Paper Review: Field Notes Byline Edition

I’ve been subscribing to the Field Notes Quarterly Editions for over a year now. Each quarter I look forward to the big reveal followed by actually receiving and holding the current edition in my hands. Since I’m in Canada, I usually receive the package a few days or even 1-2 weeks after the official release. However, I’ve notice that for the last few shipments, I’ve been getting them earlier and earlier.

In general, I’ve been enjoying the Field Notes offerings of variations on the standard memo notebook. The themes have been fun and the subscriber goodies have been, well, good.

When I saw the video for the most recent Quarterly Edition, I thought it was interesting but I wasn’t crazy about the “radical” format and those SPIRALS. So, I’ve been surprised to my own response to the Byline Edition when I finally did get my hands on it.

The Byline Edition is a reporter’s notebook designed with input from John Dickerson, veteran reporter an host of CBS’ Face the Nation. It’s a great story. Dickerson is a Field Notes fan. He wants a reporter’s notebook like the ones he used to use. So he writes to Field Notes and asks them nicely to make one, even offering to help. How cool is that?

I’ve never knew there were such things as a reporter’s notebook. Never used one. I vaguely remember seeing Clark Kent and Lois Lane use them in the Superman movies. But I didn’t realize they were a “thing”.

The love, care and attention that went into the creation of the Byline Edition is evident. For this review I won’t going into a detailed description of the notebook. Instead, I will focus on my thoughts and feelings on using it.

Things I Like


The cardboard stock cover is sturdier than usual. The cover is designed in such a way that the spirals don’t show in the front and top. Even at the back, only a little it of the spirals shows. In other words: there is no snagging of the spirals on other things and no need to fear scratching precious things like fountain pen bodies. The back cover sports a slip pocket useful for stuffing receipts, business cards and other such small pieces of paper.

Eagle Logo & Sticker

On the front cover is an eagle logo that simply looks cool. Quarterly edition subscribers also received a sticker with the same logo. This is wicked.

Theme Play

In the notebook are lots of reporter references in keeping with the theme such as “Talk Like Ben Bradley” and a legend for common proof reading marks. While these features don’t necessarily make the notebook more value-added for my use case, I do find they make the edition quirky, original and fun.


This edition does NOT contain the usual Field Notes paper. The 70 lb (105 gm) vellum paper is off-white with a golden brown college rule (Field Notes calls the colour “Double Knee Duck Canvas” - uh, ok.) The 7.1 mm college rule works well for cursive italics and stub. This paper feels smooth, like soft glass if there were such a thing. The best part is that the paper is fountain pen friendly! I tried nib sizes from needlepoint through music nibs. The paper doesn’t feather. Depending on the nib and ink, I can sometimes see some ghosting. Occasionally I get bleed through with particularly wet nib and ink combinations.

External image

I really love this paper. It’s the most fountain pen friendly paper ever used in a Field Notes notebooks since I’ve been a user. It feels heavy, substantial and smooth. Writing feels really nice with very little paper feedback.

#Things I Didn’t Like
Not much. The only “negative” I have is that it’s not the standard Field Notes size. It won’t fit nicely my Field Notes wooden storage box. It won’t fit in any carry cases I have on hand. I can carry it with my standard Travelers Notebook, though, tucked under the elastic.

#Writing Experience and Closing
As I mentioned earlier, the paper is great for use with my fountain pens. the notebook is still light enough for me to stash in my briefcase or handbags. I could see it being useful for keeping stats at a Blue Jays baseball game at the ballpark, making groceries or packing lists and just use on-the-road. I’ve enjoined it a lot more than I thought I would. I think I may just order a few more packs to keep on hand. It turned out to be the Field Note that I’ve been most excited to use over the past few quarters.

If you haven’t got one already, I highly recommend the Byline Edition. What do you think of the Byline Edition? Might you find a use for it amongst all your notebooks?

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New with tags and in packaging🏋
Black, pink, and grey color🏋
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Feel free to ask me any questions🏋
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Happy Poshing🏋

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4. Lush

Originally posted by aliensdancing

If you have never set foot into a Lush, let me describe the heaven that is a Lush store:

You’re walking around the corner near the shop, unbeknownst to you what you are about to stumble upon. Even before rounding the corner, still five shops down, you catch a warm breeze. And with that warm breeze wafts the wonderful wholesome smell of Lush. Not the headache-y artificial smell of bath products or waxy candles and jars. It smells like fresh laundry detergent, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, so many potent yet polite scents. As you open the doors, the smell can be overwhelming - but to me, it’s amazing. 

