I’m ready for a car ride dad! What do you mean we aren’t going anywhere? Do you not see that I’m ready?

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scenes from the mayflower pembroke welsh corgi club’s annual summer picnic. there were so many fabulous corgis i couldn’t even stand it!

there were corgi games, corgi swag, contests and a raffle! so many fabulous dogs and everyone was really friendly. plus, i may have found a sponsor to become an official MPWCC member. amazing.


This 9-year-old boy, Casey, in Clearlake, CA, is looking for a new home. His elderly owner has fallen ill, and her family does not want to take him in. He has no real health issues and is free to a good home.


Please reblog and share to help find Casey a new home. ❤

—– Since posting this a few days ago, the CL ad has been deleted, but Casey is still looking for a home. If you are interested in adopting him, please PM me for contact info. Thanks!

“CORGI DOWN! I REPEAT, CORGI DOWN IN THE MUD!!!!! And as usual her accomplices are looking the other way!”

I make it a point to keep this Tumblr as focused on me as possible, but every once in a while Da sees something so wonderful he has to share. This is one of those times. :)

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for the MPWCC summer picnic, everyone had to bring a small gift or something for the prize table, and i almost forgot! so last minute i threw together a corgi party hat.

one of our breeder’s corgis ended up taking it home :) here’s ch. heronsway send in the clowns (i forget her call name, unfortunately) modeling her new hat. not my best work, but she more than makes up for it in cuteness!


These companies are paying off workers’ student loans

Health care. Dental insurance. A 401(k) plan. Gym membership. Student loan repayment? Consulting behemoth PricewaterhouseCoopers and French financial services company Natixis are among two companies that include student loan payments in their compensation packages. Are corporations finally   stepping up to help the student loan crisis? Don’t believe the hype.