FYI I never, ever reblog anything with “I see you not reblogging this” or “reblog this or you’re shit/racist/not a feminist/transphobic” because emotional manipulation like that is abusive shit and I refuse to accept it.


So don’t do it.

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manip made by xyz

In an ideal world every manip would be posted like this. For the love of everything precious in this world, can you please not only tag your manip but put it in the description? Not just the little X as the original source, because tumblr mobile and non mobile version have been crap lately and I cannot see links just please please please consider it because people misunderstand it, they think it’s real then in a blink of an eye everyone thinks it’s real, and it’s such an effort to let people know that it’s only a manip. Please, manip makers! I’m practically begging you!

Thank you!

Potential Windows 10 upgrade fix?

So I’ve heard that some people have had bad experiences with upgrading to Windows 10. Namely, the computer just refused to boot after the thing restarted during the upgrade, a sign that their hard drives were probably nuked to hell.

Well, this just happened to my dad.

But, not all was what it seemed! I think the upgrade messed with some crucial partition table stuff and just made it look like all was lost. But after digging in with a recovery tool, it turned out that the drive wasn’t wiped and the upgrade was merely unfinished.

Perhaps the same happened to those people or anyone you know.

If your computer refused to boot up after restarting once for the upgrade to Windows 10, this might help you out.

  1. Download the Media Creation Tool for Windows 10 for your architecture. System Info should tell you if you’re on 32-bit or 64-bit.
  2. Run the MCT and select “Create installation media for another PC” and click “Next.”
  3. Choose your language, any edition (you’re not installing anything) and your architecture.
  4. Have an empty flash drive ready and plug it in. Select “USB flash drive” and select your flash drive on the next screen. After that, a W10 installation file will download onto your drive.
  5. When that’s done, take the flash drive and plug it into the plagued computer and turn that on. Some may boot automatically into the USB drive, or require a keystroke to show a boot menu (F12 in my case). If you get a boot menu up, look for the option labeled USB and select it.
  6. When booted into the USB drive, a Windows 10 installation screen will pop up. Select your language and continue. Do not click “Install now”. Instead, click on “Repair your computer.”
  7. In the “Choose an option” screen, click on “Use another operating system.” It should be there if all is well. If not, then RIP.
  8. Finally, click on “Windows 10.” Or “Windows Rollback” if you figured all of this was just plain old ridiculous.

Voila! The upgrade should resume and the world has not ended! (and you also have a neat recovery flash drive in case other things go awry.)


Surprise, it’s a video!


Hi! My name’s Alexander and I am a small, homeschooled 10th grader whos laptop is deteriorating as the days go by. I’ve been meaning to look into jobs but that seems almost useless now that it’s August and I’d have very little time to work during the schoolyear. So, I figured, why not try to make some money with the skill ive been developping for 6.5 years?

My art style’s developped a lot since the last time I’ve had my art tablet, so I don’t have a lot of digital drawings that are good examples of how I draw now. I did the above drawing today, and some of the recent traditional drawings in my art tag can give you a good example as to how I draw now.

What I’m offering is drawings of your fav characters, OCs, or even yourself or your friends/significant others! Basically like the free OC drawings I did last week, only more detailed and expensive.

I need to get… you ready for this?… $1,000 for my new laptop. I want a laptop that I’ll actually feel like taking care of, so I’m opting to buy one of the newer Macbooks. Because I’m an apple fanboy.

I take payment via Amazon Gift Card services, and I’ll be posting all art to my Deviantart account as a security measure (in case my family asks to see where I’m posting the art). 

If you’d like to request a commission, please contact me via my askbox! If you have any questions about my willingness to branch beyond what I have listed, I’d be happy to take a look at what you need and see if I can do it!

I should say, too, that I won’t be taking commissions for:

  • NSFW drawings (this includes nudity)
  • Animals (I will draw them to a certain extent, but 50% human 50% nonhuman is as far as I’ll go)
  • Anything that looks like a gundam or transformer or anything of the sort (humanoid robots are cool, basically, but anything else robotic is something i cant do!)

