5 reasons why maggie sawyer deserves the world

how is maggie sawyer such a good human being??? i mean
1. ‘i didnt want to scare you’ - the fact that she never, not once, said anything about her experience because there’s nothing good about it, just pain, and that’s the last thing she wants alex to feel so she hid how she really was outed so alex won’t be afraid to come out and think this is not okay

‘this is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to you, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone’ - THIS. NOW READ THIS KNOWING MAGGIE’S ACTUAL EXPERIENCE

‘you did? how did she take it?’ - she was just so happy about alex coming out to her mom & being accepted for who she was, even if it reminded her that this is the kind of love and support she never had

 ‘its not for me to say’ - with jonn saying those words, maggie’s horrible memories of how she never got the chance to come out by herself probably resurfaced

maggie sawyer is so tough, protective and caring, but there are wounds that cleary didn’t heal and probaby never will (which is normal when youre kicked out of your own house at 14) but she faced them and despite all the shit she’s been through she’s finally happy with the woman she loves and this is the biggest revenge on life she could’ve asked for

signs + dating them

Pros: the chemistry is insane. you will feel mentally and physically attracted to them.
Cons: they are really hard on themselves and might shut you out. can sometimes be a little too intense.

Pros: they can cook or at least make mac and cheese. love cuddling and are super loyal.
Cons: can have a hard time opening up and it might seem personal. they might be annoyingly lazy at times.

Pros: romantics and will always put your feelings and needs first. adorable little geeks super smart.
Cons: can over think things and might get upset for wrong reasons. might make you feel intellectually inferior.

Pros: someone that you can really trust. will be really good with commitments and treat you right.
Cons: will never tell you what’s wrong bc they don’t like conflict. can get sometimes very defensive.

Pros: will have some of the best memories with them. never a dull moment and they’re super hot.
Cons: sometimes can get too wild and might not always be loyal. can hurt your feelings because not that sensitive.

 the sweetest person ever and will always consider your feelings. adorable yet mature and serious.
Cons: they will feel bad about themselves but take your reassurances with a grain of salt. can be overly sensitive.

Pros: really good kissers. can be really flirty and make you feel special.
Cons: sometimes their outgoing nature can leave you in the dust. playful teasing could get annoying.

someone you can always trust and have understand you. really intense sexually and emotionally
Cons: can sometimes be too intense or serious and fill the room with bad vibes. can shut down.

 a little goofball. you will always have fun with them and they love connecting mentally.
Cons: will never really commit or like to be super serious. can give mixed signals or be really immature.

Pros: will make you feel special. someone who will always be loyal and trustworthy.
Cons: very very controlling. can be manipulative with or without knowing.

Pros: they’re always up to try new things. will never make you feel uncomfortable.
Cons: sometimes they can’t be the big person in situations and it can lead to problems. can be a little too aggressive.

you will pee yourself laughing with them. they will be your best friend.
Cons: they will close up without telling you why. miscommunication can turn into a problem.


Why ‘The Diary Of A Teenage Girl’ Is The Year’s Most Important Film About Sex

Teenagers are pretty pumped to have sex. It’s the reason they go to parties, the subject of every locker room conversation and definitely the most important goal they have before reaching high school graduation. At least this is the case for the boys, right?

That’s the prevailing narrative of most Hollywood films. Just queue up “Superbad,” “American Pie” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” for proof. Dudes are obsessed with sex in movies and making that sex happen is typically plot point A.

But teenage girls are often left out of the narrative of sexual desire altogether – and are instead put in the position of defense. They must decide when it’s time to give up their virginity, usually to the guy who has been persistent enough that she finally deems him worthy.

“It’s damaging to both sexes that we don’t talk about sexuality as something we are both experiencing equally.”

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You sat at the bar in your sparkly gold dress and matching headband. Guys were scattered all around you, every single one trying to get your attention. Their eyes were glued to you as you’d say something, causing them all to laugh. You were the main reason people came to The Eden; The Captivating Cadence (a stage name of course). You were the headline act. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t like the attention you received at the club from time to time. It was easier to forget about things when men crowd around you and buy you drink after drink.

The band on stage was tuning up, and you gulped down the rest of your drink before putting it down. “That’s my queue boys.” You say, shimmying away from them and into the spotlight.

You sang a few fast, happy songs before your set was coming to an end. It was your own personal tradition to end with your favorite song, no matter how sad it was. It usually brought tears to everyones eyes, the way you sang the words with soul, mixed with the rhythm of your rising and falling voice.

I’ll be loving you always

With a love that’s true always.

When the things you’ve planned

Need a helping hand,

I will understand always.

