How to Watch the Volcanion Movie

I’ve been privately sending out links to people who want to watch it but I see so many people asking for it now so I guess I might as well share it with the world!

Step 1: Go here

Step 2: Go here and paste the url into the search bar of the proxy site (or if it’s not blocked in your country you can just watch it here, in which case you’re done!)

Step 3: Press enter on the proxy site and enjoy the movie!


I just woke up, and remembered something… thanks to @underswappapy I remembered about an important thing about this fandom.

Not everyone in the undertale roleplaying community is a good person. That’s a fact. Some of them even  enjoy hurting others…

And that’s preciseley what I THINK IT’S SO BAD.

If you are in this fandom, you sure had to play the game, or at the very least whatch some video! Undertale, teaches a few things about morals, about pain, about despair, hopes and dreams!

It taught us that every monster we find… is a monster in problems. I would talk about Sans, but that case is already over used. I will talk… about the rest of the canon characters of this story.

Let’s… start with Papyrus. Papyrus is a loser. Yes, that cinnamon roll everyone cherishes and love, is a poor loser who has no friends and no one but his brother and Undyne cares for him. Such is the extent of this, that he enveloped himself into a narcissistic personality to be able to  withstand that rejection everyday. When you spare Papyrus, you make him get away from that personality, from that enclosure… and says what he really feels, what he had bottled up all this years.

And then….you gain a friend that calls you, and tells you silly stuff everyday. You saved a life, not only sparing them in a game, but you… saved a life that was lost into a swirl of sadness and loneliness.

How great does it sound, right?

Undyne, is a racist. But not a person that makes silly jokes, no. A total, racist. She thoroughly hates humans to the point of despise, without even knowing them.

We…. help her, yes. We help her too… she learns from us that not every human is bad, that there is other way, that killing is not the only way. We taught her that.

 Alphys? Depression, suicide attemps, loneliness, envy, socially inepted, regret, fear,… from my point of view, Alphys is the one with the most problems… in many routes she kills herslf, goddammit! just imagine how… despaired one must be to do that!!!!!

And what about Mettaton? Mettaton has that personality that… well, I don’t knnow how to describe it. He is egocentric, but he DESERVES being egocentric. He risked a lot to have that body, you know? I think that you taught him that he is not the strongest, that he can rely on others, that he SHOULD rely on others. Because I i’m not mistaken… Alphys says that she knows once she finishes mettaton’s body, Metta will stop talking with her definitely. So… you taught him he NEEDS others. 

And Toriel… what about Toriel? She is a tutorial, the dead that less affects how the game proceeds… how sad, isn’t it…? WRONG. Toriel is the most important of this game. She shows you love, when you were being taught about LOVE. She told you that you didn’t need to hurt people, she taught you that… we deserved love, that everyone deserves a hug, that everyone deserves an oportunity, that every fucking one… can be alone, sad, afraid or depressed.


Don’t hurt anybody… don’t… we all suffer, we all bleed… we all cry… we all might need help. 

Because if today you are a dick with people… people won’t be there with you.


I present you VAXUS PAGE with basic info, worldstate, links to more detailed content and finally, tag system.

It should be easier to find things on the blog now, but I am still working on the tag section. Some things are not showing up in the right tags and some tags remains empty because I only plan on filling them later (like fanfiction masterpost and wedding tag).

Screen used on the page were made by amazing @nikashepard <3 

And for the new followers a reminder: read the about section ;)

PSA Because I Can’t Help Myself


Yes, you! The one who occasionally (or frequently) (or never but whatever) goes on RP chatrooms or group messages!

Are you looking for a new roleplaying experience that allows you to watch your character interact with a change a world, and grow over time in a way that’s more obvious? In short, have you ever wished that RPing was a game?

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Yeah, yeah, I’m talking about D&D again, whatever.
Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop pen and paper roleplaying game, and is essentially the inspiration for pretty much every RPG ever released. The writer for the Dark Souls and Bloodborne games literally writes D&D adventures and then converts them into a video game, that’s how important it is. But the key difference between D&D (and Pathfinder and other related pen-and-paper RPGs) and video game RPGs is that, unlike video games, if you’re creative enough, you can do whatever you want. You want to play as a magical girl from an anime? Make a custom class (with help from your trusty DM) and have at it! You wanna play as a gigantic, rage filled warrior? Goliath Barbarian. You wanna play as a god? Okay, you can’t do that because it’s unbalanced but you can get real freaking close. And trust me when I say that characters with weaknesses are more fun anyway. You wanna be a Pokemon master? I would bet money that there is a custom class for that. OH LOOK HERE IT IS: Pokemon Beast Master Custom Class.

