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alright is does anyone else ever have a problem uploading images because 9 times out of 10, once i’ve uploaded the image, i won’t be able to post it and the post will be stuck loading forever

if we are ever invaded by aliens and they wanna destroy earth and whatever thats fine but leave old friends senior dog sanctuary out of it

Look at you, so scared. When did you become this person who fear everyone and everything? When did you started to worry about what they think of you? You can just be you. You can listen to your favorite songs without worry about what the others gonna think. You can stay away from people who don’t add you in anything, but decrease your identity and stole you away from the person you are. You can be all by yourself, if that’s what you want. You can say yes to yourself. You can sing out load and dance until your legs hurt. You can have fun by yourself. You can say what you think, say what you wanna say, since your words don’t hurt anyone, or affect in negative ways, since it’s what you wanna do, since you’re not what they want you to be. Why are you so scared? You deserve better, have to give yourself the better. Don’t let people ruin you. Put your positive energy in things that make yourself confidence and well being better. It’s your life. Don’t wast time waiting for tomorrow to live. Take risks. Say no when you want to say it. Don’t be scared. Be yourself!
  • Jared Leto:i maed u a cookeh :3
  • Director:Aw, how thoughtful!
  • Jared Leto:but i eated it o___O
  • Director:hOoOOoo... HoOoO..... MYGoODNESS i CAN'T EVEN TELL ANYMOre

Jared Leto: