If You Want To Call Out A “Fake” Service Dog Team, Keep One Thing In Mind...

The person may be faking their service dog, but you have no idea whether or not they are faking their illness.

Some people are so unbelievably desperate for something to mitigate their disability, that they make bad decisions. Sometimes they push their SD too far too quickly, and sometimes they don’t wash out soon enough. You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. 

Show some compassion, and understanding. Maybe offer assistance, rather than film them behind their backs so you can post it on the internet to drag them to hell and back again. 

I see so many photos and videos of people mocking “fake” teams, and what surprises me is that not a single person ever offered to help them out. No one thought to say, “hey. Is your SD having a bad day? Is there something I can do to help so your SD can take a break?” 

It’s easy to snap a picture and make a judgement online. It’s a lot harder to help them. 

When Is It Okay To Speak To A Handler About Their Service Dog In Public?

I’ve seen many posts about tumblr on when and how it’s okay to interact with a handler or a Service Dog, so here’s a rundown.

If You’re A Business Owner or Employee (Aka public entity) 

If you’re a public entity and it is not immediately obvious that a dog is a Service Dog, you may ask the handler 1) is that dog a Service Dog and 2) what work or task(s) the Service Dog does. After the handler answers, you must leave them alone.

If that Service Dog is 1) out of control and the handler is not employing effective methods to control it or 2) not housebroken, you may ask for the Service Dog to be removed from the store. After they remove the Service Dog, you must allow them to return to your store if they so choose to continue their business there.

Other than these situations, it is not okay to speak to a handler about their Service Dog.


If You’re A Landlord

Or anyone who rents out housing space, you may ask if the person requesting to live with an Assistance Animals is doing so because of a disability and if that animal is required because of a disability related need.

If the person’s disability is not readily apparent, you may also ask for a reliable document showcasing that person’s disability and their disability related need for an Assistance Animal. You may not ask for an applicant or tenant to provide access to medical records or medical providers or provide detailed or extensive information or documentation of a person’s physical or mental impairments.


If You’re An Employee At An Airline

You may ask for documentation for flights longer than eight hours, that states that the Service Animal will not relieve itself on the plane, or if it does, it will not be in a way that creates health or sanitation issues.

For Psychiatric Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals, you may ask for documentation that is not a year old which states, on the letterhead of a medical professional, (1) The passenger has a mental or emotional disability recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders—Fourth Edition (DSM IV); (2) The passenger needs the emotional support or psychiatric service animal as an accommodation for air travel and/or for activity at the passenger’s destination; (3) The individual providing the assessment is a licensed mental health professional, and the passenger is under his or her professional care; and (4) The date and type of the mental health professional’s license and the state or other jurisdiction in which it was issued.

For Service Animals that are not Psychiatric Service Animals, you may ask for identification that they are a Service Animal. However, you must accept any written documentation, the presence of harnesses, tags, or the credible verbal assurances of a qualified individual with a disability using the animal as this identification.


If You’re An Employer

If you’re an employer, you may ask the handler for documentation or demonstration of the need for the service animal, that the service animal is trained, and that the service animal will not disrupt the workplace. However, this may not be able to come from a medical professional, and if it cannot, you must be open to it coming from other places.


If You’re Part Of The General Public or a Private Citizen

If you’re part of the general public, usually you should not ask a handler anything about their Service Dog. There may be exceptions to this if you’re familiar with the handler or if the handler is obviously welcoming questions about their Service Dog. Many handlers also welcome questions from future handlers that are still part of the general public as well.

If the handler seems hurried, is not making eye contact with anyone or appears tired, do not speak to the handler about their Service Dog at all. This handler is likely out running a quick errand, will have issues speak to strangers in public or plainly just does not want to be bothered.

If the handler expresses that they do not wish to speak to you about their Service Dog, immediately back away and leave the handler alone, even if it is expressed in a somewhat rude or curt manner. Handlers are often approached by strangers about their Service Dogs and it does tax the handler and grow tiresome.

If you are a another handler, a dog trainer or otherwise educated in Service Teams, and you see a team who you 1) think is faking or 2) disagree with tools or techniques they’re using, you do not have the right to bother that team or speak to them. If it is option one, you may speak to the public entity about removing them. If it is option two, you must understand that some teams will share differing opinions and use different tools than you and it is their prerogative to do so. If you bother a Service Dog Team as a private citizen, know that, depending on the words used and the form it takes, it could be considered harassment, slander or otherwise be illegal under Service Dog state laws.

Finally, you may never interact with a Service Dog without its handler’s express permission, no matter what category you fall under. Service Dogs are not pets, but working animals and they cannot be distracted from their jobs. If you have questions or concerns about a Service Dog or are otherwise interested in the dog, you must speak to the handler first.

