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um um omg I'm so awkward but if ur taking requests how about. peggy and nat discussing the lengths of Steve's stupidity and sighing resignedly

okay so I figured the setting for this would be before civil war and Natasha needs a better edge on Steve so naturally

…but then five minutes later…

…and even later…

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Please help me survive

So almost a year ago I moved out from my mother’s house and moved in with my boyfriend to a small flat. Meanwhile my mom lost her job due to medical reasons. My boyfriend earns minimum wage and I don’t work because of school but we somehow manage to live a pretty average life. Eventually we moved into another flat with two of our friends (another couple). It was going fine with boys working a lot and us focusing on school and side jobs.


As always life has to get bad when it’s going fine. Boys are working as security guards but the company they work for is changing and apparently they fire all actual cast and hire their own people. They didn’t know about it until it somehow leaked and got to their ears. Now the problem is that they won’t be able to pay the rent and bills, and finding a job here isn’t that easy. They have two weeks to find another job or else we’re going to end on streets.

Now all I ask for is anything to help us pay at least another month so they could have more time and actually find a new job.

I never ever imagined myself asking something like that, but I’m looking for every possible help now.

The goal is 2000PLN which is 450 EUR or 350 GBP. Even if I won’t get that amout literally every grosz/cent/penny is precious!

I made a PayPal account especially for that and I’m not sure if my e-mail is enough but there it is:

I would really really really appreciate any help and if you can’t pay or don’t have any money PLEASE REBLOG so others could notice!

I never faced that kind of situation in my short life and I am scared. Please help. And thank you very much for even reading this.