1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 708:
Kevin Steen Vs. PAC Vs. Takeshi Morishima Vs. Ashley Reed

IPW:UK Stacked [May 28th, 2006]

There’s a such thing as a match being too stacked, and this one may have been. The star power of the superstars in the battle is through the roof, especially as the 4 would grow over time. Takeshi Morishima is known for ending the short reign of the off-kiltered Homicide as the ROH World Champion. Kevin Steen was one of the most controversial superstars to come along in years, seemingly having zero withdrawals when it came to being the most despised superstar in wrestling. PAC (known today as Neville) was just starting to gain steam as an international superstar, willing to take risks that most would shy away from. Ashley Reed didn’t have the same recognition to international fans, but his awareness of his place in this match meant that he would battle extra hard to reach that same notoriety.

The match begins at the 7:40 mark.