PT school problems

PT school

It teaches you just how fucked up your body is. You learn that the things you always thought were normal actually aren’t and you have horrible flexibility, do compensatory motions all over the place, and that you’ll be bound to get OA because your shit is just that messed up. Oh and the hours on hours of sitting in classrooms and necessary studying doesn’t exactly give you time to try to work on correcting some of those things.

But I would rather be where I’m at now, sleep deprivation and all, than doing something I don’t love

So remember that whole workshop thing...

Well I ran around the school’s campus looking in all the buildings (3) for this thing and I couldn’t find it. Went on the school’s website to see where the supposed “Hart” building was, maybe on another campus. NOPE. It doesn’t exist.

So now I’ve wasted a few hours waiting around and then looking for this thing when I could have been studying.

Why is it whenever I try to do something the universe is like…