Dear @officialvoltageotome

The thing called rumor by you comes from official financial statement Q1 page 7

English source - Japanese source

On this page

This session is about Japanese app

恋アプ F2P is an abbreviation of “Free-to-Play”, we often call as social app

恋アプ P2P is an abbreviation of “Pay-to-Play”, we often call as paid app

There are 2 incorrect in English version in this screenshot:

1. スイートルームで悪戯なキス (reading as Sui-to Ru-mu Itarazu na Kiss)

スイートルーム  = “a suite” in English

If you want to write it as romaji, Sweet is not a proper although it also can be read as “sweet”

Sui-to room is implying Eisuke’s and the bidders’ suite in the game.

2. in Japanese version, the app title is  スイートルームで悪戯なキス

in English version, the app title is Sweet room de itarazu na kiss (love trap)

スイートルームで悪戯なキス Love trap is this game

and it’s not P2P, it’s F2P game. You don’t even understand your product line.

You say this is a rumor, 

For the Japanese version, I have a big question with Voltage INC financial report, no one can trust Voltage financial report in the past and in the future. 

If you declare English version has an incorrect translation, I have a doubt with the qualification of your translation team. 

If you declare your statement which is on Tumblr recently is correct (image below)


That means: Voltage financial statement was incorrect and shareholders in Japan and Overseas will never trust your company and financial statement.

If you declare this is an incorrect individual translation, I will question why a company allows this incorrect information, where is your proof-reader. Don’t blame it on an individual staff again

If you are going to be lying about your products to your customers, userbase, and INVESTORS, what is the point of supporting your company? .

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— 6 March 2016 —

Working on my AP Psych homework~
I used ARC lined paper from Staples, a plastic ruler I got from Target, my dark green and light green triplus Staedtler pens, my green Mildliner, and a green Stabilo pen.
Obviously I stuck to a green theme, which is all I see out of my window anyway~

And I just noticed the lines aren’t straight. Darn.