A new batch of 6,500 words are now available to Scrabble players, after publishing house Collins updated its widely used Official Scrabble Words list Thursday. The list includes tech jargon and slang, such as pwn, twerk, and shizzle.

Also added: aji (the pepper), coqui (the frog) and the more old-fashioned ixnay and zowee (see a longer list at the bottom of this post).

With more than 276,000 words, Collins says its Official Scrabble Words reflects how English is used around the world, with words gleaned from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, and the U.S. The word list takes up 1,216 pages in hardback; it’s also an app.

Go Forth And Pwn For Shizzle, Word List Guardians Tell Scrabble Players

Photo credit: Dennis Wilkinson/Flickr