PSA - HarryTourDateS!

I’m going to set up a “Tour Date dating agency blog” tomorrow to match people looking for other gig goers and ticket buyers.

I have seen lots of asks now from people going alone, maybe not sure if they can/want to go alone, help with ticket buying in a foreign country etc.
Also for people to meet up other people from and for the gig they are going to! Hopefully we can match like-minded people, help each other out and create a bit of great new friendships :)


Because I’ve seen a lot of reposting happen recently, I feel like somethig should be said.

Dont steal/repost peoples edits and/or gifs!

I cant make gifs and i know depending on what or how much you edit, they can take a lot of time and effort to make and its an awful feeling when you see people steal your creations.

If you want to use them in edits or aesthetics always ask the creators first and if they say yes, only then can you use it.

If I use a gif or someones image theyve created, I ask if I can use it and I always credit them when I post whatever I’ve done.

Just think about the people who’ve created them first. Think about how they’d feel.

Imagine it was yourself. Imagine if you spent 2 hours making an amazing edit, you watermarked it and posted it to tumblr and it gets about 100 notes. Now imagine that someone else has reposted it, deleted the watermark, re uploaded it and a YouTuber/popular blog reblogged it and it end up wih hundred maybe thousands of notes?

If it happened to me I would be pissed off but also Id be devastated.

So please don’t repost other peoples creations.

This has been a PSA


PSA: people who care about you can be abusive. people who apologize after the fact and recognize they were abusive doesn’t mean it wasn’t traumatic and horrible for you. on the flip side, people who care about you and DON’T recognize they were abusive are still abusive.

caring about someone, apologizing to them, or ignorance don’t excuse the abuse and don’t make it any less upsetting/traumatic.

Hey, everybody, before we get started, I’d like to sit down and have a chat with you all, to give an apology and an explanation.  These are not excuses–all of this was well within my control, I just let myself…go, rather than retaking control of my life over these past couple months.

I suffer from serious depression and ADHD, and my doctors are pretty certain that I’m bi-polar.  Due to a variety of things that happened a couple months ago, I wound up going off my meds, and…well, I’m sure my almost nonexistent presence on here since then has spoken for itself.  I’ve been having a pretty bad time emotionally, which has translated into not being able to get myself to work on the blog, because I insist on bringing my A-game when I do this.

As a result, I’ve been broke, ashamed, and going through that shame-neglecting work-shame-neglecting work vicious cycle, and it’s just been getting worse and worse.  I’m in the process of dragging myself out of my downward spiral–I have an appointment with my doctor’s office on May 22nd, which was the earliest they could work me in, to get back on my meds, and here I am today, starting an episode.  We’re gonna be doing something different over the next few days, and I wanted to give you all fair warning as I start this.

I’m behind on my rent.  This isn’t a good situation to be in, even with a landlady as awesome as mine is.  I’m going to be changing up something I’ve set down as a structural rule back when I started my Patreon–I’m going to be trying to do two episodes per day for the next three days, and charging individually for each of them.  It’s a monetary emergency, and I need to do this or I won’t be able to pay my rent.  It’s my own damn fault for not doing this earlier, but this is the best option I have available to me right now.  If any of you want to cap your monthly pledge, go for it!  Six episodes is less than I usually intend to do in a month anyways, but I wanted to warn you guys about what I’m about to do, as it’s only fair.

Anyways, that’s the heavy stuff out of the way!  Let’s get to some steebens!

The user @lazulicons is reposting AND editing fanarts without the consent of the artists and any credits for them!!

They posted from different artists who didn’t allow any reposts of their works!

To give some example, for the YOI fandom, they have edited works from artists like @Gearous , @15_tonno @ammeja , @sasakura34 ect…..

For the Haikyuu!! fandom, they edited/reposted from @viria , @kandismon , @yxxns , @kittlekrattle , @ceejles ect….

For the Naruto fandom, arts come from @Sartika30912 @nipye , @shigegigi ect…

And it concerns many other fandoms as well like Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Ghoul, Voltron, Attack of Titan, BNHA, SU…..

Of course, we have tried to contact them but they have replied negatively to our request and blocked us then. And since we have linked them some artist pages with “ Do not repost ” written clearly on this, there is no way now they don’t know they’re doing something wrong.

They do it for likes and don’t care at all about the artists.

Please don’t support this blog and block the user to not reblog any unauthorized reposts!

Do not support reposts, respect the artists and encourage them on their pages!

Check our PSA tag for more blogs warnings



Yes, what they endured is absolutely a part of them, is a part of their past and an explanation to how and why they act as they do later in life. But you know what it doesn’t do? It doesn’t make it okay for you to make that ALL the character is. People are MORE than their abuse. The abuse doesn’t define a person’s entire being, doesn’t encompass everything that they are, and by you playing it as such is incredibly insulting. 

Not only that, but by encouraging such behavior, by constantly putting them through horrible shit and PLAYING IT OUT is borderline sadistic and its gross. Angst is fine and dandy… everybody does it, everybody has angst that they place their muse through. BUT. 


Considering it as such is immensely insulting and demeaning. 


