptop'um ne yazıkki 29 Temmuz Sabahı öncelikle ekran kartının yanmasıyla başlayan problem ve sonrasında benim tamir aşkım ve şaşkınlığım sonucunda Ana Kart yanması sorunlarıyla hayata gözlerini yumdu. Büyük ihtimal çok kullanmaya bağlı Ekran Kartı yanma problemi yaşayan laptopum daha fazla dayanamayarak isyan amacı taşıyan ekranda acayip şekiller çıkararak güne başlamamı sağladı. 29 temmuz günü akşama kadar laptop ‘taki bütün dosyaları yedekledim ve içini açtım. Sorunun ekran kartıyla alakalı olduğunu gördükten sonra “ Hay ak nasıl yapcaz şimdi ” dememle elimdeki minicik tornavidanın ana karta sürtmesi bir oldu. Aslında bişey olmaması gerekti ama şaşkın ben pili çıkarmayı unutunca işte devamıda geldi. kıvılcımlar uçuştu. Ben bu sırada “Hayııııırrr” derken evdekiler ne var lan dercesine koşmaya başladı. İşte olaylar böyle gelişti. evdeki bilgisayardan yazıyorum şuan, VS2010 kaldırmayan bilgisayardan. Ama aslında iyi oldu kodlardan uzaklaştım biraz utorrent indirerek film ve oyunlara yüklendim…

Choosing A Laptop for College

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Choosing a laptop

Price at launch: €500.00

Product Type: Notebook

Hard Drive Capacity: 320 GB

Processor Manufacturer: Intel

 Bluetooth: No

Wi-Fi: Yes

Optical Drive Type: DVD-Writer

Webcam: Yes

Backlight Technology: LED

Product Family: EasyNote NS44

Operating System Architecture: 64-bit

Processor Model: i3-2310M

Colour: White

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Brand Name: Packard Bell

Processor Speed: 2.10 GHz

Processor Type: Core i3

Screen Size: 35.6 cm (14")

Number of Cells: 6-cell

Standard Memory: 3 GB Cache 3 MB

Processor Core: Dual-core

Optical Media Supported: DVD-RAM/±R/±RW

Display Screen Type: Active Matrix TFT Colour LCD

Wi-Fi Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Memory Standard: DDR3-1066/PC3-8500

 Screen Mode: WXGA

Memory Technology: DDR3 SDRAM

Product Series: NS44

If I was purchasing a laptop for college, I would choose the Packard Bell’s EasyNote NS44-HR-033UK. Mainly because I have owned and used several Packard Bell laptops before and I have found them to be great and simple to use.

This laptop is a small and portable laptop, it is lighter than the average of all notebooks, weighing only 2.2kg. This makes it extremely easy to carry around all day during college. It has an excellent four-hour battery life means it’s perfect for use in lectures where access to power socketsis usually not available. The 14-inch bright and vibrant glossy screen is excellent for working late into the night without straining your eyes. This smaller screen is especially good when working on graphs, spreadsheets and other detailed charts for college assignments.

The EasyNote NS44-HR-033UK uses a 2.1GHz Intel Core i3-2310M processor, which offers an integrated graphics card (Intel HD Graphics 3000) that are alot faster than other Intel HD Graphics cards. This will help with the course I’m doing; Entertainment Systems, because of the subject Game Development in the course.

It comes with 3GB of RAM and 320GB of hard drive storage capacity. This amount of storage will probably not hold all of my folders and documents and personal files over the next four years so I would also purchase a 1TB external hard drive. I would get a Seagate 1TB GoFlex Ultra-Portable USB 3.0 Hard Drive, because it is very slim and light making it easy to carry around with the laptop. They are available from for only €85.99.

I also chose this laptop because it has Windows 7 Home Premium already installed which I will for my college assignments and projects. For my other software such as spyware etc. there are many free options online. And it is Wi-Fi enabled, meaning I will be able to go on online while in college using the campus’ Wi-Fi.This laptop features an attractive white patterned design that makes it stand out from other laptops. This design covers the lid and interior with a silver palmrest.

I was given a budget of €600, the laptop I have chosen is priced at €500. This, plus the price of the external hard drive brings me up to a total of €585.99, keeping me just under my budget.

Note: This post is an assignment for college so I didn’t actually get this laptop. But if anyone is feeling extra generous, ya know Crimbo is coming up *hint hint*.