Lush makes all natural and sometimes even vegan products - everything from bath products to hair to face to even toothpaste tabs. Lush tries to do as little packaging as possible and as little waste too. A lot of things they make are meant to expire at some point due to the amount of fresh ingredients in them. Some things I’ve bought even have to be kept in a fridge. 

I have holy grail products I buy at Lush that I just can’t find anywhere else. From my vodka infused sea scrub (oh yeah, vodka.) to my lotions I put on like a cream in the shower to my glitter filled bath bombs, you can spend as little as $25 and pretty much have a full spa night and feel like a crunch ass bitch doing it. I feel like a complete hippie every time I buy something new at Lush. I also contemplate getting dreads and quitting shaving my armpits, but that might be an unrelated desire entirely.

If you’re going to try anything at Lush for the first time, I have to recommend the bath bombs. Some are just fun to have and others are more centric on the effects. Certain bath bombs are good for bed time and help you sleep better, some are for moisturizing the skin, and some are simply fun colors and effects with pleasing scents. The best thing to do? Mix a few things up and do a bath bomb with a bubble bar and make what they call a bath cocktail. Dim the lights, have a beverage, and light a candle - and you could be on vacation. 


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Noyah lip gloss in Malbec $16
Gorgeous packaging if you like companies that is eco friendly this is one.
Dark pink very smooth feel not overly sticky good pigment for gloss

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Zity Men's 3D Padded Bicycle Cycling Underwear Shorts

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The Zity Men’s 3D Padded Bicycle Cycling Underwear Shorts arrived on time in new condition and packaging. The padded cycling underwear can be worn by  men and women. The cycling underwear are made of comfortable, breathable, durable material that is flexible mesh dissipates heat and moisture and moves with you. The 3Dpadded design is soft and comfortable the padding offers protection when you hit pot holes or riding on an uneven surface. Many times someone in my family has been injured while cycling due to bouncing or just continues riding on a small narrow seat. With high-end bikes, they can be uncomfortable due to the small sleek seats that help with speed. The cycling underwear can help to make your ride much more comfortable and safer from any type of injury. The shorts are available in size M(Waist:28.87"-31.49") 
I did receive my Zity Men’s 3D Padded Bicycle Cycling Underwear Shorts for free to review but, the opinions are mine. I was looking into making this purchase because of the problems my family members have encountered. They have told me the 3D padding does make cycling more enjoyable, they can ride longer and further without the uncomfortableness they were having before the 3D cycling shorts. So if you or someone you know enjoys cycling but can’t ride as far as they would like or have also had injuries get the 3D padded underwear shorts and you will see what a difference they make for a much better, smoother and enjoyable outing. Anyone who is a sport enthusiast would be pleased with the 3D padded underwear shorts. Just so you are aware all the pictures show the underwear inside out so you can see the padding. When you wear them the blue padding does go on the inside.

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anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Spencer being Mary's daughter?

i like the theory a lot!! i noticed the similarities right away when we got the first sneak peek of mary at spencer’s, and they just continue on. i’m not sure if mary is spencer’s birth mother, but it would be a neat homage while also kind of tying together the hastings/dilaurentis families more, which the show seems to be very centered around

it would also explain why spencer felt charlotte was familiar in the dollhouse! 

if mary is spencer’s birth mother then spencer will be charlotte’s sister, making her ali’s cousin but also jason’s sister, and then charlotte is ali and jason’s sister, which kind of just wraps the whole family into one package which is probably the goal

it really comes down to them mystery wise, i think!

The end of plastic bags in France is now!

La fin des sacs plastique en France, c'est maintenant !

After years of waiting and turnaround, the ban on single-use plastic bags returned officially in force in France on 1 July 2016. A first step will be followed on 1 January 2017 by the prohibition of all packaging disposable plastic, including those used for fruit, vegetables and cheeses. This is an important victory for Surfrider who fights against the consumption of plastic and “throwaway” for several years via the campaign “Ban the bag.”

