In a relationship your supposed to help eachother push past your limits to new heights take eachother out of your comfort zone explore eachothers wild side have fun support eachother but make sure your partner is on top of their shit at all times if thats wrong well i dont wanna be right
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I found out a few hours ago that my first boss at my company, the guy that hired me, passed away. He was my boss in the call center, pushed me to my limits in what I was mentally able to do (fucking call center remember) – he gave me award after award for the work and kindness I put in solving problems, being quick and responsive. A lot of my confidence about my abilities comes from the recognition he gave me.

And he’s gone.
We had a running joke before I left the department, back when we were under constant overtime because we had just switched every system of our banking platform, that he would know there was overtime available not because of the notice from planning – but because my response was immediate and he’d see that first.

I just accepted working overtime this week too.  Is it silly to dedicate my extra hours to him?

Recognition // Jin

It had taken its toll, you came to the jarring realization as you watched his chest rise and fall heavily in tandem with your heartbeat. Ragged, work-worn, silent pain-ridden breaths escaped his sleeping form- raspy wheezes and partially choked gasps.

All those days spent dancing and practicing and training with raw feet and sweat-soaked shirts and aching muscles could only push his limits. His hard work was rarely perceived, in fact, you thought sadly, his unspoken story and unwritten thoughts were much like that of Sisyphus’s myth. Instead of carefully wheeling a boulder uphill to only watch it fall helplessly, Jin was always running up a steep mountain built from the ground up of difficult choreographies and endless song lyrics. He always reached a point where he could practically see the recognition, the same kind which his fellow members received.

And yet he could never fully grasp it.

Nobody saw the side of him that stayed up until late became early. It was hidden from all but you, put away quietly and discreetly. Nobody, you knew he felt, saw him at all. The focus was always on Jimin’s dancing, or Suga’s rapping, or something and some one else. When was Jin the first thought for anyone outside of you? Not even he himself put himself first.  

Still, he worked.

Jin rushed home after dance practice only to practice more by himself in the seclusion of your empty guest room.

He spent hours upon hours memorizing lyrics, wearing away your dining table by tapping soundless beats into its surface.

He slept at 2, 3, 4 in the morning, breathing hard through his nose and his hair slick from being too sweaty and too tired to take a proper shower.

And he still was the most loving boyfriend you had ever had, taking the time to caress your back when you couldn’t see through your own burning tears and cook for you and help you clean. It was too much for him and you knew it, but you were not so sure that he did.

Your breaths had turned shallow by this point, and had reached above the level of a low murmur. Couldn’t he see how much you worried about him, how his physical and mental health was impacting yours? A hard sigh escaped through your mouth, causing Jin to blink once, then twice, in a state of groggy stupor.

He sat up slowly, rubbing his eyes. “Jagi?” Jin’s voice, though still soft, was lower and more sleep ridden than usual. “What happened?” His dark eyes were clouded pools of worry. He pulled you close, gently, albeit a bit awkwardly, putting a comforting arm around you.

“Nothing.” You shook your head, feeling silly for worrying about something he would see as small. “I just worry.” Smiling gently up at Jin, you pulled the covers around you. The bedding rustled as he moved closer to you, tucking you into his shoulder.

“About who? Me?” He teased lightly, a smile on his face but his knitted eyebrows revealing his true feelings of confusion, worry, sadness, and slight guilt.

“Yes.” You confessed, fitting your head into the curve of his collarbone in a melancholy fashion. “You work far too long and far too hard.” Glancing up at your boyfriend, you smiled sadly.

Jin was quiet for a long time. The ticking of the clock and the wispy breaths of the two of you filled the otherwise dead air.

“I need to earn my place.” Was his carefully thought out response. You sighed and shook your head as best you could from your place at his neck.

“You have earned your place. You debuted with them!”  He was silent again, and you could just barely see him chewing on his bottom lip.

“They still don’t like me, though. Our fans. Not as much as they like the others.” Jin sighed, opening up for once. Outwardly you didn’t even flinch, you had felt the same way as he did, and you knew it was true. However, inside, your heart shattered into a million pieces. Why didn’t your sweet boyfriend get what he deserved?

You wanted to reassure him. “They do like you. They just don’t know how to appreciate you.” You whispered into your boyfriend’s shoulder. “You barely know how to recognize yourself, Mr. I-need-to-put-everyone-and-everything-first-without-thinking-about-my-own-health.” Jin chuckled.

“Tomorrow I’ll stay home then, jagi, if it makes you feel better. I’ll say I’m sick.” He said, stifling a yawn and rubbing small circles into your back.

