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"dear clarke, i think you got grounder married, but that's fine cause your wife is hot af and kicks people out of balconies... your mom's hot af too btw"

“Okay,” Bellamy had been reading over Raven’s shoulder and took the pen out of her hand, “No more drunk letter writing for you.”

Raven reached for the pen that Bellamy put behind his back and almost fell off of her stool. “Give it back. I need to ask Clarke how bad she’ll injure me when I make a pass at her mom.”

“How do you think this letter is going to get to her?” Bellamy tapped the pen on the top of Raven’s head.

Raven put her hand on top of her head, “C’mon, Bellamy. I just…I really think she’s…” Raven sighed, “She’s way too good for me, Bell.”

“Chancellor,” Bellamy stated. grabbing the paper off of the bar where Raven was composing her poorly composed letter. 

“Yes, the Chancellor,” Raven grabbed for the paper, “I just need to make sure Clarke won’t sick her new wife on me if I try to kiss her mom because Abby is so hot and I’m -” She stopped cold. 

Apparently Bellamy’s statement was a warning and not a question. Abby had walked in and was standing next to the bar. 

“A-Abby,” Raven stuttered, “How much of that did you…All of it.”

Abby looked at the bar and nodded, “Can you give us a minute Bellamy?”

He nodded, “Yes ma’am.” He patted Raven on the back and walked out of market area. 

Abby sat across the bar from Raven and smoothed out the crumpled letter. “Dear Clarke-”

Raven snatched the letter away, “Please don’t read that.” She leaned heavily on the bar, “I’ve had a shit day. I’m kinda drunk.” Raven shoved the paper in her pocket, “It helps to just…fantasize sometimes.”

“Fantasize?” Abby bit her bottom lip over a smile, “I’m a fantasy of yours?”

Raven’s cheeks blushed heavily. She ducked her head and mumbled, “You’re like the fantasy.”

“Why did you tell me?” Abby bent down to catch Raven’s eyes.

Raven rested her chin in her hand, “Because I like being your friend and I didn’t want to make things weird because you don’t like me like that.”

“I think you’re the best friend I have,” Abby earnestly told Raven over the empty bar.

“Yeah?” Raven raised her eyebrows. 

Abby nodded. She looked at her hands that were placed carefully on the bar, “But um, I’m sure that Clarke would want me to be happy and I doubt that Lexa has time to send anyone to injure you.”

Raven’s clouded brain made it hard for her to connect the dots. Then her brain started firing on all cylinders again, “Does that mean that I can…ask you out?”

Abby shrugged, “I suppose that’s up to you.”

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★ We got drunk and had sex. I don’t see why your boyfriend/girlfriend needs to know.

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“I-I tell him everything! Son of a fucking bitch..” Anakin put his head in his hands and let out a loud snarl. “I’m so fucking stupid..”

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Violet dropped on Edward, arms wrapped around his neck with her massive breasts effectively swallowing his head. "So. I know you want to bang Winter. I'm here to help you convince her that you're worth allowing to take that precious virginity she cares so much about"

Edward paused as this strange woman approached him and then swallowed his head in her bosom. Her put a hand on her face and pushed her back. “And who are you exactly?”

I love being in contact with people like resting my hand on their leg and putting my head on their shoulder and wrapping my legs around them I love existing on the physical plane

I could hold my sadness in my hand and tell you,
this is it,
I have nothing else to give.
I leave a voice mail on my moms cellphone 5 times to tell her I love her then another 2 times to tell her I hate myself,
I can’t seem to tell the difference between the two.
The unsteady feet tell me to walk in a straight line,
and all I can think about
is how far it would be to fall. 

Sometimes when I leave my house I feel like I’m floating.
I am a ghost and my body is possessed.
There is no home I belong to,
except the one nestled in weeds and dirt.
There is no one I belong to, 
except the one hidden between brain and breath.

—  Tangible  // E.K.C
Bellamy a summary
  • Bellamy:worries about clarke
  • Bellamy:has no chill and tells everyone that they need to go find clarke
  • Bellamy:wants to fight an entire army all by himself to save clarke
  • Bellamy:puts his head in his hands sitting desperate in a corner because he can't reach clarke
  • Bellamy:says fuck everyone and dresses up as a grounder and goes all alone to find clarke
  • Bellamy:gets knocked out trying to save clarke
  • BELLAMY FUCKING BLAKE:can't walk and bleeds all over while still trying to follow clarke
  • Bellamy:fights off people trying to stop him from following clarke

the “men” of the watch: an iconograph

i get that fakehaus is already the established name for funhaus’ gta au crew, but i feel like we are missing out on the greatness that would be: gunhaus.

mainly because i can imagine james saying “wanna know why we’re called gunhaus? because of these guns” and kissing his biceps every fucking time they meet a new crew. every time, adam puts his head in his hands