The particular Italian know-how that mixes design and handcraft brings packaging to a new level of perfection.
The Re/Labld press-kit has been designed to enhance the feeling of Immortal Fashion. The simple lines, the straight edges – a masterful craft technique – and the black dress make of this box an unique piece, as glamourous as the items exchanged at The essential shape, carved to perfection and covered in Ispira™ paper by Fedrigoni™, reveals itself upon opening, when a four-leafed flower blossoms and the full press-kit is revealed. Inside, a brochure, a look-book and a charity folder recount the tale of the groundbreaking experience you can live at Re/Labld.


In three words, the Real Italian Design.
All, built piece by piece with the best materials and in the quintessential elegance of our worldfamous handcraft skills.


To make this simple paper plate basket, here’s what you do:

I lined the basket with a piece of wax paper just to make sure the buttery cookies don’t leave grease marks, then tied it up with ribbon so the cookies look as fantastic as they taste.

Once you have your basket put together, you can stack the cookies in next to each other like this:

Or in a one long row like this:

Either way, eight cookies fit perfectly. 


Gillemore - Magical Gin Branding & Packaging by Skinn

“Louis Gillemon, a 19 years young entrepreneur asked us to develop a new brand of ‘Premium Gin’. Despite his young age, he has already accumulated lots of knowledge. With passion and a nose for business he created his ‘magical’ gin. We developed with Louis for Gillemore a visual concept with a content, mixing design, premium gin and lots of brand experience.“

Skinn is a creative consultancy with specialist skills in graphic design, branding, art direction and website design. From brochure creation to a complete re-brand they provide visual solutions that communicate the unique values and messages of their clients. Their grounding in design and love of typography drives them to bring out the best creative response for each project. 

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RM Rum packaging by Alexey Malina Studio

“RM is a blend of several rums of the Caribbean which undergoes it’s final ageing in the North of Italy in three different casks: acacia, Swiss oak, and, finally, cherry. The unusual cask strength of 56,8% is achieved by presence of an overproof rum. In the packaging design we tried to reflect the author’s approach and unusual strength of rum. For this purpose we used a symbol of a bomb in the title which also helped us to reflect the name of the drink, and placed a dictionary article with author’s definition of rum. Each bottle is limited edition and signed by the author.”

Design studio Alexey Malina provides services in branding and digital communication. They are based in Moscow, Russia and cooperate with clients all over the world creating unique brand experiences for companies and products.

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