help me immigrate?

hello! i’m an autistic queer/trans immigrant of colour. i have been dealing with various financial issues (link), mainly due to my residency status, 

but: i can finally apply for permanent residency! 

the only problem is that the actual application costs a lot of money. i need $550 for just the initial application processing fee. as explained in the post linked above, i can’t really afford to save up for this right now, so i’m asking for help.

it’s really important that i immigrate because then i could have a less anxiety about living, get free healthcare and be able to get the medical care i’ve been unable to receive, as well as be able to work more, have legal rights, be able to support myself financially, and so many other important things. i would finally be able to start living my life. 

the support i’ve received has meant more than the world to me, and i am so thankful for all of it. i don’t know how to pay back all the love and generosity i’ve received. i hope this will be the last time i have to ask for help, as getting permanent residency would open so many doors for me. i want to make things right for myself, for all the people who believe i can and have helped me because of that belief in me. 

i have a donation button on my blog, or you can donate directly to me at even a dollar helps. if you are uncomfortable, i can do $5 sketches right now. either e-mail or PM me if you are interested in that!

thank you, be gentle with yourself, thank you, thank you

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: I have been hijacked by Serena Campbell and Berenice Wolfe, these two surgeons, equal in every way, that have fallen fully and irreparably in love with one another in a storyline so well crafted and beautifully nuanced that I am finding it difficult to breathe.  Bernie and Serena are deeply complex and the story arc of women in middle age discovering depth and possibility and passion in one another while continuing to remain true to themselves is utterly magnificent. Their concurrent journey of self-discovery, from war, marriage, sacrifice and career, painted against the backdrop of humour, forgiveness, understanding and eventually, heart-stopping need is so painfully perfect that I am currently unable to function except in the most general of ways. These women and the representation they offer along with their searing chemistry and undeniable love for one another have become all consuming.  They are so besotted with one another their love can be seen from space.  The chances that I will ever again be able to cope again with any kind of coherence are iffy at best and until Bernie Wolfe is back safe in Serena Campbell’s arms the most simple of tasks may be difficult to complete. For further instruction on my emotional state for approximately the next six weeks, please see visual aid below.

Creator of incredibly accurate visual aid below is the most excellent @thepurrbutton 😘
psa :: pjiminnie/beemins

as some of you already know, mari deleted her blog yesterday due to frustrating reasons (people asking for updates, etc.) and she has planned to leave tumblr for a while just to clear things up and take a breather. please keep in mind that the blogs with both of mari’s previous urls are taken and are not her, and she does not plan to come back using those two usernames.

additionally, please just STOP asking writers when they’re going to update. the consequence of doing so is exactly this: the stories you urged the author to update gets deleted along with their blog. it’s heartbreaking for her, for me and for all her friends and I’m sure for all of you as well, so please just stop demanding writers to update. you know the end result so why do you still do it? 

again, please keep in mind that none of the people using the urls pjiminnie and beemins are mari, and that she isn’t sure when she will return.

I just want to say something

I like to share stuff I make for my sims, and give back to the community. Nothing I do is original, and I never aim for anything super unique, I just take what EA gives me and I reiterate it to fit my sims’ style. 

If someone has some custom content similar to something I’ve made in the past or has done the exact same thing (ex: isolating those flower crowns)- There is no need to tell me and It doesn’t matter because we’re all sucking from the same maxis teat ♥


Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

Starting on October 1st, I’m hoping to post daily one-shots or drabbles surrounding the Halloween theme. And, just to keep it in the creepy vibe, it’ll be focused on Supernatural. Watch out for all your ghouls and monsters, because Team Free Will will be fighting the month of Halloween! However, you will get a break on Friday’s with the Marvel Smut Event, “Watch and Learn”. In fact, if you click below, you’ll get the sneak peek of the story. Enjoy, my kittens and sirs!

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I don’t think I have anything to add here.

But this was a post in a MM group from a fan because this has gone long enough.

I know Rika gets bashed on a daily basis, but the bashing has gone up non-stop for some reason since yesterday and I kept seeing it all over my FB feed. It’s a damn shame this FB post was taken down because it told off the loud minority what the majority wanted to really say to them.

Gawd, pretty much tells me that the MM fandom has its rotten side. I get that the fandom has a young audience, but it’s honestly annoying when they don’t understand things like this. Makes me wish we have an older audience since the MM characters are adults, after all. No offense.

But honestly. As an Asian and having had my own issues, I can attest that mental illnesses in Asia (and among Asians in general) being stigmatized and a taboo subject to talk about are true.

Yes, I’m aware mental illness isn’t an excuse. No, I don’t condone what Rika did. But I understand why she did so, even if she was mentally unstable when she made her decisions. And anyone who invalidates it is part of the problem.

End of. 

Twice since I’ve been on tumblr, some informative post has introduced me to a new product I hadn’t heard of but actually needed desperately. So I decided to put some of that energy back into the world. 

So I have family in Cincinnati, and so at one point we visited them and tried Graeter’s ice cream. And it ruined ice cream for me forever. Until now, because it’s in grocery stores everywhere now. (My entire family exploded when we learned this).

Maybe you’re thinking “This post is dumb, I [already have an ice cream I like/don’t even care for ice cream that much/don’t trust some rando on tumblr’s opinion on this].”

Let me assuage those fears. 

“I already have an ice cream I like”

Graeter’s is better. It’s so creamy that I sometimes get mad at it, staring at it, willing it to reveal its secrets to me. HOW can it be so creamy? I physically cannot comprehend it. Its flavors are all magnificent. The famous one is black raspberry chocolate chip and it’s the most gourmet shit you could imagine on an ice cream cone, but I’m not sorry to say that my favorite flavor is just chocolate chip, the one in vanilla ice cream. Because the ice cream is so sweet and so flavorful. People hate on vanilla ice cream but that’s because it’s not Graeter’s. 

