the phoenix wright english dub. part 2. voices are late night with cry and russ. with @cryaotic and @russmoney .

Overcast. August 2016. Shawnee Trail Conservation Area, Missouri, USA.

“You only see the top of a lily pad, but if you pull the lily pad out of the water, it has roots and tangled weeds and all the stuff that comes with it.” Trevor Hall

okay. so

so guys, i know ive spoken bout this b4 a few months ago (i deleted the posts about this), but this reposter is not me. I don’t have a PaigeeWorld account. they’ve taken some of my art, and created a profile on paigeeworld pretending to be me. i don’t want to be mean, but,

look at this

they claim that this is one of ‘their’ ocs but in actuality, it is @p-uppystars‘s persona, peach. the original post on tumblr:

please note that the original pic i posted here on tumblr was posted on august 11th, 2 months ago which means its pretty old art by my standards. they posted it on pw 46 days ago (september 14th, which is 1 month after the original was posted.) that means that they are reposting my relatively old art.


they reposted my cutiefly gijinka drawing. they didn’t tag it as pokemon…

also, this is a drawing of trickster!asriel from @one-eyed-freak and @soqqy‘s trickstertale au. 

i just wanted to tell you about this. please don’t be mean to them or harass them.

please don’t be mean to them or harass them. i don’t want them to feel hurt.