“I think Edward Lane Fox is really hot and I love his fashion style. He should definitely give some advice to Harry on this matter. I hope he’ll work for a long time with Harry. Both of them are doing a phenomenal job. Keep up Hot Ginge and Foxy.” - Submitted by Anonymous

Chapter Eighty Seven

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“so that’s a wrap on the first leg.” Harry announced, dropping down in his seat, looking up at me. “yea and the start of another.” I chuckled, leaning down to peck his lips.

“where are you going?” he asked, pulling on my hand as I tried to walk away. “I’m going to get ready for our arrival,” I explained.

“mm.” he muttered, pulling me back and across his lap. “you do realise that the press is just down the plane right?” I questioned, wrapping my arms around his neck with a chuckle.  

“I don’t care.” He muttered against my lips. “have I told you how proud I am?” he asked, holding my face between his hands, our heads resting against one another.

“yea.” I snorted, “like a hundred times.” I chuckled, nudging his nose. “but I assure you if you weren’t here with me, I wouldn’t be doing such a good job.” I explained.

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