“No. You’ll stay home because it makes you feel better. And you are sick. Your tendency to overwork yourself has left you breathing shakily, and I see how tired you get after practice. If need be I’ll call BigHit myself and make them give you a week off.” You smiled bitter-sweetly, both of you knowing that taking even a day off was a stretch.

“Now sleep.” You continued, leaning up to press a chaste kiss again his smooth forehead. “And don’t get up any time soon.” He smiled softly and pressed his lips to yours.

“Ok, jagi.” Jin yawned, slipping back under the covers. He was out like a light in a matter of seconds, his true tired state showing through. You turned and checked the clock on your bedside stand.

5:30 A.M.

He had only slept for four hours. You shook your head and addressed his sleeping form.

“Don’t get up soon. You have a long day of rest ahead of you.”

His lifestyle was taking a toll on him, but as long as you were there, he would be all right.

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Can you elaborate on your post about trans hc's? I don't know much about the fandom, and I've only watched the anime (but I don't mind any spoilers). Why is it disrespectful? (I'm not trying to start a fight, I'm 100% curious).

Sure! I’ll put it under a cut though for those who would rather not read spoiler-y things.

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Exes Ask Each Other Questions:  BaekYeol

Who are you seeing now?

Chanyeol: Kyungsoo

Baekhyun: Sehun

What do you cherish about our time as a couple?

Baekyeol: I think what I miss the most is the times where we would just look into each others eyes and it was like I would get lost in such beautiful eyes

Chanyeol: I really miss the habit you have of taking pictures everywhere we went 

Would you guys mind sharing your favorite memory together?

Chanyeol: For me I have no favorite memory, because every hour I spent with him was wonderful 

Baekhyun: I feel the same way you do, we were both so close and spending time with him was the best thing I could do

Who would you blame for the break up?

Chanyeol: Well we aren’t perfect but if I were yo blame someone it would be myself.

Baekhyun: Really?

Chanyeol: Yes, because i know I made so many mistakes, I probably pushed you to the limit and I thought you got sick of me.

Baekhyun: I would blame it on myself since I was the one who ended up cheating well if we can call it cheating

Do you guys ever regret breaking up?

Baekhyun: Everyday, I mean I adore Sehun but no one up to now has made me love like Chanyeol.

Chanyeol: I thought I was over it but apparently im not of course I regret it.

Any last thing you want to say to each other?

Chanyeol: Well I guess this made me realize I still love you.

Baekhyun: I still love you too Chanyeol.

i really hope the negativity in the community’s response doesn’t deter the team from doing another contest like this

regardless of the finalists chosen in the end, the dev team still got to see tons of work from the playerbase that they can reference and analyze for future consideration. they have tons of material to look at so even if no one’s exact hairstyle gets added later, if they notice a trend in the submissions and what hair is in the game then they can adjust accordingly. this may even give them the push to work around limitations and do their best to provide more of whatever is lacking

i think this was a huge learning experience for them and provided the basis for how they can improve and do their best to meet the players’ wants

Day 2

Yesterday was supposed to be day 2 of Crush, but I got up a little later than I wanted to and tried to cram in breakfast and Crush before work. That resulted in me almost puking while trying to do my cardio bc well, a belly full of oatmeal is not very good when you’re trying to run. And since I had no time after work that night to get in my workout, it just had to wait a day.

And honestly, I’m glad I waited. My arms were incredibly sore after Day 1 and I simply wasn’t feeling my workout on Monday. I felt “ick” for lack of better words, but today I felt good. I felt determined, strong, capable, and ready to push myself. It probably helps that I wore a shirt that says “Push your limits”, but anyways, it was a great workout. I got through all the sets so much better than the first time around and felt like I had a very successful workout.

Today is also Day 1 of my clean eating challenge for the month of September, where I’m trying to eat 100% clean the entire month! I’ve done it before, but it wasn’t easy and I had plenty of slip ups, so I’m hoping this time around will be better. Wish me luck & I hope everyone had a fantastic day! (:

((So I have some bad news. Since I’m in band I’m already gone from this blog more than I want to be and school too. But now my back has been giving me some trouble and I have to go to a doctor later. AND ANOTHER THING is that the anonymous haters have been pushing their limits so I’ve decided to turn off anon and take a break. I’m too stressed out and unfortunately I can’t draw as much as I want too. I’m sorry I hope you all can forgive me. I’ll pop in sometimes to check on stuff and yea. Sorry.))


- ¿Dónde curras?

- Digamos que yo doy más satisfacción a tu madre que tu propio padre.