As long as you have 

You can do whatever you want! (Provided your DM is okay with it, and if they aren’t they’re a bad DM.) Your characters also have detailed personality as well, which is so important that it’s actually on the stat sheet.

“But D&D is a game for the nerdiest of nerds, the geekiest of geeks!” I hear you say. Well, guess what. Some celebrities that play D&D include:

Dwayne Johnson!

Vin Diesel!

Tim Duncan!

Felicia Day!

Ashley Johnson (voice actress, actress, and singer)

AND MANY MORE (Couldn’t find any WoC, sorry about that)

 So, if you’re interested in playing, visit the D&D Homepage or find your local comic book and game shop to get started.Thank you for reading all the way through! Ask me if you’re interested, as I happen to be a Dungeon Master and so I have a decent knowledge of D&D’s Fifth Edition. Any questions?

Tumblr’s On Blog Advertising

If you are not aware, Tumblr will be implementing an on-blog advertising campaign to join their recent annoying attempts to be profitable despite nearly 10 years as a site come this Thursday, EST. Not that this mod is bitter or anything after years of pinned posts, highlighted posts, audio ads, paid themes (there are plenty of good, free themes), ugly merch, and now this.

While the program has the possibility to earn you, the user, some change, a majority will go to Tumblr. By default, all your blogs and sideblogs have this on, however, you can opt-out. You will need to go into each blog’s settings and toggle it off, which is a pain in the butt if you have a lot of blogs.

The point of this post is to not only let our audience be aware (you should know about the website you’re using and how they are trying to monetize you), but also to let you know that ACMB will not be participating in this advertising program. The work that is on our blog is not our own. It would be unethical on our part to earn money based on someone wanting to see a gallery of Megaman artwork that isn’t ours as we did not purchase it like some museum. Since this blog’s birth we have not used ads to stay afloat and we will not now.

- Admin Omega

pro tip the people who reply to your silly joke headcanon post with five paragraphs on why exactly you’re wrong according to canon are the kind of people who need to take a break and maybe a nap also you can have your funny headcanon not everything has to stick exactly to the source material it’s okay to just have fun

a huge psa && unpopular opinion of mine.

So, I’ve been here on tumblr for 3 years (almost). And to be honest, tumblr became a very toxic place. I’m not happy about it, but this is life && reality. Also, people as well became very sensitive, including me, sadly. 

So what I want to talk about first & foremost: drama. Yes, this words is well known to us all in the worst possible way even thought the word ‘ drama ‘ was a very cool words for me in past, I was always thinking about drama theatre, but now I simply can’t feel comfortable when people say that word, because of what I’ve experience via tumblr and some toxic people (or not even toxic, just people).

Drama is never good. Callout posts are never good. If you have problems with the person: unfollow them or block them. This is the easiest way, to be honest. The easiest and the most peaceful. Let’s say that making a huge deal out of everything is lame and ridiculous. Yeah, there are times when you need to talk about thing, but do it privately, please. You’re not in 5th grade to scream about who hurt you or who is a bad girl. And holy shit, can I just say that using several sentences from a whole conversation and pretending that you’re the victim is not fucking cool.

Why drama is happening? Because either one person is too sensitive and can’t chill or there is a real trouble. I admit that there are times when people can argue, but please chill && do it privately. No one wants to read how you accuse another person when WE — those who read — only know one part of the story and maybe even not a half of the story, but YOUR POINT of view how that person hurt you or said something wrong: you can take sentences out of context, do only two screenshots out of all conversation and make it your ‘ evidence ’. Sadly, the drama / callout posts are also coming from a very popular bloggers, who we can call attention whores or drama queens. I’ve seen many dramas while I was here and every single one was simply awful.

I hate drama. I hate when people scream about ‘ AHHH THEY ATTACKED ME, LET’S CALL THEM OUT AND SAY HOW BAD THEY ARE ‘. This is ridiculous. This is really like a fucking kindergarten show. Or even like ‘ mean girls ‘ ( that i haven’t watched, but still ). This is how drama looks to me: a show, a pathetic show that no one wants to read or experience. Believe me, this makes people more uncomfortable than you can imagine.

Next topic is: people’s relationships on this website. After three years & many toxic communities have appeared, people became rather sensitive and fragile. Once again, in not a good way. I’m not accusing anyone, because I’ve became rather cautious and I have tons of things that started to make me feel uncomfortable or why i’ve became a highly private of selective blog.

