[11/100 days of productivity] 25.9.16

as you can probably tell my 100 days of productivity challenge is not consistent as sometimes I can’t post so this is going to be a slow one omg

anyway here are some notes I made this morning on drug therapies for schizophrenia with my new mildliners! they came yesterday and I have fallen in love with them, definitely my new favourite part of my stationery collection!

today i have also done some homework and biology notes but these were the most aesthetic looking and so decided to post these (the others were hideous i swear!!). i am also at work later so my day will get even more productive!

The Signs as Things My Psych Professor Said
  • Aries:You keep should-ing all over yourself.
  • Taurus:Go ahead Becky: rip my heart out. Go ahead and break the friendship bracelets we made when we were five too.
  • Gemini:At that moment, my first two instincts were to rip off my shirt and punch myself in the face. And I did. So that's why I have new glasses.
  • Cancer:Who the fuck is Martha?
  • Virgo:He (his month old child) makes noises to let us know its time to go to brunch.
  • Libra:You guys can go early, I have to argue with my wife on the phone.
  • Scorpio:Imagine all the brothers and sisters you could have had that ended up in the trash.
  • Sagittarius:Nah man, do it. Be an asshole.
  • Capricorn:Just take your poptarts and netflix and live at the top of a mountain.
  • Aquarius:And I let the dolphin embrace me.
  • Pisces:Through the vigorous act of love making, I infested my wife with a parasite.
The moment you set your foot on the path of liberation, you are apt to find that all your karmic creditors will come to your door. And that’s why it’s often said that people who start out on a serious work of yoga suddenly get sick and lose their money and their best friends drop dead and all kind of ghastly things happen. That’s because they served notice that they were going to do this […] Even if you serve notice privately on yourself that suddenly you’re going to drop it all, already the Devil knows–because who do you think the Devil is?
—  Alan Watts
Synthesis of Models
Children aren’t born with an integrated personality. In the absence of trauma, a child will integrate one coherent self over time as their brain matures and becomes capable of supporting this integration. Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is the result of one sense of self and self history failing to integrate due to trauma. Once an individual has one sufficiently integrated sense of self, this process can’t be reversed and the individual can’t develop DID...

This page explains the origin and development of DID/OSDD-1 in light of neurological, attachment, conditioning, state-dependent learning, and structural dissociation models. It uses this information to stress why DID/OSDD-1 are disorders that can only form as a result of childhood trauma.

anonymous asked:

i don't understand, why are you so aggressive towards psychoanalysis? you say it doesn't work but i can bet there is a ton of people who get good things out of it (where i live, we have public health and yes, we can do psychoanalysis, yes, for free). Junk is being tamed like a wild animal. Long therapies? what about letting the process itself establish that or you need everything solved now now nOW. oh look! it's been 5 sec and this isn't working? lets find another kind of therapy,this rubbish!

I don’t think I’m aggressive towards psychoanalysis. Mostly I don’t think about it. But when people ask questions about it I answer them honestly. 

What I say is- psychoanalysis is less effective compared to other therapies. There is no evidence for the theoretical underpinnings of it. There’s no evidence that it’s effective for most people. The other people are probably experiencing a placebo effect. That’s not good enough for me. I want high quality, high effectiveness, high accessibility therapies for everyone. I am aggressive about that.