hey so! tomorrow my summer basically ends and i’m heading back to baltimore for my second year at MICA! this means my activity here will probably be drawing to a very slow pace. if you miss posts from me for some reason, follow my twitter, where i have been a lot more active as of late! i’ll still definitely be posting here and i’ll try and put stuff in my queue as often as i have time for, but if you’re looking for more frequent posts from me i think twitter is gonna be the way to go. love u all


WeAreWithYouJohnnyDepp - Johnny Depp month challenge

13. Why do you love Johnny Depp?

There are man reasons why I love and will keep on living this man. He has changed and enriched my life. He makes me laugh, he makes me happy. He gives me strenght and courage to keep going. He calms me down, puts things into perspective. He is my shelter, my sanctuary, my life, my pride, my joy. His work has taught me so much and continues to help me. His philosophies are like little rules you can aply to life and make it better for you. I love how even though he is one of the most famous and loved people in the world he is still so humble and kind and loving and still dresses and behaves like he wants to. I love how he keeps on making people happy. I love how he is able to save lives, save people from darkness. I owe him. All the things he taught me, all the lonely nights he was there. Wether I watched one of his films or saw an interview or even just looked at a picture of his, it made me feel better, safe, supported. So why do I love Johnny? He is magic, a wonder, a miracle, a gift. The things he is capable of doing through his work and existance are incredible. He is a cure.

Headcanon: One of the only reasons the fashion didn’t change from “medieval” to more modern looking during the Golden Age is because the Pevensies actually liked the clothing. Susan and Lucy felt better in long, thin dresses rather than the shorter but thicker dresses in England. They also liked the option of wearing tunics and leggings for women.

Likewise, Edmund and Peter loathed the idea of ever putting pants and a starchy button down on ever again. The clothing made all four of them as children feel more free. As they grew older, they forgot all about England and the strange clothing so the status quo remained.

So you might be wondering: August 26, we post our pieces.  Then what?

The first thing we’ll be doing is reblogging all of the pieces on a queue.  This is one of the main reasons we ask you to @ mention us when you post your projects–we want people to be able to come back here and see all of the wonderful projects that everyone has put their hard work into!

With over 200 participants, this may take us a while to get through.  We’ll be working hard to check that we’ve gotten everyone’s pieces on the blog, and we’ll have tumblr automatically publish maybe 2-4 pieces per day.  So you’ll hopefully have a good month or two of KH fan works on your dash!  Aw yeah!

Next, we’ll be reviewing all of the entries.  We mentioned before that we’re going to curate a collection into a free, downloadable PDF file.  We’re still discussing the details of, how many, which ones, etc, so we’ll update with more information on that as we go along.  Again, since we are expecting over 200 entries, this may take a while, especially with the time it will take to read the fics.  We can’t project a timeline yet, since some of our mods are returning to school at the end of the month (waves hands!! Wahh!).

Anyway, once we’ve made our selections, we’ll collect full size images from the artists, and most likely we’ll ask our writers to send a Google Docs link, and then we’ll get to work putting the PDF together.  And once that’s done, we’ll post a download link on the blog.  Whoo!!

on hiatus till further notice.

so I’ve decided to take a break from this website for awhile.

some of you may know I’m relocating to another side of the globe for university. Real Life is kinda overwhelming right now between preparations for uni and classes when uni starts I’m not sure I will have the time to put content out. My parents paid alot of money for my uni and I’m going to focus my best and tbh this website is the least of my concern.

another reason I decided to take a break is the tumblr culture is getting overwhelming as well. I’d go on a rant about that but I’ve decided I’m just gonna leave it be. I’d think it’ll be healthier for me if I just stay off awhile. 

I don’t have a queue set up so sorry.

I’ll still be on twitter because I’ll still need to get dc news somewhere. mutuals do let me know who you are on twitter if you still wanna keep in touch. 


If you haven’t seen  your work yet, there is a 98% I found it and put it in the queue, but if for any reason you think I may have missed it, please feel free to message me with the link to your work. I’ve had multiple people send me stuff that’s tagged right, but I couldn’t see it in my search results. So I can’t stress enough how completely okay it send it to me directly, you’re not being overbearing at all. I want your stuff seen!

Please make sure your blog settings include being visible in search results. It should look like this:

Favorite Author Sunday (special Monday appearance)

I’m a bit behind, but every fic writer needs some love. I obviously can’t choose just one author, so prepare for an abundance of amazing writers: 

Author: @unforth-ninawaters

First Fic I Read: An Assembly Such as This

What can I say? I’ve loved every story unforth has written and is probably one of the people I’m closest to on tumblr. She does an amazing job running Writing Prompt Wednesday and the overall quality and amount of works she’s put out is staggering. And is the reason I ship Dean/Cas/Jimmy

Author: @ltleflrt

First Fic I Read: Kiss the Baker (currently locked to non AO3 members)

I discovered ltleflrt through Kiss the Baker and I almost died from the fluff. From there I picked up on Addicted to You around five chapters before it was completed and suffered with everyone else that was the slowest of slow burns in Satin and Sawdust. I’m super pumped for both the A/B/O and the western (I’m not picky, whichever one comes first I will read like my life depends on it.) 

Author: @soupernabturel

First Fic I Read: Dinner For Two

My fellow Coldest Hits writer has some adorable animal Destiel, but if you are into some angst my friend the Lipstick Verse will make you cry in sadness and joy and make you feel all kinds of feels. 

Author: @winjennster

First Fic I Read: Painted Angels

If there was one person I would be overjoyed about being on the new platform I had just joined (from FF.net to AO3 to tumblr) it would be winjennster. I’m always ready for a new fic by her. 

Author: thecouchcarrot

First Fic I Read: Exonerated

Man, these fics are amazing, but the current one Goodbye Windows has me just in awe and at the edge of my seat. Seriously, give them a read. 

This is not an extensive list, but these are all the ones I can think of right now. 

anonymous asked:

She was put in 11 foster homes after her mother was institutionalised and did so much work in orphanages, lived through miscarriages and still managed to hold a career and visit troupes. She also had an IQ of 168. What have you done?



any thing relating to hanzo and genji in a shipping situation (mostly from the rare anons I get about it) will be tagged sh.madacest

the reason is because I do not want my RP/asks found by going threw this tag by searching on tumblr. It just makes me uncomfortable. BUT I still want people to be able to black list it.

But as you guys know I do my best to avoid posting i, I hope you all understand. I will be adding this info to my rules and putting this post into my queue for the later people


Omg you guys are seriously so awesome! Thank you so much for all the anons today like you guys are so amazing! I love chatting & talking with you guys, it’s so much fun to get to know you guys!

There are a couple of asks still in my box but I will get to those tomorrow, promise! Please feel free to keep sending in asks, I’ll definitely still be going into this tomorrow as well. 

I have to put a hold on today because it’s getting very very late & I start my first day of school tomorrow so I actually have to go to sleep at a reasonable time. That being said, I have filled up my queue for the day and I should be active again later tomorrow!

And since i’m here I might as well mention that I’m about to hit 6,000 followers on here and I really want to cry because I never imagined my blog would get this big so thank you so much guys! <3 I should be making a post on this soon but for now, I just want to thank everyone who follows me and chats with me. <33 Love you guys so much, thank you for all your support! 

Guys I’m not gonna be online today. I have four hours on the train and I woke up in the worst mood for some reason and I’m pretty much pissed at everything so I think I’ll just put queue up.


okay so i Wasn’t going to say this for some reason i just didn’t want to put it on tumblr but i got so excited that i changed my mind!!!!

basically, i’m Planning on going for the olympics in 2020 or 2024 and i’m doing it for archery!!!! and i went on snapchat today and saw the story “what olympic sport you’d medal in based on your sign”

i was like “how funny and cool would it be if mine said archery” AND IT DID ??????? so i just thought i’d share this happy moment with all of u :’)

So it’s been a while...

// I am back.~
I logged into my Shinoa account tonight and realized how long it’s been and how much I missed this. I want to sincerely apologize to all the people I have yet to reply to, I will be working on drafts and putting them in the queue within the week. My goal is to finish them all and then do a “like for a starter” post.

The reason I have been gone for so long is…life? Work has gotten busier, things at home have been stressful, lack of motivation, and the constant self doubt. All the works. BUT I am managing and getting by ^__^