Après des années d’attente et de revirement, l’interdiction des sacs plastique à usage unique est rentrée officiellement en vigueur en France ce 1er juillet 2016. Une première avancée qui sera suivie le 1er janvier 2017 par l’interdiction de tous les emballages en plastique jetables, notamment ceux utilisés pour les fruits, légumes et fromages. C’est une victoire importante pour Surfrider qui se bat contre la consommation du plastique et du « tout jetable » depuis plusieurs années via la campagne « Ban the bag ».

43 shopkeepers engaged in #BanTheBag campaign

the-man-of-mystery  asked:

1 to 10 Asher

1. If your OC was an action figure/doll being sold at a toy store, what items would come packaged with them? What phrases would they say when their string is pulled?

Asher’s figure would come with a little flash of holy water, a bible, a gun, and a spell book. And he’d never be given catchphrases, he’d only be allowed to have his exorcisms recorded because if it his phrases they would be too vulgar to be on a toy. He’s known as the Potty Mouth Priest after all.

2. Your OC’s favorite song just came on the radio, but they’re in public! Do they contain themselves or do they rock out without a second thought?

Asher would just hum and nod his head along, he wouldn’t want to make a scene but he also can’t just ignore THE GREATEST SONG IN THE WORLD (in his opinion)

3. Does your OC revel in celebrating holidays/birthdays or do they have zero holiday spirit?

Father Asher O’Brian is a fuckin grinch and he often forgets about his own birthday and others, he’s too busy.

4. How much effort does your OC put in when it comes to giving presents to friends?

He is not the best honestly. He’s like “i saw this cactus and thought of you.” “that’s so sweet, but why?” “cuz you’re a pain in the ass and hard to kill.” he’s snarky and doesn’t show his feelings well. Which is partially cuz he’s missing his heart but y’know

5. Does your OC have a role model or someone they idolize? How would they react to meeting them?

The person that means the most to Asher is his grandfather and is the person he idolizes the most. He’s cried when he’s seen his grandpa before because grandpa O’Brian has always been the most supportive and loving person in Asher’s life.

6.How organized is your OC’s workspace?

His workspace is his car so it is quite messy and filled with a bunch of shit…like everything he owns.

7. What would be your OC’s ideal vacation destination?

Ireland, to see his grandfather again.

8. Which of your OCs sleeps the most? The least?

Asher sleeps the very least, often going days without sleeping due to his nightmares. And the biggest sleeper would probably be Gravity cuz he will pass out for hours and is a pain in the ass to get up in the morning.

9. Is there anything peculiar about your OC’s teeth? Anything crooked, missing, or discolored?

Asher has sharper canines and his teeth aren’t very white they’re a bit yellow honestly because of all the juink he eats.

10. Which of your OCs has all the sass? Who has all the class?

Asher has a lot of fucking sass, but so does Shiro. And the classiest is probably Bunny, Bunny is aaaall about appearance.

Thanks for asking~!!!

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where did u buy the cd used to burn your music video and what kind? i just dont want to use the wrong one

DVD, not CD:) and I just used the DVD burning service at Staples bc I didn’t want to spend $20 on a package of DVDs. It only cost about$6

My album actually arrived days ago, good thing my feels have not died yet. Though this is the disadvantage when your merchandise arrived on a normal ETA.

Anyways, this is my first EXO album and I am incredulously lucky that I got Jongin’s photocard!!! I immediately scanned the pages even if I cannot understand a thing, yes I can read Hangul (in a slowpoke manner) but still it is pain in the arse ㅠㅠ The pictures are beautiful. The concept is kind of a textbook, I guess they already want me to study ㅋㅋㅋ. The posters are unbelievable big, I do not know what to do with them hahaha maybe I’ll cut it out or make a paper bag out of it.

However, I am not that fond with the material used for the whole package because it can be easily stained and there are dents on the side due to harsh delivery from Korea.

Ironically, I used to be questionable on why people willingly spent so much for albums and other goods but look at me now. Trapped in the maze too~

Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana by Dan Michaels
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my dad bought a duffel bag online from bed, bath, and beyond for our cali trip but when he opened the package just now it was a giant fucking clock.  A CLOCK. like wtf?? 

bed, bath, and beyond get your shit together, sending clocks to the wrong mothafucking house.