Headcanons: Art Hoe!Phil & Punk!Dan
  • when phil paints he listens to dan’s piano pieces recorded specifically for him
  • dan gets a new tattoo of phil’s art on phil’s birthday, every year religiously
  • each spring phil always manages to convince dan to lie in a flower patch so he can do a watercolour on a canvas to hang on the wall in the lounge
  • phil takes dan on dates to empty fields so he can paint on dan (mainly on his hands, face and chest, but sometimes they mix it up)
  • when they first moved in together, phil painted on one of the walls in their flat and every inspection dan has to cover it up so they don’t get kicked out (or be told to remove it because secretly dan loves it even though it ruins his ‘aesthetic’
  • phil paints/draws all of their friend’s [insert event here] cards many months in advance but dan forgets and ends up buying a card for them - they send both
  • phil chooses dan’s next hair colour by mixing up a colour on his paint palette
  • a couple of years ago, dan tried to draw phil but it turned out a little wrong so he threw it in the trash - phil took it out and it now hangs up on their bedroom wall much to dan’s embarrassment
  • because dan is afraid of the dark, phil painted little pictures on their bedroom wall in glow in the dark paint - the wall is covered (and so is the ceiling)
  • whenever phil is away, he posts handmade postcards back to the flat to reassure dan - dan keeps all of them hidden in a box in his wardrobe
  • dan hates it when phil sells a piece of art so has been secretly buying each piece and storing it in his parent’s loft
  • whenever they fight, phil makes little origami animals and puts them under dan’s bedroom door
  • phil has journals filled with drawings of dan in various outfits (surrounded with cute doodles of course)
  • phil has his own art shop where dan works in at the weekend in exchange for kisses (dan won’t admit this though)
  • when phil is painting something he likes to wear white t-shirts because he likes to see the colourful splatter marks on them when he finishes

this is actually lauren as chloe from life is strange but i guess u could say its also punk!lauren. either way, enjoy (:.