$6 each charm
6 cm x 6 cm (one sided)

I’ve only got 10 EACH!! First come first serve!!
Pre-orders end on 30th July!!!

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metachthonia asked:

Neil Young: Do you play any instruments? The Tragically Hip: 6 things you want to accomplish

I don’t play any instruments, i want to learn drums and bass guitar, as well as fiddle, but i lack motivation and confidence. i used to have really good clean vocals but i haven’t sang in years,  and iv’e been told i am really good at death metal style vocals.

six things i want to accomplish:

1.learn to sail

2.learn to blacksmith

3.buy a nice sized portion of land

4.build a large barn/warehouse venue thinger and house on that land, use the barn for punk and metal shows, making art,  get togethers, partys, fetish nights idk anything. and everything. basically a place where counter culture people can hang out and do their thing.

5. have lots of dogs

6. train dogs for sled races like the Iditarod.

Vintage 2 Tiny Oval Diamond Silver Watch Face Dials, Art Deco, From Old Watch Parts, Steam punk Art, Make Jewelry Or Earrings #822X

Diamond Earrings 2.12 Carat Total, Round Cut Diamond Simulants Halo Stud Earrings, Bridal, Wedding, Prom, Dazzling, Sparkly, 925 Sterling Silver //BSE22151 Raw Diamond Earrings - Sterling Silver Filigree Inspired - 1 Carat Stud Earring - April Birthstone - Uncut Gemstone - Conflict Free Diamonds 40% off- 10PCS Diamond Shape Handmade Photo Wood Cut Cabochon to make Rings,Earrings,Necklaces, Bracelets-(WFH-76)-(Back White)