As stated above, any questions can be directed to my ask box.

If you can’t buy a drawing, please at least boost this! I need a new laptop, and the faster I get commissions means the less chance my laptop has of breaking on me before I can get all the money I need!

it’s 2am. and i shudder. it is now that i remember why i loved you so. and why i couldn’t let you go. and why beneath my skin, paper wings still flutter, broken scraps of old love letters, but still lovely just the same. i save them like wishes, but i can’t blow them off their stems, too afraid they’ll fly in the wind and forever be forgotten. so they’ll be kept in the back of my mind and formed into prayers for only God to hear. so at least someone will know all that i had hoped for and why i am left empty. it’s too late and i shudder and i hold my breath because my soul is more open now than ever before.
—  c.h.
In regards to submissions

We’ve changed the submission system so you’re only allowed to submit links or text.  We in Bulbagarden believe that credit and views should go to the original artist and not this blog. Therefore our policy of reblogging from the original source continues and is reinforced this way.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration. 

Apparently I’ve pissed ksi/sidemen fans off with a text post from a few days ago and I just wanna say that that post was written after reading a discussion about his comments about Theodora, combined with my Jaspar trashness. I didn’t know he paid off his parents debt, which is a pretty decent thing to do when you make as much money as he does. Good for him, I still can’t make myself like him because he’s disgustingly sexist and has said horrible things about Joe’s sister as well as Caspar’s, and I personally don’t find his sense of humor funny. Idk, I didn’t come here to make sidemen fans happy or to start drama with them, I came here to be a sad Jaspar fangirl and if you don’t like that, avoid my blog :) have a nice day

blondeksi deansvoluptuouslips


So I have come across multiple people talking shit about jack and calling him trash and whatnot and it’s ridiculous. Saying he is a creep and that he needs to grow up is uncalled for?? He makes dick jokes?? Oh my god lets call him trash for it. No. He goes out drinking and having fun?? We must crucify him!!
No. Shut the fuck up. Why can’t he be himself and be happy? Don’t act like you’re all mature like you have never made a goddamn dick joke. Now hop off you’re fucking high horse and continue blogging.

One Last Chance: Please Read

I’m disappointed. With myself, and the majority of tumblr users as of yesterday.

Do you know why staff gets away with the shit they do? Why they can do updates like this latest one and get away with it?

We stop fighting them. After just a day, all the anger, all the desire to fight, it was gone, because someone made a “fix”. They made an update for New XKit, and completely forgot about it.

And I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed of my followers who became complacent, and I’m ashamed of myself for almost becoming a part of that. Because there are many users who don’t have the simple XKit fix, either because their computers can’t handle it, or some other reason. Like a good friend - nay, I say my family member. She can’t roleplay with the tumblr format, and her computer can’t handle a program like XKit. And even then, she’s just as angry as I am that the tumblr users stopped fighting.

I’m probably going to give the staff about a week to remove/edit this update. After that - well, if the family I’ve built leaves, I’ll be leaving, too.

So, if you care at all about the Queen, about me, the users that can’t just “get by”, or at the very least about your own sense of pride, don’t stop fighting. Spread this message, and continue spreading the others.


A PSA! If any of you are reblogging things from the tumblr user “themazerunnerdays”, everything they post is a repost and doesn’t actually belong to them, it is not their original content.

Everything you find on their blog can either be found on the tmredit or tstedit tag! Or a tmr fan blog!

I remember mazerun posting something about this! But people are still reblogging from them. Please find the proper source and reblog from the original owner.

Things I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older: A PSA

Being a good friend does not mean hating someone because your friend hates them.

It’s natural to be angry at someone if they’ve hurt someone you love, either intentionally or accidentally. But loving your friend doesn’t mean you have to treat every slight against them like a war crime, or to believe that they’re always in the right whenever there’s drama.

Remember that, or you might find yourself looking back years later with shame at the times you were a jerk to perfectly nice, innocent people because you happened to be friends with someone who attracted drama and held grudges over minor things.