The real crazy thing about Graeter’s is the chocolate chips, which aren’t chips so much as dark chocolate islands in an ice cream sea. The chocolate is smooth and melts in your mouth and tastes like what the perfect chocolate Roald Dahl described in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sounded like. Instead of putting in regular chips of the stuff, they pour melted chocolate into the ice cream and stir it around to break it up, so the chunks are big and vary in size and sometimes it doesn’t get broken up and you get a GIANT massive chunk of chocolate and thank the Lord. 

“I don’t even care for ice cream that much”

Then you have refined tastes. A lot of ice cream is meh. Try Graeter’s instead. 

“I don’t trust some rando on tumblr’s opinion on this”

Do you trust….Oprah Winfrey?!?!

Seriously, if you ever want to try a pricey pint of the best ice cream in the world, you can get it at most grocery stores and you should fucking DO IT. 

In regards to this post and this post

I have bragged about my friends drawing that and posted her twitter link as a source.

Ever since then, she’s been getting a lot of American/European/Western followers, which is cool and she’s happy and appreciative all that


She sees a lot of ppl just posting someone else’s arts in their twitter account / (or using the art as header/icon without permission) which scares her cause who knows who’s stealing/posting her art without permission now.

Like that’s SUPER OFFENSIVE AND RUDE AND SOMETHING YOU SHOULDN’T DO EVER even if you say that this art isn’t yours, if you don’t have permission from that artist DON’T POST IT

I dunno how many times I’ve stressed that now.

So yeah if you are one of those people who just post art that isn’t yours without thinking and you followed any artists on twitter, my friends, you’ll probably be instantly blocked. There’s Retweet (reblog in tumblr) button there for a reason.


My friend was like super positive about me posting her art on tumblr and I don’t wanna give her the impression that everyone’s like that but she sees it a lot so =/


i am NOT posting any discourse on this blog. at all. ever (except for this little blurb).

this is a safe space, ok? i seeing the fandom described as ‘toxic’ because it just hurts to know that some people see it that way because of dumb people and their discourse.

anyways, no discourse at all here, because I’m not about that life. if you have an issue, IM me or shoot me an ask off-anon. 

also hope you enjoyed my update lol i’m so happy i finally got it out!!!

BIRTHDAY HIATUS      !  (  September 29th - October 2nd  )

All right glitter bombs  !  It’s time for me to make that one post. ( Yes I’m cheesy and made a graphic with our muses sue me ).  As some of you know it’s my birthday September 30th, and I’m going to be spending a whole 4 days with @systemctic​, who actually was with me on my last b-day as well if you’ve been following me long enough and can remember that. 

I will be driving +2 hours to get her and +2 hours to come back tomorrow and then we’re gonna be spending all the time we have doing stuff like : braiding each other’s hair, taking dumb selfies, seeing movies, eating bad food, crying about Peter’s ass and being nerds etc. etc. all the things ya girl dreams of doing tbh which means I cannot guarantee any activity on the blog other than the queue I am going to set up until the end of Sunday. This blog is often way ahead of schedule as far as the queue is concerned. I’m pretty sure that there might be a couple of off days next week while I start a queue that will run smooth ideally until the day I die, jk, kinda. I appreciate everyone’s patience with me with these 70+ threads I’m trying to keep up with somehow. 

I’ll be honest, my irl situation as of late is not that great and my mental health isn’t the greatest so I can safely say that while I want to take this hiatus and spend it with baest™, it’s a needed one too. We might pop up here once a while if we feel like it, maybe cry about the M/agnificent 7 or some random thing, who knows  ?  As much as I wanna share the b-day excitement like last year  ( it was such a blast on here  ! ),  I am not too sure if it’s healthy for me to be here at all due to the exhaustion I feel I can’t describe. I just require space even though I’ve been feeling hella spaced out lately anyway. I need to recharge my batteries.

Once I return I’m gonna change a lot of stuff here, unfollowing sprees, s/kype clear out, format change, conduct change, whatever change, you name it. I will most likely bring back the concept of ‘exclusiveness’ but that’s for another post. If you read this far and are still doing so, you are a real MVP  !  If I get any kind of b-day wish post on here  or on s/kype this Friday, I will respond to all of them after I come back Sunday evening, so I’ll see you then  !


✨Glitter Queen✨

There’s seeming to be an increase in the GRPC in hate lately, myself and my close family here being affected in the worst of ways. This shit is for fun. It’s a stress relief for a lot of us, anxiety relief, and all of this hate is bringing us down as a whole. So let’s make a pact to do something about it. Starting with @rachelberryandco‘s idea to spread love, we [ @smytheandco @mikechangandco and myself @claringtonandco ] challenge you to send at least one positive anon message each day. I myself will be going through my followers list and sending out love. 

Try not to make it generic:

  •  tell the writer something you really loved that you spotted
  • maybe a line that stood out
  • maybe a plot they have going on
  •  but either way, spread love likes legs, and not hate. 
  • If you need more ideas on what to look for, contact any of us tagged in this and we’ll help!

What the world needs now is love sweet love

Let’s put aside our differences of opinions on portrayals of characters, take away the negative comments and replace them with a compliment. It only takes a moment and believe me, kind words goes a long, long way. We challenge you, fellow gleeks to participate with us and spread some love around because this has to stop. Let’s make good decisions, okay?

Bonus: you’ll feel better about yourself!!!