Silent Hill Shattered Memories and Origins coming to Vita

Konami has announced that soon Vita owners will be able to get a little bit of horror on the go. Available for £7.99 each, although it isn’t clear whether the two games are simply ports of the existing PSP versions or enhanced versions specifically created for PS Vita; we’ll find out soon enough. 


PlayStation 4 “20th Anniversary” Edition

In commemoration of the birthday of the PlayStation 1 (12/03/1994), presenting the 20th anniversary PlayStation 4. Details on how to obtain this very limited edition in any SCE region will be revealed at the PlayStation Experience event…


Vocaloid IA is getting her own music game called IA/VT -Colorful- for PSVITA! The game features 60 songs in total, and includes a lot of popular songs, including Life-Prolonging Treatment (Neru), Lost Time Memory (Jin) and Children Record(Jin)!

Release date is July 31st.