“Hmm…” The rabbit sat at a table with her remaining style ring shards looking at the remains of her infinity ring. “…..” Letting out a sigh, she put her hands on her head and started trying to think of what to do next.

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Aone helping his SO babysit their younger sibling (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Aone knocked lightly on your door and tried to look friendly towards the little kid who opened the door. He completely scared the poor thing who ran back inside yelling for you. You pulled the child back outside and motioned for Aone to kneel down so he didn’t seem so frightening. “This is my kid sibling, ______. _____, this is my boyfriend, Takanobu.”

Aone held out his hand like you would to a new dog but the child just put their hands on top of his head, playing with his short hair. You smiled at your shocked boyfriend and whispered, “It means ____ likes you.”

You saw a slight smile on his face and wondered if that was the first time a little kid had liked him. “Who wants to you to the park?” you asked.

Your sibling raised their hand, shouting “Me!”, and grabbed Aone’s to raise for him. 

Halfway through the semi-peaceful walk the kid started tugging on Aone’s arm and trying to climb him. He got down low so they could climb onto his shoulders, you started laughing and he shot you a confused look which you waved off. You grabbed his hand and led him over to the playground.

“Taka-nii, go to the money bars!” Your sibling ordered, using their hold on his hair to steer him in the right direction. You bust up laughing when you saw him trying to use the monkey bars even though it came up to his head.

“Taka-nii,” You called, imitating the child “I don’t think you can hang from those.”

He stalked over to you and grabbed your hand pulling you over to the play set. “You try then.” you grabbed onto the bars above you and smirked. He smiled slightly and pecked your cheek.

“EWWW!” your sibling screamed, the started chanting, “______ and Taka sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Before sticking their tongue out and running away.

“Come on Taka!” You laughed, hopping down and starting to chase the little kid, your boyfriend in pursuit.

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Okay but autistic Remus and the boys do all they can to make things easier for him but it's always Sirius who pulls out all the stops.

okay so i am allistic, so i don’t have any personal experience. a lot of these came from experience will my younger cousin who is autistic and online sources

right so remus who dissolves into uncontrollable stimming (the tapping of his fingers, and the flick of his wrist) the closer it gets to full moon. sometimes it’s all he can focus on. sometimes it’s hard for anyone to get his attention, lost in his own head.

when it’s not so bad, peter will put a hand on his shoulder to draw him out. james will knock their knees together and smile big and wide until remus can return it, eyes clearer. they distract him with words, with topics that require 100% attention, with pranks that make remus roll his eyes.

but on the worst days, when hours can go by and no words are getting through, sirius is the one to take charge. he has the others play interference between remus and the professors - because ofc they know, but it’s a different time and people don’t understand. he makes sure that remus is up and dressed and showered because despite everything, he knows that remus would never want to miss a class (he’d consider it a failure). 

sirius would place food in front of him, and wrap a hand around the hand that can’t stop moving until remus has eaten an acceptable amount. he smooths out the fingers, follows the marks on his hand, and when they’re alone, he trail kisses along every one of them.

sometimes, sirius sings italian lullabies, ones that mama lupin taught him, but that’s usually only happens when it’s late, and tiredness is burning at the back of all their eyes, and remus just needs to sleep. he hugs him close, murmurs them into his ears until remus’ eyes drift shut and his hands still.

I could hold my sadness in my hand and tell you,
this is it,
I have nothing else to give.
I leave a voice mail on my moms cellphone 5 times to tell her I love her then another 2 times to tell her I hate myself,
I can’t seem to tell the difference between the two.
The unsteady feet tell me to walk in a straight line,
and all I can think about
is how far it would be to fall. 

Sometimes when I leave my house I feel like I’m floating.
I am a ghost and my body is possessed.
There is no home I belong to,
except the one nestled in weeds and dirt.
There is no one I belong to, 
except the one hidden between brain and breath.

—  Tangible  // E.K.C


the “men” of the watch: an iconograph

you who shines

Series: DR/SDR2
Pairing: Enoshima Junko/Komaeda Nagito
Summary: she’s the brightest thing he’s ever seen.
Notes: hahaha what is this i wanted some happy junkomaeda so i made some but idk is that even possible and seriously what is this

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I imagine learning to play guitar with you, sitting on the floor in the living room of the house you don’t quite like. I imagine being tucked between your open legs against your chest laughing over something silly and small. Skating your fingers across the top of mine, running your thumbs against my own. Soft, bumbling open mouthed kisses, chocolate on my tongue, tangerines on yours. I imagine sitting on the countertop of your kitchen, watching you cook whilst the radio plays. Dancing to soft slow music in your arms whilst you’ve got one eye on the stove and the other on me. I imagine your daughter walking in and making faces at us. I think about how good it is to be with you. Tucking my fingers underneath the waistband of your jeans and brushing your hips. Kissing the hollow of your throat. Rubbing the lobes of your ears. I imagine being there when you get home from work, all warm and willing and missing you. Putting my head on your shoulder, your hands rubbing my back. I imagine that we watch films together and I talk through it until you clap a hand over my mouth. Sex and the playfulness of it, the black of your pupils and my hair falling everywhere, against your face and mine and the delight of our bodies. I imagine how we fall asleep. Gently and soft and curled about the other. I imagine how normal and how miraculous it all is.