Hey kids, I shouldn’t have to say this but please be aware that omegaverse is inherently homophobic and transphobic and omegaverse content will never not be disgusting. You may think you can do it in a way that’s “good” but the reality is that the very foundation of omegaverse is built around homophobic ideas about gay men (that they’re predatory, animalistic and can’t control themselves sexually, that our relationships always fit into some heteronormative dominant masc/submissive fem dynamic, that gay sex is equivalent to rape) and transphobic ideas about bodies and how those interact with gender and temperament (instead of acknowledging that there are men who can get pregnant and attempting to treat the subject respectfully, creating a new set of genders and a totally nonsensical new system of human biology to accommodate your fetishism that is, again, based on homophobic and frankly also misogynistic stereotypes). Gay relationships are real, they’re not fantastical playthings for you to impose homophobic norms on uncritically. Omegaverse is awful. Seeking it out is awful. Creating content for it is extra awful. Again, no matter how well you think you’re doing it, it doesn’t matter because it is, by definition, awful. If you create/consume OV content, you need to either self crit or realize that this makes you a homophobe and a transphobe, point blank, and I for one am not going to cut you any slack.

Additional note: omegaverse is often abbreviated “abo” but this is a strong racial slur in Australian English, so it should be avoided. OV works just as well.

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about my 100 inquisitor giveaway challenge thing and like…i feel like it might be time to quietly just kind of call it a failure. The idea of starting it up again and doing ten more portraits at a time five times over is just so overwhelming, considering that when I started it over a year ago, a portrait took between 20-30 minutes, and now i take upwards of several hours per piece. 

It’s hard to justify the time spent when I could be putting that towards paying work or working on my own artwork and fanfics. I ended up with 46 portraits, which is still a lot of free artwork. 

I do want to host another giveaway, since next month is my birthday I might time that to coincide with it! I feel like dropping the project will give me more freedom to host other fun stuff more often. 

About the Screening of the Musical Episode

–Part of me wants to say I’ll stay away from spoilers so that I’ll be able to watch the OUAT musical and the CS wedding without being spoiled.

–The other (and, let’s be honest, the larger) part of me is laughing hysterically at that notion, because spoilers are totally my thing.  I’m the “read the end of the book first” type.  If a spoiler is out there, it’s going to be next to impossible not to seek it out.

–Rest assured #NoSpoilers side of the CS fandom.  I promise to be hyper-vigilant about tagging anything that even remotely resembles a spoiler.  If I decide to go ahead and be spoiled, I’ll use the following tags: #ouat spoilers #6x20 a song in your heart #ouat musical.  Blacklist accordingly.

(But…here’s the thing, though I promise to tag everything accordingly, once the information is out there, it’s out there.  Once people start talking about spoilers, it’s almost inevitable that someone will forget to tag, tag in a way you haven’t blacklisted, or have Tumblr mess things up so that spoilers get through anyway.  Blacklist is your friend, but if seeing any spoilers at all is going to greatly upset you, it might be a good idea to step away from social media once the screening has occurred.)

exclusives / mains call!

i need to update my current list because it is so outdated and some blogs either aren’t a) active b) exist c) we haven’t written. if you’re interested in this, hit me up! we have to have had some sort of interaction to consider this, either ic or ooc. 

thank you!

A lil psa

Hey y'all! Hope your day is going well so far. 

 Really quick, I wanted to thank you guys for following me again. I also wanted to remind everyone that I used to run pink-ink-slinger. I’m only mentioning this because I’ve noticed some followers who unfollowed my old blog because they didn’t care for me (or my writing) too much. 

Just giving you the heads up that ain’t nothing changed.

A Note

I’m not ready to turn anon back on yet. Last night I was so numb to everything that I thought I’d be fine, but I woke up this morning and was still shell-shocked and hurting, so even though I’m on tumblr I’m just not emotionally ready to turn my anon feature back on. I’ve never had to turn it off before, so this bothers me. As of right now I’m thinking I’m going to keep it off for the weekend (I’m going camping tomorrow and I don’t want to come back on Sunday to a box full of anons). 

Yesterday was a wild ride. I lost over 30 followers. I was called ridiculous and arrogant and a number of other things by too many people to count. I can’t even go look at my own blog right now. 

Thanks to all those who sent encouraging notes. It really did help. And if you still want to talk, my ask box is open. Just not anon. 

I love my followers and have invested a lot in this fandom, so yesterday was a lot to deal with. But I’m resting and moving on and just looking to get to next week.

Just a little PSA. I am the literal worst about talking to people until I get to know them. I feel like I am missing out on so many writing partners/plots because I just won’t pop into their inbox. All because I feel like my ideas might not be good enough, I have NO ideas, or they have already done that plot 67 times. If it’s not as hard for you to approach people as it is me then will you please just pop in and chat with me so we can get to know each other. I want those amazing rp relationships everyone else seems to have. I want that main partner who feels extremely excited when I get online. Scream at me from the rooftops if you would like to write with me. Knock down my door with phenomenal enthusiasm and i will most likely love you forever.