I hope this helped everyone understand when it is okay to ask a handler about their Service Dog. If you have anymore questions, I’d like to direct you to our FAQ and then our ask box.


A Mental Illness PSA

Hang in there with me.  This one will make sense in the end.

So you know how sometimes filmmakers mix animation and live action?  And there’s a huge variation in how much animation versus live action that is used.  It can be anything from one tiny little detail in a scene that lasts no more than a few seconds to a live action character living in an animated universe to anything in between.  What’s more, there’s just as much variation as to the content of the animation.  It can be unicorns and rainbows or bloody violence.

This is what living with hallucinations is like.  I have a severe mental illness and I have found through many years of life experience that just the fact that I have hallucinations is the scariest part of it to others.  There is the perpetual assumption that what hallucinations means is always an live action character living in an animated world that’s filled with bloody violence.  Nope.  Mine’s much more on the end of one little detail for a few seconds and while not unicorns and rainbows, it’s a long way from bloody violence.

Because of society at large’s assumptions about the nature of hallucinations, people don’t ask what it’s like very often.  They just back away and run really fast.  What’s more, every mental illness that comes with hallucinations tends to have their own things that the hallucinations revolve around.  I’m not a paranoid schizophrenic.  So I’ve never had a paranoid schizophrenic hallucination.  This means I’ve never hallucinated about conspiracy theories or anything in relation to violence to others.  And I never will because I’m not a paranoid schizophrenic.

My techincal, full length diagnosis is severe bipolar, level four, with psychosis, rapid cycling (although I may be on the line for the rapid cycling now and qualify for a slow cycle.  Not sure, and I don’t really care), interepisodic remission, with social phobia and ptsd as mitigating conditions.  I generally just say I’m bipolar.  Have I hallucinated voices?  Yep.  And the only thing they’ve ever said to me is my own name.  I try to find who’s saying it, as would anyone who heard their own name being called.  Annoying, but a long way from scary.  Just annoying.

Mostly my auditory hallucinations involve things like door knocking or my cell phone alerts or music.  A whole lot of music.  And it’s always pretty damn amusing because it’s out of place music.  Like one time riding the light rail through town, seated across the aisle from this young gentleman who was probably a fan of rap….but I heard Beethoven’s 9th Symphony coming from his headphones.  I hallucinate classical and opera a lot.  A wierd amount of opera.  But again, it’s a long way from scary.  Well, some people may find O Fortuna a little scary.  But I think it’s rad as shit.

I have visual hallucinations too. (Well, I have smell ones too, but those are things like the smell of bacon and cinnamon rolls.)  Let’s see… shortly before my dad’s death, my hallucinations for that episode all focused around birds.  My dad was a pilot and always said if he was an animal, he’d be a bird.  So yes, I believe my mind was telling me something.  It was the only time I’ve ever had them focused on birds.  But still, not scary.  Things like seeing a real morning dove flying with a not real copper wire coming from it’s head.  

I hallucinate dogs pretty regularly.  Not scary dogs.  Just dogs wandering around late at night.  I hallucinate bubbles of light coming off of security lights or street lights.  All pretty harmless stuff.  Do I have some that are at times a little disturbing?  Yep.  When I’m severely depressed and heavily suicidal, it does happen.  But it’s regular, expected, and I know how to deal with it.  I hallucinate blood streaming out of my wrists.  My trick to deal with it—I put on long sleeves.  Not exactly that big of a deal, is it?

So please, if someone you know has hallucinations, ask them what it’s like.  Because there’s a strong likelihood that it’s not like what you may be assuming.  And it’s a massive relief to actually be able to talk about it honestly and openly.  It’s a comfort to know it’s safe to actually say what’s going on.  Don’t assume that it’s all a live action character in a cartoon world or bloody violence.  Because for the majority of us who have them, it’s not.


Ask questions about your ships, that is totally fine. BUT ALSO ASK THE ACTORS ABOUT THE CHARACTERS AND THE PLOT AND HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT THE ACTUAL STORY. While the representation the ships bring us is AMAZING, it’s the actors that make these characters come to life. They work SO damn hard and they deserve their recognition❤️

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With the semester ending, I’ve just been piled with school work. Plus, I’ve got so much stuff happening IRL at once and just- aahguidh.

In the mean time, please accept this quick, midnight doodle of Ringmaster. I promise I will work more on this AU in the near future. Bear with me, pls- ;;]


I’m Freddy, and running a blog that is welcoming to everyone is important to me. I pass by much more OPM content on my dash every day than I actually reblog.