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Will trying to seduce Nico with flowers?? idk?? Cookie for anyone who colours it for me

Honest, I always thought the title song said: And if you think we can… not can’t. To me it makes kinda less sense. Like, they are singing about taking care of the humans, so if the humans believe in them they have more of a driving power behind what they do, because that’s the main reason they’re there. But apparently it’s can’t, and I can’t really put that into the right context for the whole message behind the song.


So for people who think heterophobia is a joke, here it is, not being a joke. This person is so terrified they continue to do things they think put themselves in danger and also talk to straight people for some reason. The fact that they have lived their life long enough to post this extremely close minded comment tells me that their grasp of the passage of time and their continued existence is not very strong.

This is the kind of behavior that divides the LGBT community from straight people.


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I want the volt.ron crew to troll us so bad. Like, after season two… which will probably end on a cliffhanger too…

And one of them (Please be Lauren or Chris lol) goes on twitter and is like: “Netflix has sited the death threats and harassment directed at fans and at the crew, purpetrated by other fans, as their reason for not renewing for season 3.”

Queue shitstrom for the next five minutes until they (Lauren or Chris) tweet “J/K, we’ll be back in August 2017! But seriously, stop your bs”

532. One of the reasons why Snape's hate extended to both Ron and Hermione was because when they were with Harry all three of them made up Lily. Ron had her hair, Harry had her eyes, and Hermione was a smart muggle born. Every time Hermione raised her hand, Harry glared at him, or Ron ran his fingers through his hair, an imaginary knife went deeper into his heart.

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My favourite thing about ridiculously tall!Bahorel is just imagining Bahorel randomly picking up and carrying around various Amis for whatever reasons like:

  • Enjolras and Grantaire are arguing and at one point Bahorel just stands up, throws Enjolras over his shoulder - who will later deny that he totally shrieked there a little - and puts him back down at the other end of the room to calm down.
  • Bahorel carrying Joly on his shoulders when he’s having a bad day with his leg, Joly using his cane to poke people from Bahorel’s back giggling into his ear
  • Courfeyrac as the smallest of the Amis being picked up by Bahorel whenever he wants to shout at some bigoted assholte two heads taller than him
  • A drunk Bossuet can usually be found on Bahorel’s back, arms stretched out shouting ‘EEEEEAGLE’
  • During boxing training with Grantaire Bahorel just sometimes grabs him around the waist and throws him over the shoulder and ‘This is not how it works Bahorel, we’re not wrestling, let me the fuck down!’ ‘You wanna wrestle? I can let you down if you wanna wrestle.’’Shut up, asshole.’ ‘Aww.’
  • Jehan having writer’s blog and Bahorel just walking over and picking them up by their feet so they’re upside down and Jehan’s just like, ‘Oh, new perspective, good idea, thanks Bahorel!’
  • Feuilly falling asleep while they’re watching a movie and Bahorel silently turning off the tv and carefully picking him up to carry him to the bed with a soft smile on his face
  • Combeferre is actually the only one who’s able to pick up Bahorel because they’re about the same height, he does, once, when Bahorel is drunk and not really able to walk anymore (Bahorel starts crying because ‘It’s so beautiful up here, oh my god’, the stars are like, in my face! Hey Feuilly! The sky has freckles too!!)
Pass me your cigarette
let me break it into two
If you’ll put your life on threat,
I’ll do that too.
There’s no reason for you to fret
over my lung tissue,
I want you to worry about
my heart being far from you.
Your absence is my sunset
leaving my mood blue,
so light up your cigarette
and don’t forget mine too
—  titled “together”  submission #362  from

Look at my eyes – that’s not pity.

#current reason for my emotional state: this scene #Deacon is a rare example of someone taking full responsibility for their actions #after all these years and everything he’s put her through #he can’t believe that she still loves him #the actual confirmation of her love destroys him because he sincerely doesn’t believe it #you can see that he’s fighting with himself to continue pushing her away #because he wholeheartedly doesn’t want her to go through anymore suffering because of him #and Connie Britton is brilliant in this scene because Rayna can’t believe that Deacon doesn’t know how much he’s adored by her #she’s putting her entire heart and soul into this declaration that it’s love because she needs him to feel it with everything he’s got #and he does #he feels it and it makes everything that much more emotional for the both of them

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That being said I’m deleting skype from my phone for a bit. IF for some reason you want to be in contact with me while I’m gone I’ll put a few things here. I just need to cut down on obligations for a bit. I’ll be back on Monday by the latest? I might work on and queue drafts. But college and my career have to come first. 

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