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Companions (romanced) reacting to SS returning from a dangerous mission and grievously injured but will live pls

here u go buddy >:3c

Danse: If it’s pre-blind betrayal, he’s calling for the medics and Knight-Captain Cade and he remains at their side continuously, it’s almost obnoxious. Cade actually has to get Danse out of the office so he can operate on them in “peace” also “no offense, Paladin”. He checks up on them frequently between duties even if it’s just for a minute. Post-blind betrayal, Danse personally carries them to Curie no matter how heavy they are (which either proves to be either a difficult or very easy task). It goes pretty much the same as Curie makes him leave the room but Danse doesn’t leave as he spends most of the operating time pacing outside of the room. When Curie tells him that she’s done and how she’s stabilized their condition, he absolutely beams and thanks her with so much gratitude as he goes into the room. He’s always asking if anything hurts or if he can do anything.  “You did good, soldier”   

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“Brett!  Brett get over here!”  You were standing, sneakily behind the bleachers of Brett’s lacrosse practice.

“What Y/N?”  Brett looked around and paced over to you.  “Long time no see.”

“Yeah…. so I want to pull a prank on Liam.”  You grinned.

“Dude.  You know he’ll kill both of us.”  He said seriously then he broke into a grin.  “Let’s do it.”

“Okay.  From now on, you are my boyfriend.”  You laughed.

He put his hands together like he was plotting and laughed.


“What the hell, Y/N?”  Liam yelled.  “It was a prank?”

He was sitting on the floor of the boys showers.  Brett was standing next to you trying to suppress a grin.

“Don’t be mad baby, it’s only a prank.”  You squatted next to him.

He looked down.

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Overtime – A Public Hearing Tel Aviv Museum of Art Tuesday, June 11 4pm-8pm   Focusing on the theme of Host & Guest, this event on June 11, 2013 is conceived as a public hearing that negotiates its own status and presence in the museum of art as a guest turning host. Assuming the role of an interrogation committee, the event takes place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as a four-hour-long public hearing in three acts, focusing on the Marxist concept of general intellect as social production, which is considered here specifically in relation to the unseen labor done in the museum (by artists, staff, visitors, and the general public). Entrance to Overtime – A Public Hearing is free of charge but requires RSVP. Please RSVP here until Monday, June 10 at 8pm:   For more details please refer to

Artist Yaacov Agam and Tel Aviv Museum of Art director Haim Gamzo, next to Agam’s Pace of Time, circa 1970

        Chicago was busy as usual. It was almost dull how all those people stressed back and forth from work in the same pace all the time. Moving so fast from one place to another, but still not moving forward in life at all. This didn’t stop her from going outside, however. She had a day off and all morning she had been debating on what to use her free time on. The choice hadn’t been made yet, but she figured she’d find a place to get lunch and take it from there.

Entering an ordinary sandwich place, she queued up to order. She poked the shoulder of the person in front of her. “Hey. I’m sorry, but would it be okay if I ordered before you? I’m in a bit of a hurry, and I haven’t had breakfast.” She said as they turned around, lying in attempt to get her food first, putting on the sweetest smile she could muster. “Wait, you seem familiar. Have we met?”

Wrapped up January with a training run at a race. It’s hard enough to slow down and run a race as a training run, but this particular race was really tough. A January half marathon in Minnesota attracts mostly serious runners. I forced my self to stay in Zone 2 with a 10:20ish pace and my finish time of 2:18. That placed placed me 54th out of 63 in my division. Geez! Now that’s a fast crowd. Out of 557 runners total, I only beat 63. But I’m really proud of myself for sticking with my plan and accomplishing my training goal.

January had the Goofy Challenge, a half marathon, and a total of 172 miles. I get to finish the month with a day off. Yay!

Maybe they can help Flint.

Ilya & Emilia Kabakov “The Two Times, #4,” in New Paintings at Pace.
December 11, 2015 - January 23, 2016

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Pillow Talk || Zayn & Gigi

The past few months had been a whirlwind of craziness - with a variety of modelling work, the release of Zayn’s music video, Paris Fashion Week - it had gone in the blink of an eye and it seemed that it was going to stay that fast paced for some time. When the tattooed boy suggested a night out to celebrate his success the blonde couldn’t say no, after all he’d offered her the opportunity to be a part of it all so she had to thank him in some way. With the knowledge that they’d be drinking more than enough that night she organised a driver to take them to the club, that way they wouldn’t have to worry about getting around when the alcohol had taken effect. Eventually the car pulled up outside Zayn’s house and Gigi pulled her phone out to send him a quick message. I’m waiting out the front so come and get your ass in the car.


Securian Winter Carnival Half Marathon

Beth and I have run this half several times and the field is very competitive. It’s a testament to the athleticism of the Twin Cities that hundreds of runners turn out for a half in the middle of winter.

This might have been the warmest Winter Carnival half I’ve run and I overdressed for temps in low 30s. I ran the first few miles too fast and had to slow down at the end. I’m disappointed in my 1:47 finish and am determined to be smarter in my pacing next time.

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I know people don't like guessing on the CO date but there should be a larrie competition where people place their bets on when it will happen and the closest one wins satisfaction and maybe a 1D perfume or something

I am going to be very vocal (or I can say I will keep being very vocal) that once the team change officially happens and syco is officially out, i don’t care when they co. I mean I do care but I am not going to make it the main focus nor I will be obsessed with it.

To me it will be satisfying enough to know that for once in 5.5 years there is a team working FOR them and WITH them.

The co is definitely one of the top priorities of NT, but just sit back and enjoy, HL won’t have to fight for every single breath anymore and just let them do their thing, let HL and NT set the pace, the timing and the how.

That means I am not going to be a partner in co guessing games or deep speculation.