Let’s talk about FRIENDS && THEIR RELATIONSHIPS. Why i’m talking about this? Because, once again, due to people’s sensitive behavior — people start to think that they will get hurt. It doesn’t matter from which side, but people simply start to feel anxious or guilty about something — yes, I’m not talking about everyone, but this is what i’ve experienced as well.

It’s one of the most important thing in roleplaying: contacting other people, talk to them and be freaking chill. We’re all HUMANS && we don’t know absolutely everything. I mean, hello, people: we can’t read minds! If something makes you uncomfortable: say it. If you feel like you’re being dragged into something: say it && decline. If you think someone forces you: SAY IT OUT LOUD. Never hold anything back. This is internet. We’re not seeing each other when we’re messaging each other. We don’t know what another person may feel and that’s why we’re saying everything.

Anxieties and mental illness can prevent us from speaking, but please remember: your true friend will never hurt you. If you feel uncomfortable they will understand and apologize. If they’re not — unfollow them or block them. BUT PLEASE, ALWAYS TALK BEFORE UNFOLLOWING OR BLOCKING THE PERSON YOU CONSIDERED AS MUTUAL/YOUR WERE TALKING TO THEM/CONSIDERED THEM AS FRIEND I DON’T EVEN KNOW. This is very important. We can’t read minds! WE CAN’T. This is why we’re talking to each other, messaging each other and playing with each other. This is partnership. This is not a one-sided battle or one-sided game. We’re playing because we want to get to know each other.

Never sit still and bottle things up. I prefer when people talk to me about what makes them feel uncomfortable. I have little common sense, I’m naive and too straightforward. I’ve been used && accused, blacklisted and etc. WITHOUT PEOPLE EVEN TELLING ME WHAT I DID WRONG. I’ve always felt horrible and I’m taking many things close to my heart, but I’ve been like this for three years and it’s not cool. I’m really pissed off.

My last topic is: characters && rping as them. It will be connected to the previous topic (friends) as well. 

GUYS, NO FRIEND WOULD WANT TO HURT YOU IF THEY WANT TO RP AS THE SAME CHARACTER. I mean, come on! We all would like to rp as many characters && there are tons of people who would love to rp with the duplicate. Isn’t it fun? There is so many things to rp as the same characters. It doesn’t mean that YOUR FRIEND is doing it to piss you off or hurt you. This is simply ridiculous! I’m the person who would love to rp with different characters including the duplicates/clones/twins.

 I would never want to hurt or make my friends sad, but please, understand that we may want to rp as the same character, but it doesn’t mean that i hate you or something. THIS IS NOT IT. 

We all choose who we want to rp as. It’s a matter of choice, we’re all humans who want to try out many things! And we — as friends — do not want to hurt each other && only want to take care of each other && have fun, right? Because roleplaying is all about the fun


Feel free to like or reblog. I don’t care tbh. I’m just… tired of all of this. I’m tired of feeling like I’m always fucking up and people simply ACT like they’re friends with me and never tell me what i’m doing wrong or if they feel uncomfortable. This is… just wrong

Thank you for reading this until the end if you did. Sorry for flood your dash with this. 

yoooooo for people who host or reblog art from pixiv and the like

Tumblr is rolling out their new partnership thing where you can put ads on your tumblr to get some sweet sweet dough. The problem? If you host and/or reblog art that is not yours, you may be infringing (also known as freebooting) on the artists, as this would be profiting off of works that are not your own without permission from the artists.

Because tumblr is the only kind of social network site that relies very heavily on the sharing of things (facebook does too… kind of), this thing doesn’t have any notable legal precedent that i’m aware of and I wouldn’t want you guys getting in trouble over this. I’m no lawyer, but I just wanted to PSA this stuff out before something terrible happens.

Well let me revise my thoughts here. So after a bit of thinking and some good thinking by @jazzmasterreissue, the real issue here is moral rather than lawful. Piracy in general is a thing that isn’t fought very well against, because it’s hard to track and hard to argue for. And even if you were to profit from posting massive amounts of pixiv art on your blog and reaping ad space from web traffic, the amount you get for each piece of art is just not worth a lawsuit over. If you are going to turn off your ads, you have to do entirely on the basis of “I want to be a good person today.” So please… just be a good person today.

If you want to turn off your ads, just go to your blog settings here:

Scroll down a bit

and put it to off

Be careful out there kiddos.

Learn more here.