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I Little Mermaid-AU’d @feriowind ‘s Siren Newt/Vampire Hermann AU. @feriowind I hope you can forgive me. I hadn’t drawn Newt in forever and my daughter is obsessed with TLM…I don’t know what happened. So here, have some Disneyfied Newmann.

the original AU: http://feriowind.tumblr.com/post/177902444215/last-part-of-siren-newt-and-vampire-hermanns

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fluff/general number 10!

10. “yeah, okay, but i’m cooler.”

“Did you see the way the students came up to ask for my autograph?” Hermann asks, staring at the remaining stack of books after their talk. He’s wearing the same sort of awful grandpa clothes he wore in the Shatterdome, largely because they didn’t have time to buy anything before their whirlwind lecture tour.

Newt’s wearing his same white shirts and jeans because he thinks it makes him look like a hip and cool professor. It is true, though, that the students seemed a bit more keen on having Hermann sign the books than him and that was just a bit disappointing to him, if he had to admit it to himself. He was the rock star, Hermann was just the dude with the chalk stains on his jeans and, sure, it was probably shitty to say the person you’re sleeping with (in love with) is less cool than you, but it was the truth.

“Yeah, I saw, buddy. That was great. They really liked your math puns.” Maybe that’s what it was, kids these days didn’t get Newt’s humor. He’s decided on this as he packs the remaining books away in the provided boxes, so they can be sold at the campus bookstore. The book is, honestly, slapdash garbage compiled of notes they took over the past several of years that a publisher bought very, very quickly. And impulsively.

It was an excuse, Newt knows, for them to still be together, physically, without actually discussing if they were together, romantically. If they’d gotten regular jobs, they’d actually have to discuss this in detail and having Hermann admit to having a feeling was incredibly difficult. The man took three months to admit that he thought it was too cold in the lab, for God’s sake.

“I think they even found my part of the lecture more interesting than yours,” Hermann ventures. It’s not meant to be rude, not beyond the baseline rudeness that is Hermann, but it still stings a bit.

“For once.” Newt snorts.

“They thought I was interesting. Engaging, riveting.”

Newt smiles despite himself. Hermann is all of those things. “Yeah, okay, but I’m cooler.”

“Of course, of course.” Hermann steps closer to him, looking around the room as though someone would still be there, and presses a kiss to Newt’s lips. They’re both rock stars.

If you (Taika Waititi) would like to save the Pacific Rim franchise and direct its third film, much in the same way you did with Thor, then can you (Taika Waititi) please contact Gulliermo Del Toro, bring back Mako, a strong woman who deserved better because you (Taika Waititi) actually care about good representation and also make the gay scientists canon gays because you (Taika Waititi) also aren’t afraid to give the viewers what they want, and write extraordinarily well while also maintaining a stellar balance of humor to depth in your films which, you, (Taika Waititi) most assuredly have.