Duke and Duchess of Cambridge +Prince Harry will attend a private service on Saturday to re-dedicate the grave of Diana, Princess of Wales. The re-dedication of Diana’s grave – on what would have been her 56th birthday – will be conducted by @JustinWelby. Kensington Palace is stressing that the re-dedication of Diana’s grave will be a private service. Prince Charles will not attend the  re-dedication of his ex-wife’s grave. He will be in Canada with the Duchess of Cornwall. Prince George and Princess Charlotte will attend the re-dedication of Diana’s grave. Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer and her sisters are also expected to attend the service. Officials say they’ve made public a private service because it’s the 20th ann of Diana’s death and it would be difficult to keep it secret.
—  @BBCPeterHunt
William, Kate and Harry will attend a private service to re-dedicate the grave of Diana, Princess of Wales at Althorp House on Saturday. The service, which will fall on what would have been the Princess’s birthday, will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Prince George and Princess Charlotte will join their parents along with members of Diana’s family including Earl Spencer and her sisters.
—  Duchess Kate Blog on Twitter
Chapter Seventy

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“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”

Harry chuckled and squirmed under the cover at the sound of Emmy’s voice, hiding himself from her excitement.

“Happy birthday dear Harry-” She wacked him, trying to get his attention. “Happy birthday to youuuuuu…” She dragged out the last note, then pouted. “Harry, it’s not every day I sing to you, you could at least appreciate it!”

“I do, I do,” he said, emerging and grinning. “Just promise me you’re not going to sing again today, alright?”
“Ugh, is this to do with that weird problem you have with getting old?” she said, rolling her eyes. 
“You’re 21, you’re fine,” he said. “Me? I’m 32. Thirty-two! I mean, I better start preparing for my mid-life crisis.”

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Chapter twenty five

The past few months for Harry and Rebecca had been really good. They spent a lot of time together, but they also worked separately on different projects they each had going on.

Rebecca had spent some time becoming a bigger part of London society. She had also really improved the royal families approval ratings mostly by giving them a softer more hard working image. It was like she lit a fire inside Harry he had already worked more than he did all of last year and William and Kate quickly followed his suit.

Rebecca has been attending dinner parties as Harry’s date and doing a lot of her own charity work. The queen had also been invited Rebecca to attend many official events. Sadly she wasn’t allowed to attend the Trooping of the Colours. But she did go to the family dinner that took place after the ceremony.

She would be attending the royal ascot this week as Prince Harry’s date.

Rebecca looked at Harry as they rode in a carriage for the parade on day one of the ascot.

Harry turned to see her looking at him. “You look so lovely.” He said.

“Thank you.” she said looking into his eyes for a second before turning her attention back to the people standing to the sides of the parade route. She waved at a young girl.

“Once the carriage had come to a stop Rebecca and Harry made their way out and into the middle of the parade ring to stand with the rest of the family.

On top of the regular ceremony they also had a moment of silence for the recent tragedies.

After that the family made their way to the royal box where they would watch today’s races from.

"Harry did you make any bets?” William asked as they set down and got comfortable.

“Yes actually I did.” Harry told William with a smile.

“I still can’t believe he bought a bloody horse.” Charles said joining the conversation.

“Rebecca did you have horses growing up?” The queen asked.

“Oh god granny don’t get her started.” Harry said joking.

Rebecca ignored Harry. “Yeah we had horses. I love to ride.” She told Elizabeth.

“But she freaked out when I bought one.” Harry said with a grin.

“Well I think it wasn’t the right time for you to buy a horse.” Rebecca said looking at him with a smile.

“Rebecca is right Harry you need a new house. I would say I could give you one as a wedding present, but who knows when you’ll finally decide to do that.” The queen said joking with Harry.

“I’ve been looking it’s just hard to find the right place.” Harry said to them.

“Well don’t make the girl wait forever. When we get back to London I will have someone send over a file of different properties on our estates and houses that have a history in our family.” The queen said with a smile.

“And I will help you look find the right one for you. I remember going through all those files when William and I were picking a house.” Kate said to Rebecca.

“I’m going to go out on the deck to watch the race. Will do you want to go with me?” Harry said looking at William as he stood from his seat.

“Of course.” William said standing and following Harry out to the deck.

When Harry watched the horse he had bought cross the finish line in first place he was completely overjoyed.

“Oh my god.” Rebecca said smiling as she stood next to Harry.

