“Look at these lockers, they all look alike right? Not this one. This one is special… it belonged to a girl who killed herself. You see all these ‘don’t kill yourself’ posters up on the wall, they weren’t up before, they put them up because she killed herself.”


Thirteen Reasons Why Aesthetics | Alex Standall

What, they think these are gonna save someone’s life? “Suicide’s not an option”? Yeah, you know what? Clearly it is an option, you know? Why don’t they put up a poster that says “Don’t be a dick”? Why don’t we put up that poster?  

Dating Moriarty Would Involve

Living with Jim Moriarty Would Involve

Originally posted by she-who-nailed-it

  • Jim would make it very clear to everyone (especially Sherlock) that you were his.
  • Anyone even remotely threatening to your safety wouldn’t get within ten metres of you.
  • Going out for extravagant, elegant dinners and dances when Jim had managed to clear a restaurant/location for the two of you. These dates would all be last minute so Jim would supply you with suitable attire.
  • “If someone pulls up in a car next to you, you must not get in, alright?”
    This backfires on him later when he picks you up and you ignore him just to annoy him.
    “(Y/n), get in the fucking car.”
  • Even though he would be possessive, it would be sort of behind the scenes possession. As in he would tell you you could do whatever you wanted but would keep an eye on you. If he wanted you in a specific place or to spend time with him he would someone manipulate you into doing so.
  • Calling him Queen or King. 
  • He would call you “Kitten” or “Jewel”
  • Sherlock would finally meet you when Jim sent you to 221b on a “diplomatic mission”. Really, it would be an exercise of Jim’s power, showing Sherlock that even in his own flat, no harm would come to you.
  • Sherlock would find you quite fascinating because you hadn’t bored Jim, which seemed unusual.
  • You would just smile slyly as Sherlock tried to deduce you, (this would annoy Sherlock even more).
  • Jim would kiss you with a lot of force. It would be exciting yet terrifying.
  • Whenever you made a sarcastic remark to Jim he would imitate you, 
    “Oh I’m outsmarting my boyfriend ohh”
    You’d laugh, sticking your tongue out at him. Jim would smirk, asking you if you wanted to put that tongue to better use.
    (Depending on his mood he may just pull out a lollipop.)
  • He would buy you a crown.
  • Jim would enjoy making you tea for some reason. Whenever you had to buy him a gift you’d get him fancy tea cups. 
  • When he was in a rage and smashing things he would usually hesitate to smash the teacups you gave him. This hesitation would cause him to calm down slightly.
  • “Am I dead.”


about sh/allu/ra

for the purposes of this post i will refer to Allu/ra, Shi/ro, Cor/an, and Kei/th as A, S, C, and K so that it won’t show up in searches, etc.

as i’m sure many of you have heard by now, one of the producers of vld referred to A as a teenager in a recent interview. there are many ways i’ve, internally, thought about justifying continuing to ship sh/allu/ra, but all of these arguments are reflective of the ones used to defend ships like sh/eith so for now, i am putting sh/allu/ra on hold for this blog. i’m going to go through my queue and remove related posts, but i’m going to leave existing sh/allu/ra posts be for the time being.

i’m going to put some more thoughts on the situation below the cut, but that’s the main statement of this post

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Jeff Atkins Little Sister Would Include

Request: When you have time can you do a being jeff’s little sister ? I love all your writing!

Could you do a being jeff’s little sister Would include Thanks ❤️


A/N: I hope you both like this anons :) Sorry for the delay.


Warnings: Overprotective brother, Mentions of sadness.


