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‘THE LAST GUARDIAN’ Finally Coming Out in 2016, Gameplay Trailer Released!


‘BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT’ “Scarecrow Nightmare” Trailer Released!


Destiny: The Taken King PS4 Exclusive Content

The Jade Rabbit Scout Rifle

The moon-dwelling Jade Rabbit of yore is made manifest in this adorably deadly exotic scout rifle. Sporting a 13-shot magazine and a sniper-like scope, the Jade Rabbit is a lethal combination of kinetic power and long-range accuracy.

Titan Armor Set: 


Built to honor the Hesperonauts, the first human astronauts to land on Venus, the Hespero armor is built to withstand excruciating heat and pressure. Don it to remember the Golden Age of peace and exploration.

Warlock Armor Set:


The millennia-long search for true alchemy ends with the Warlock. Bend the infinitesimal mysteries of matter and energy to your will.

Hunter Armor Set:


Neuroghast armor enables a perfect union of mind and body, through the interface of lightweight fieldweave, transcranial sensoria and cytogel exowiring. Become an elite assassin with all the power of both machine and man.

One Crucible Map:


Once a part of the mighty Cosmodrome wall, Sector 618 fell long ago to the Fallen House of Devils. Now reclaimed by the City, the beams and walkways of the wall’s interior are in dangerous disrepair—thus, an ideal location for the Crucible’s grueling games.

One Strike:


The Vex have laid siege to time itself. Attempting to unravel your once-decisive victory against Sekrion (from the Destiny strike, “The Nexus”), the Vex are constructing a time bridge to call the Nexus Mind from the past in order to execute a terrible future.

*All timed exclusives until Fall of 2016

Nolan North Claims The Last Of Us 2 Is In Development

by Dale Morgan

Nolan North has claimed that Naughty Dog is working on a sequel to The Last of Us. The comment was made during a panel talk held at Metrocon 2015, which a member of the audience recorded and subsequently uploaded to Youtube. North is currently working with Naughty Dog on Uncharted 4, reprising

This might sound really ignorant & I apologize for that

But when I get Until Dawn, I’m making it my personal mission to keep the blonde girl, black guy, & Asian girl alive because those are the main three types of people who die first in horror movies. gonna defy those status quo’s.