Merlin: Merlin and Arthur are best friends! 

Supernatural: Dean and Castiel have a profound bond!

Sherlock: John and Sherlock are partners for life! 

Gotham: lol yeah so Oswald definitely loves Ed, here’s him practicing his confession while Ed buys wine for their dinner date. 



I tried to do a roundup of as many Jotaro character blogs as I could find, and then tried to draw each Jotaro in the style of the blogger.

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Yare yare daze… have you ever seen so much nautical nonsense in your life?

I don’t know why tumblr is pixelating it. X( If you open the picture in a new window you can see the whole thing clearly.

i’ve seen asian ppl bring up a melon bowl haircut that they apparently suffered through as kids which reminds me of the Latinx Bangs. alternatively the gelled back ponytail. childhood staples.


The USC Trojans Exy Team

“Neil thought he finally understood how the USC Trojans had won the Day Spirit Award eight consecutive years. That trophy was intended for the best sports in the game and required a unanimous vote from the ERC. The Trojans had never gotten a red card and never been caught on camera saying something rude about an opponent.” (The King’s Men, 2014)