I am tired. Didn’t realize how much baggage was under my eyes. Then I quadrupled the amount.

It’s been fun seeing all the pics from Snark. Hope all y'all are having a blast.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying all of your non-Snark posts too!!!

So yeah, I know I am going to sound jealous, NO I’M JUST PISSED.

I have this “friend” that just got married to this woman after only DATING her for maybe 5 months.  Unfortunately for me, I am “friends” with him on facebook, of all fucking places, and as of Saturday he has been positing all this cheesy, make you want to go jump off of the nearest and tallest tree/building things…

Anyways back to the point I was making.  I really would have liked to post this up on my facebook page and ask him if there was by any chance a reason why he “cough cough” rushed into this marriage (I may still post it, who knows.  I like playing the Devils advocate), but as of now I am being nice.

Sorry for those of you who have stumbled across this post, it was just better for me to post it here than on facebook where I would have most of my hometown at my throat (like I should really fucking care what they fucking think).