“My horse won.” He said before pulling Rebecca in and giving her a kiss. Rebecca held on to her hat so it wouldn’t fall off.

Harry and Rebecca made their way down to see the horse as it came off the field.

“Can I get your picture with the horse?” A photographer asked them.

“Of course.” Harry said as he and Rebecca moved in closer to stand with the horse and jockey. They smiled at the camera as he took the picture.

“Thank you.” The man said before moving on.

“Rebecca this is our jockey, Mike. Mike this is my girlfriend Rebecca.” Harry said introducing Becca and the jockey.

“Nice to meet you.” Mike said as he and Rebecca shook hands.

“You too, And congratulations you did a great job out there.” Rebecca said to Mike as they started walking with the horse.

“Oh no ma'am I can’t take the credit. It was all coup.” Mike said patting the horse, Coup de champ.

“Mike, Rebecca and I need to go. But I’ll come see you later.” Harry said.

“Okay no problem. I’ll talk to you later.” Mike said shaking Harry’s hand. Then Harry and Rebecca turned and started walking the other way.

“Your royal highness, may I just get a few words from you about the race your horse won?” A reporter asked.

“Yeah just real quick though. We are in a hurry.” Harry said walking over to the man.

“Okay. Well you must be feeling very proud.” The reporter said wanting Harry to elaborate on that.

“Yes. You know I bought the horse just recently so this was our first major race together, and I truly couldn’t be more happy with how he performed.” Harry said giving the reporter exactly what he wanted.

“Is this the only racehorse you own?” The reporter asked as he wrote in a small note book.

“It is the only racehorse I own completely. But I do own stake in a few others.” Harry told the man. “I really must get going now.”

“No problem thank you so much, and congratulations on the win.” The reporter said to Harry.

“Thank you.” Harry said before he and Rebecca started walking away.

Harry watched Rebecca as they walked to one of the tents. She walked so effortlessly through the grass. He caught up so he was walking right beside her.

“Have I ever told you how good you look walking in heels.” Harry said with a playful smirk while giving her ass a quick squeeze.

“Ten cameras just got that picture.” Rebecca said looking at Harry.

“I don’t care baby, I love you so much.” He said taking her hand in his.

“I love you too” she said looking up at him.

When they got to the tent they talked to a few different people before finding William and Kate.

“I assume you two are about to sneak off.” Harry said to them.

“Trying to. Are you two staying all week?” William asked Harry.

“Yeah, but don’t worry Rebecca bought you a birthday gift and it will be delivered to your house.” Harry said with a smile.

“Oh thank you. You really didn’t have to.” William said to Rebecca.

“Oh but she did. She does not let a birthday go by with out sending something.” Harry said looking over at Rebecca with a grin.

“Harry when are you going to marry this woman?” William asked looking over at his brother with a small laugh.

“As soon as she stops wasting money on buying people gifts.” Harry said joking with Rebecca.

“Quit being mean to her.” Kate said.

“Oh our car is ready.” William said as he was signaled by security.

“Well we will call you tomorrow. But happy birthday.” Harry said giving William a hug.

“Thank you.” William said as the hug broke then he turned to Rebecca and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Happy birthday.” Rebecca said to William.

“Thanks.” Will said.

“And I will see you when we get back to London to find a house.” Rebecca said to Kate.

“Yes just text me the day you want to start.” Kate said and then they left.

Rebecca and Harry had fun with their friends and family at the races for the week. Rebecca looked beautiful everyday and the were featured on every website and magazine.

Rebecca’s Outfit

Prince Harry hosted former President Barack Obama today at Kensington Palace.  They discussed support for veterans, mental health, conservation, empowering young people and the work of their respective foundations. Barack Obama  also offered his condolences to the victims of the Manchester attack and support for those recovering from injuries.

Slytherin things:

It is not unheard of to, now and then, come across a Slytherin sitting, seemingly oblivious to the three or more Hufflepuffs using them as a pillow or post.  This is a combination of Hufflepuff and Slytherin house dynamics: a Slytherins tendency to get lost in their thoughts and Hufflepuffs being golden retrievers in human form.

My mother had just died, and I had to walk a long way behind her coffin, surrounded by thousands of people watching me while millions more did on television. I don’t think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances. I don’t think it would happen today.
—  Prince Harry on the torture of walking behind Princess Diana’s casket on live TV in front of the entire world.