Jeff Atkins Little Sister Would Include…

  • Overprotective brother alert

  • He tries to sneak looks at your phone when you’re texting
  • He always asks you about your day

  • And how you’re coping with your hormones and emotions
  • Inviting you out with him and his friends if you’re going to just be home alone that night

  • Crushing on all of his friends
  • But he’s already deemed you off-bounds

  • But you’re willing to push limits
  • Going to watch him at all his baseball games

  • Binge watching television together
  • While eating junk food

  • Playful arguing over what will happen next episode
  • Looking out for you in school

  • You making sure he stays on top of his school work
  • The biggest hugs when you’re sad

  • Then he’ll take you for ice-cream
  • He doesn’t want to baby you in public

  • But if he thinks you’ve put yourself in an unsafe position at a party he’ll absolutely embarrass you if it means getting you out of there safe
  • Everyone knows not to mess with you

  • Because they’ll have him and all his friends to answer to
  • Petty fights occasionally

  • But that usually ends up in laughing at your voices cracking while you’re yelling
  • Actually being super close for siblings

  • Always reminding each other of your self-worth when one of you is doubting it
  • Just always taking care of each other and having each other backs when you need it most

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Request: Imagine request for Pan? The reader is extremely shy so she barely talks at all and if she does it’s merely a whisper, all the lost boys have trouble talking to her, including Pan. Pan makes it his mission to make you talk and hear your voice by trying almost everything, from jokes, teases, tickles, etc. Thank you! :) I love your imagines!

Warnings: child neglect, speech disorder

Notes: I took this from a different approach, so hope it’s okay xx

The quietest thing on Neverland wasn’t what you’d expect. It wasn’t the wind or the plants. Not even the bugs and other animals. It was Neverland’s one and only Lost Girl. You never spoke. Ever. And if you did, it was such a delicate whisper that no one would ever hear your exact words.

Peter and the Lost Boys would always try to get you to speak. They never reached that goal, but they never stopped trying. The Lost Boys would try to scare you or prank you. Hoping you’d scream or laugh. When you would find something funny or get scared, that’s when your voice would come out more of a whisper. Sometimes it’d get a little loud, but still very quiet. No one knew why you were this way, however.

“Y/N, please, I need you to speak. Talk to me.” Peter begged, dying to hear your voice and get to know you. “I want to know your entire story. I want to know why you’re lost.”

You only shrugged, an innocent smile on your mouth. You tried using hand motions, but Peter had no idea what you were saying. 

“C’mon, you have to make some kind of sound! You can’t be entirely mute!” He groaned, becoming annoyed. 

That’s when Peter would tickle you. It was the usual routine, and you were far used to it. He would either tickle you or do something funny in hopes you’d laugh. But again, it would always come out faint.

“I will get you to talk, I won’t stop until I do.” 

Again, you only shrugged with an innocent smile. You walked away aimlessly, gazing at the tall trees. You were in your own world and it blew Peter away. He was floored by how mindless you were. Nothing mattered. You never seemed afraid of the perilous forest that was Neverland. Nothing fazed you–unless the Lost Boys played a good trick on you.

Little did peter and the boys know that you were raised very differently…

As the next couple of days passed, Peter still tried with everything he had to get you to speak. Even is magic didn’t work. He couldn’t see into your mind because there wasn’t really much there. He began to question if maybe you were mentally ill. Or if you had a special disorder. You didn’t seem to know much except for how to walk and keep balance.

“Y/N, please. Just say one word.” peter once again begged.

You grinned. “M…Ma…”

“Yes, what is it? Say it.”

Your voice was still quiet, but louder than normal. “Mama.”

Peter cocked an eyebrow. “Mama? Mama? Why would you say that? You’re around the age of twelve, you have to know more than the word mama.”

You were young, and Peter knew he had to be patient. He didn’t want to scare you too hard because then you would never speak. He had to analyze you from your physical actions. But all he gathered was that you weren’t all there.

“Okay, how abut we write something.” Peter stared at you once he realized you weren’t going to say another word. He made pencil and paper appear and handed them to you. You held them both in your hands as if you didn’t know how to hold them.

“Please write something. Anything.”

You held the pencil in a weird way, and only scribbled on the paper. You handed it to him afterwards.

“This says… nothing. They’re all scribbles.”

Then it clicked in Peter’s head.

“You… You never learned basic cognitive skills did you? Or basic communication skills? No one ever played with you. No one ever taught you how to properly speak, or read or write. You’re like a baby almost… a baby who can keep their balance, which is weird.”

You furrowed your brows together. “N-No.” 

“We have a lot to work with then, huh? We can get you started right away then. I can teach you words. I don’t know how, but here we won’t need to know how to read and write. Just speak. We’ll get you there in no time.”

With that, Peter made it his new mission to teach you words. Back home, your mother was never around to teach you basic, everyday skills. You really were like a giant toddler, only knowing a handful of words. The only reason you knew how to keep balance so well was because as a baby learning to walk, you learned to grab hold to things. Eventually you were able to teach yourself walking without help. other than that, your mother was never there to teach you anything, or put you in school. You really only stayed in one room for your first twelve years of life. You knew nothing. But Pete would help you, and so would the Lost Boys. They would try their absolute hardest to help you learn basic skills. It would just take time.

heathers tumblr au

im really sorry this is so ugly but i had to do it. thanks @africabytoto1982 for helping me think of it (yeah your not getting away from thw blame here) 

-heathers are big name popular tumblrs they’re like thebootydiaries 

-Veronica and Martha have like 350 followers each. 

 -JD has a red and black edgy blog he keeps remaking over and over again so he doesn’t have that many followers 

-Veronica makes themes so she made a nice theme for heather and they welcomed her into their group by becoming mutuals and giving her a promo. 

-JD  liked the aesthetic of one of Veronica’s themes and used it and gave her a promo so they started talking and tumblr dating 

-Martha keeps @ing ram in posts and asking for promos and trying to follow him but he keeps changing URLs 

 -Veronica and heather got in a fight and put a callout post in her queue to post on Monday at 8:00am

 -JD says to delete heathers really popular sideblog as a joke but ends up deleting her main. 

-they make a post telling everyone heather deactivated for all these made up reasons 

-ram and Kurt run porn blogs and they kept interacting with Veronica’s posts on their porn accounts on purpose and it annoyed her and made people think she was involved with them so she got unfollowed by a bunch of people so JD hacked their blogs and made a post saying Kurt and ram were actually dating and were tumblr boyfriends and then deleted both their blogs.

 -Veronica says for him to stop and refuses to give him more promos and unfollows him. She takes out the cute link to his blog she had in her description 

-heather McNamara makes a post saying she thinks she should delete and everyone comes in her inbox with “ya you should” but Veronica tells her to just block the ip of the anon and so she doesn’t delete. 

-Martha says she’s gonna delete and queues up a final post but she cancels it last minute and decides to stay.

-JD plans on deleting Veronica’s blog but he wants to talk first. He sends her a bunch of messages on tumblr messenger and she doesn’t answer. He plans on going on her blog to harass her but sees a post saying she’s abandoning the blog. 

-JD goes to his blog and crytypes the ending part of meant to be yours

 -JD decides to make a huge blocklist of everyone he knows and destroy their lives and make them delete. 

 -Veronica brings her blog back under a new URL and makes a callout post for JD 

 -JD sees the callout and looses all his followers and finally deletes

 -Veronica takes the place of the heathers as the big name tumblr person and spreads peace and stops getting in fights.


Why ‘The Diary Of A Teenage Girl’ Is The Year’s Most Important Film About Sex

Teenagers are pretty pumped to have sex. It’s the reason they go to parties, the subject of every locker room conversation and definitely the most important goal they have before reaching high school graduation. At least this is the case for the boys, right?

That’s the prevailing narrative of most Hollywood films. Just queue up “Superbad,” “American Pie” and “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” for proof. Dudes are obsessed with sex in movies and making that sex happen is typically plot point A.

But teenage girls are often left out of the narrative of sexual desire altogether – and are instead put in the position of defense. They must decide when it’s time to give up their virginity, usually to the guy who has been persistent enough that she finally deems him worthy.

“It’s damaging to both sexes that we don’t talk about sexuality as something we are both experiencing equally.”

A little confession

I put my blog on hiatus a few weeks ago (I’ve mostly come on to stock my queue and reblog things).  I did it after wrestling with the decision for a long while. I’m happy about the decision and lots of great things have taken place since I redirected my attention towards my own writing.

Here’s a run down of what’s happening with me on the writing front:

1. Since my hiatus, I’ve started working as a part-time proofreader/editor for an online literary magazine.  This is awesome for a number of reasons, including the fact that I want to get very good at short fiction and I learn what it takes to publish an e-zine.

 2. I’ve submitted several original stories for publication, been accepted by one and rejected by yet another. I’ve learned from my time here on tumblr that rejection just teaches you to be stronger :).

3.  I will begin teaching a creative writing course next year. It is one of the few offered in my school district and we are planning the launch of our own literary magazine (hence number 1).

4. I pulled Flor Palida to convert into an original fiction. I’ve begun the revision process (which means, research and basically starting all over). It is my project for CampNaNoWriMo and I hope to have a first draft completed by the summer.

5. Heretics and The Sharp Edge of Memory are on permanent hiatus but I will complete My Favorite Mistake and The Pearl of the Antilles. I just don’t know when.

7.  I am writing a fic for @loveinpanem‘s March Madness called Dandelion in the Dark and a short fic for the @everlarkficexchange .  I’ll post an SSS of my genderswap HadesxPersephone Everlark fic tomorrow:). But I don’t know if I will continue to contribute to anything beyond @loveinpanem .

So I’m super excited about things!  Too bad a day has only 24 hours. If you want to follow my adventures, I’m blogging about it. Hit me up and I’ll give you more details.

Happy reading and happy writing!

                                      ARE U GUYS LOST ??

Shitty graphics & jokes aside, I can’t believe there’s more than a hundred of you already!! It’s been a little over two weeks since I revamped Margarethe and in that small amount of time, I’ve made some great friends, had some amazing conversations, and witnessed so much talent and love. This is the only type of callout post I’ll ever make and it’s for all of you crazy incredible people who have welcomed me and Margarethe with open arms & loving hearts! Even if you aren’t on this list (because I’m sure I forgot some of you!), every single one of you is a blessing to have on my dash!

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A second post for chuuya’s bday >u<

Both sung by Chuuya’s CV Taniyama Kishou-san, while DARKNESS MY SORROW is Chuuya’s character song as well 0v0
(I just realised that both song titles are in caps Chuuya don’t be so hyper xDDD)

The covers are almost exactly the same as those I made before except a few chord changes (I intended to try them) and probably more mistakes (due to my faulty memory lol)
I barely connected the two songs together thanks to the D minor key (lame <_<)
For some reason my phone was so shaky?? I didn’t put it on the piano .-.



