Love To All My Friends: Happy Valentine’s Day
❤ 14 February 2017 ❤

Bikes, bacon & eggs, coffee, muscle therapy…that’s love. Happy Valentines Day to my hubby. 🚲🍳☕💓

We set out on early this morning because I wanted to get in some extra hills. I was feeling strong and was rewarded with a batch of Strava PRs, including The Water Tower and The Boulevard. I was so excited. 💪😅👍💃

The weather is so steamy; we were literally dripping. The weather has been crazy. There is still a lot of rainfall throughout the state, with the regional areas hit hard; severe flooding, roads and bridges washed away, rivers bursting their banks, communities isolated, one man swept to his death, another missing. On the East Coast they’re battling heat and fires. 🌊☔☁💧


Photos of the Day: Alter Bridge (“Fortress” Tour) — Rams Head Live! — April 21st, 2014 [x]

If you’re seeing this on the evening of February 10th, 2017, between 9–11pm EST, it means I’m seeing Alter Bridge for the second time EVER, right now! I’ll be posting my photo teasers daily, as per usual with these types of live events, until the photoset (and probably a new “Highly-Biased” review to go along with it!) is completed. LET’S DO THIS!!!


Modelo: 2015 Multi-foil LTD Solo se han fabricado 15 unidades. Se han fabricado como tributo a Gustavo Cerati, famoso guitarrista, cantante y compositor latinoamericano. El tocó durante años una PRS Standard Multifoil como principal guitarra para grabación y directo. Es nuestra intención rendir tributo y decir gracias por usar la PRS Standard Multi-foil durante esos años como su principal guitarra de grabación y directo. Las últimas palabras que Gustavo pronunció tras la despedida de “Soda Stereo” en Argentina: “Gracias Totales.” Paul Smith rinde tributo autografiando esas palabras en la tapa trasera de la guitarra junto su con su firma. Esta guitarra esta pintada en el estilo del Multimetal/Foil que usaba Gustavo. Es la misma PRS con diseño retro pero con una bocanada moderna. La electrónica del instrumento es la misma: HFS/Vintage bass pickup, volumen, interruptor Sweet-switch rotatorio de 5 posiciones. En la placa que cubre el alma del mástil pone “2015 Multifoil LTD”