We all experience fandom in different ways. The stuff I share is content that resonates with me, because I think it’s funny or insightful or interesting. And sometimes the stuff that resonates with me deals with gender. Because that’s part of my fandom experience.

I know these issues aren’t interesting to some of you, that some of you you follow a fandom blog to avoid heavy shit. Please, just know that my intent is always to connect with other people who love these characters as much as I do. Please, trust that I have a pretty good barometer on what you guys want to see, generally. If I post something that I know won’t connect with a bunch of you, it is probably because I know it will REALLY connect for a few of you.

I don’t risk the fun we are having here for no good reason. I’m having too much of a good time with all of you to do that.


Hey there my children! (Idgaf if you’re older you are my child) I’m trying to make an epic comeback with my grades and also my mental health so I’m going to be going on a full hiatus. I honestly don’t want to, with Fairy Tail getting so interesting again. But I don’t really have a choice. I’ll be back as soon as I can! My leave starts after tonight.

I needed this blog for a time, but it was never going to be a permanent thing. I never imagined how attached I would get to it, committed to writing and the lovely readers it drew in. But all good things must come to an end. And now, this blog has reached its end. I will not be deleting this blog because I’ve chronicled just about ten months of my life on it, but I need to start writing for myself again. I need my writing to become mine again, and only mine. I will still have my inbox open and messages open, so if any of you ever want to talk, I’ll be here :) I hope each and every one of you know how special you are. You are all lovely, and I hope you have a lovely life because you deserve it xx
—  10:44pm thoughts// part 2 of 2, the final post on @digressing-paths

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Let’s talk about tags

A lot of arguments have come about due to claims like: “You’re in my tag!!” “No, yOU’RE in MY tag!!!” when sometimes, this isn’t even true.

The method of breaking up a word with an asterisk * or a slash / has been adopted to prevent the post from coming up in the “tag,” presumed to contain everything that so much as contains the word in question.

But that’s not true. It doesn’t come up in the tag unless you actually tag it that. Just mentioning it in the post is not enough. Let me show you the difference.

This is the search. Everything that so much as mentions the key word ends up here:

If you just type a word into the Tumblr search bar, it brings you to the search. What it assumes is that you’re searching for anything that mentions the word. Even if it’s tagged as, for example, anti re/ylo, it will show up if you just search re/ylo because the word is mentioned in the post. Just because it comes up in the search doesn’t mean the person intentionally put it there or tagged it that.

This is the actual tag. It’s where things that you have tagged end up:

It looks very different from the search, doesn’t it? In fact, it basically looks like your dashboard.


Small note, Tumblr only registers the first five tags on a post. The post will not show up in anything after the first five tags.

So let’s say you tag a post as: star wars, tfa, the force awakens, star wars the force awakens, star wars vii, resistance trio, rey, poe dameron, finn

That’s cool, except as far as tags are concerned, it will only show up in the star wars, tfa, the force awakens, star wars the force awakens, and star wars vii tags. The last tags, which contain the characters’ names, will not contain the post. If you went to the rey tag, your post would not be there.

Just something to keep in mind when tagging posts.


Alright, back to the search vs. tag issue. Here’s an easy way to tell whether you’re in the tag or the search: look at the URL.

Again, the search will show all posts containing the key word (s):

While the tag will contain only posts tagged as the key word(s):

‘Well what about mobile?’ you may ask. That’s easy. It all depends on what you put in the search bar.

This will bring you to the search:

While this will bring you to the tag:

Hope this helps clear some things up.


You guys, please, never tell someone with a mental illness that they will get over it and it’s just a phase or they’re overthinking. Mental illnesses are a real thing and it bothers me so much when people say they are not. Please don’t deny them, just be there for the people that have them when they need someone.

This has been said before but
If you’re under 18, don’t post nudes.

Even possessing nude photos of yourself is a crime if you’re under 18. It’s considered child pornography & you can be labeled as a sex offender.

Posting it is even worse because it’s considered distribution of child pornography.

Anyone under 18 should not be photographed in a sexual context because they’re too young to consent to that.
If someone else is found with your nude photos, they can also be charged.

Be careful.

Hey, guys, thank you for participating in this Alphyne Week!

I really appreciate all of your submissions towards this challenge. It means a lot to me, even if there isn’t as much hype surrounding the challenge as there used to be (and I really wish more people could participate…)

Anyway, uh, now onto other notices…

Did you find that it was a lot more helpful for you/easy on you when I announced the challenge ten days before it was to start? I made sure that you guys got some time to prepare whatever you wanted to submit for the week.

And is there anything else I can do to make this challenge even better? Please send an ask if you have any suggestions!