Originally posted by sneezes

  • getting the obvious stuff out of the way first
  • he’s a fucking meme and you WILL get 3am texts of a meme he found
  • also don’t open any link he sends you it’s either like the kazoo kid remix or he wants to rickroll you
  • the safest is to just answer “UuuuUuUrg Hansol why”
  • okay now that’s said
  • he will want someone laid back and chill something like a best friend but not totally 
  • I think there is also a big fat chance you’re dirty minded and yes he thinks it’s funny but that won’t stop him from reacting like a 7 y/o whenever you refer to something dirty
  • he’s pretty shy so PDA is an absolute no, it feels very uncomfortable to him because so don’t push him
  • some people think it’s like a turn on when you secretly start touching them in risky surroundings but no he might even get a little mad/frustrated because it feels very just not right
  • but BOI when you’re alone he’s the clingmonster
  • like you can’t reach something? You bet he’s gonna do the move
  • you know the move, like hovering over you to get something and it just gives you butterflies
  • he is someone that would call you bae but before you were even dating just to test out the waters because what does it really mean? nobody knows
  • ticklewars are a definitive thing with him
  • and not just hihihi cute
  • he doesn’t stop till 1) he has a bruise 2)you’re crying from laughing 3) he’s the one getting tickles now OR 4) someone walks in
  • in the last scenario he will frieze, huge eyes
  • nvm just the caveman spongebob meme, that’s it
  • kisses always start out as sweet but if you’re both in the mood they sure as hell don’t end sweet
  • he’s def a guy that’s up for slow sloppy makeouts with a lot of feeling/passion
  • if he moans which is more often than you’d expect he’s gonna be embarassed but quickly finds out you think it’s a turn on
  • surprisingly isn’t that much for tongue action but won’t mind it if you initiate it
  • loves to take the lead though
  • smiling between kisses is something he does when it’s a sweet makeout
  • but if it’s not it’s more like gasping for breath
  • okay imma stop sinning right there
  • he has a lot of feeling but is not great at expressing them, like not bad but not great either
  • at 3am Hansol either thinks everything is hilarious or he’s super deep and confused
  • he def confessed to you in the deep mood
  • he is 100% down for lazy dates
  • the king of lazy dates
  • he’s gonna kick out all members or make sure he has the room for himself though
  • he will do the yawn arm trick but ends up elbowing you in the face or something smh
  • ”Hansol if you wanted some more popcorn just get some in the kitchen, no need to have a knock down with Y/N.” ~S.Coups
  • he will get you some ice and give Seungcheol a deathglare
  • he’s not intimidated, not even the smallest bit
  • you will always tease him for the mansae hair
  • if you have bangs you know what to do, part them in the middle and start some rap
  • Seungkwan absolutely loves you for that and will occasionally join in
  • Hansol know how to have a laugh and starts singing some horrifying beautiful adlibs
  • he will want to teach you how to rap
  • he likes couple clothing but only the cool ones
  • like don’t start coming with your shirts with ‘If lost return to…’ on them no but he’s all for those matching flannels or just cute shirts but in a different colour
  • he will have you as his lockscreen and background like not pics of you together because he doesn’t like to have to see himself every time he looks at his phone 
  • but he loves to steal your phone and take some selfies but like don’t be fooled they’re not pretty selfies but not ugly selfies either
  • like just downright weird, like let me explain
  • he’ll just like put on a tough face, show a swaggy handsign and he’ll be crouching next to you sleeping
  • or like the same but just outside next to a tree
  • maybe where he has a shocked face and a hand in front of his mouth with a box of food next to him
  • later when you ask him he will be able to explain every single one of them and you’ll just be shaking your head because they’re just the worst reasons you’ve ever heard
  • ”nono you don’t get it I wanted to contrast your calm sleeping with hardness of my expression.”
  • queue for your dirty mind to bop in “hardness? Oh Hansol if only you’d woken me up…”
  • HE SCREACHES and runs away
  • you run just behind him and backhug him
  • but extreme version, you jump on his back
  • he falls with you on top of him
  • you end up laughing for a good 10 minutes
  • he’s such a shy cutie
  • would def call you bae unironically
  • but one flaw if you even consider this a flaw when you have a fight he just acts distant with glares for 5 minutes or less and after that he comes back like nothing happened
  • well atleast for minor arguments
  • take care of this memeboy people


Others in the Boyfriend!Series:

Comic Book Meme; [2/5] Favourite Female Characters
↳  Barbara ‘Bobbi’ Morse // Agent 19 // Mockingbird

Avengers Tower falling was one of the sobering moments of my life. I’ve seen a lot of stuff in my day, but that was – I was instantly pulled out of myself. So ashamed that I was enjoying the battle. But I wasn’t enjoying the battle. I was enjoying that I was alive. I had cheated death one more time and I had – it was an all-new me. I was a super-soldier (of sort) and I wanted to live up to it. But, once the Tower fell, I knew I was being given this second chance for a reason. I was going to do what a super-soldier does. I was going to turn the battle around. I was going to take it right to the Red Skull’s doorstep and I was going to put my fist right through her skull. I knew why I was given a second chance…so I could kill the Red Skull.”