April 30, 2016- The official portrait from King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 70th birthday banquet 


February 16, 2017 || New photos of the Norwegian Royal Family have been released on the occasion of King Harald’s 80th birthday on 21 February.


Princess Märtha Louise is following Princess Madeleine’s and Christopher O’Neill’s footsteps. During Wednesday night the Norwegian princess was in Stockholm participating in the Swedish-Norwegian talk show Skavlan. The program will be broadcasted on Friday, February 10, at 21.00 on BBC1. According to an eyewitness who was present during the shooting, Märtha Louise really opened on herself and told them openly about life as a princess and how she is feeling after the divorce from Ari Behn.

Source: Svensk Damtidning


On 10 June 2016, His Majesty King Harald V visited Huseby camp for annual inspection of his Guard. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon was also in attendance.

The inspection usually takes place in June or July every year. Hundreds of guardsmen stood lined up when the King and the Crown Prince arrived in Huseby. The King began the inspection with the greeting “Good day, Guards!” And got “Good morning, Lord King!” In response.



17 April 2006: Baptism of Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway

“Ingrid Alexandra is born as the first female heir apparent in our more than thousand year old monarchy. Many will say as I: That was about time.” said King Harald in a speech at his granddaughter and goddaughter Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s christening.

“A new heir to the throne is carried to the baptismal,” said Bishop Gunnar Stålsett. “A new page has been added to our history.”

Ingrid Alexandra was christened by Bishop Gunnar Stålsett in the chapel of the Royal Palace on 17 April 2004. Her paternal grandfather King Harald V, her aunt Princess Märtha Louise, Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Felipe, Prince of Asturias, and her maternal grandmother Marit Tjessem were her godparents. The Crown Prince of Denmark and The Prince of Asturias were unable to attend the christening due to their respective weddings scheduled to occur within a month of the christening. Afterwards the royal family brought the baby out onto the balcony of the palace, where they were cheered by hundreds of well-wishers. A local gospel choir meanwhile sang a specially-composed song, entitled Welcome To The World Our Princess.


70th birthday anniversaries of King Harald V and Queen Sonja in 2007

First photo: Extended family and members of other Royal families on gather on King Harald’s 70th birthday, 21 February 2007.
Second photo: Heads of state on King Harald’s 70th birthday.
Third photo: Heirs and Hieresses on King Harald’s 70th birthday.
Fourth photo: Extended family and members of other Royal families on gather on Queen’s 70th birthday, 4 July 2007.

There are many who are affected when a marriage dissolves. It is painful and sad - also for us standing around. We are pleased to have Ari and are grateful for all that we as a family have experienced together. We also want a good relationship with Ari in the future.
—  King Harald and Queen Sonja on the seperation of Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn