Silent Hill Shattered Memories and Origins coming to Vita

Konami has announced that soon Vita owners will be able to get a little bit of horror on the go. Available for £7.99 each, although it isn’t clear whether the two games are simply ports of the existing PSP versions or enhanced versions specifically created for PS Vita; we’ll find out soon enough. 



NOT SURE WHAT TO WRITE BUT *NOSEBLEED* LOOK AT KENT. He’s doing that classic student counsel pose aka i mean business ≖‿≖ The school world looks a lot of fun. It seems both Hakuouki and Amnesia are getting some cute high school stuff. The event CGs look so great.

AND SHIN AND TOMA OMG ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Not to mention Ukyo hot damn. This game looks like it’ll be a lot of fun! I honestly forgot it was for Vita. Thankfully I’m actually getting one this Christmas!


PlayStation 4 “20th Anniversary” Edition

In commemoration of the birthday of the PlayStation 1 (12/03/1994), presenting the 20th anniversary PlayStation 4. Details on how to obtain this very limited edition in any SCE region will be revealed at the PlayStation Experience event…