Packaging, reciclaje y la mejora de la educación.

Unir packaging, ecología, y educación en una única ecuación ¿parece difícil no? En esta ocasión la multinacional ‘Colgate’ nos demuestra que es posible. Las cajas que son utilizadas para la distribución de sus productos de higiene dental son reutilizadas con un fin educativo. Esas mismas cajas tienen una segunda vida. Bajo la dirección artística del  diseñador malayo Law Kok Yew se han creado unos espectaculares posters que se encuentran en el interior de las cajas de Colgate; el propio packaging es el soporte de los posters, es decir al abrir (‘desmontar’) las cajas los posters se ven completamente.

Una iniciativa que une el reciclaje, el diseño gráfico, un packaging  inteligente y un fin educativo… ¡la cuadratura del círculo! En muchas ocasiones nos mostramos críticos con las acciones de las empresas multinacionales; en esta ocasión nuestro aplauso a esta iniciativa. Otro ejemplo más del mundo globalizado en el que nos movemos: una empresa estadounidense, un director de arte de Malasia y un cliente final (los colegios) de Myanmar.

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The Truth Is Out There and, little did we know, the truth tastes a lot like cow’s milk, cows that have been abducted by UFOs. Kyrgyzstan-based design agency Imedia Creative Bureau created this awesome packaging design concept for Molocow milk. The glass milk bottles are shaped like tractor beams and capped by silver UFOs screw-caps. The bottles are labeled with the silhouette of a cow being pulled up into the UFO. We want to believe.

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‘Wrap rage’ is the common term for the extreme levels of frustration you can experience while trying to unseal hard-to-open packaging like plastic clamshells and blister packs. Source

Guess what? August 7th is also… Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day. 

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Dunkin Donuts Branding Update by Hanna Sköld & Sara Knipström

Dunkin Donuts was established 1950 in Massachusetts and in 2014 they opened up their first store in Sweden. Hanna and Sara saw an opportunity to update Dunkin Donuts visual identity and packaging to fit into the Scandinavian market as well as the global. 

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DIY Surprise Gift Box

Make a DIY gift box that interacts with the gift inside. *Attach a small loop to your gift so you can pull it out of the box.

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Plastic makes great food packaging. It’s waterproof and flexible. And best of all, it’s impervious to all known bacteria — until now. Researchers have found a bacterium in the debris fields around a recycling plant in Japan that can feed off a common type of plastic used in clothing, plastic bottles and food packaging.

The bacterium is a new species called Ideonella sakaiensis, named for the Japanese city Sakai where it was found growing on plastic debris made from a type of plastic called PET or polyethylene terephthalate. “It’s the most unique thing. This bacterium can degrade PET and then make their body from PET,” says Shosuke Yoshida, a microbiologist at Kyoto University and lead author on the study published in Science on Thursday.

A Plastic-Eating Bacterium Might Help Deal With Waste One Day

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