“I wanted to understand why people always attack Kate, Meghan, anyway, the women because they are unemployed, gold diggers, wannabe, unclassy …. What about MEN? Did not they “choose”? Dont they have the mental capacity to choose a proper and sincere wife? Are they innocent and defenseless and easy to manipulate? William is unemployed, Harry lives from luxury, has naked pictures, smoking, drinking, but the women who are always thrown into the fire. Feminism for what?“ - Submitted by Anonymous

Chapter 35 Part One

A/N: Ok everyone! First off I apologize for all of the late replies, work has been insanely busy but I finally have time for myself so figured I would write for you guys! This is a two part series and part two will be posted TOMORROW as early as I can! I hope you enjoy these chapters. Please don’t hate me, and as always your feedback is important to me and thank you for reading!

“What?” Harry’s eyes drifted to the woman staring up at him as she silently sat in the passenger seat.

Addy’s lips gently formed a warm smile holding the prince’s gaze hostage. “Nothing Henry…” She continued to keep her eyes on Harry as he turned his attention back to the road ahead of them.

All she wanted to do was tell him about Jake; what she had recently found out about him.  A part of her knew he would already be upset with her having not told him a word about the flowers she had been receiving from her ex-boyfriend, let alone his proposal. Yet a small voice inside of her head convinced her otherwise that now was not the time to do so.

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anonymous asked:

so you think harry is a bad royal for sticking up for the women he loves? just like william did with Kate? Like Harry has done some great work with HIV and the Invictus games, his royal work should matter and not anything else.

“so you think harry is a bad royal for sticking up for the women he loves?” Ummm no? Never said or implied that was why I didn’t like him, nor have I said he’s a bad Royal. You seem like a very angry little person and it is clearly having an impact on your ability to read basic English sentences so I’ll spell it out as simply as I can. I do hope you have the ability to read it: I don’t like Harry as a royal anymore because of his insensitive, dangerous, egotistical, out of touch comments. You seem to be taking this incredibly personally and I would recommend unclenching and finding a hobby which doesn’t make you so rude :)

This is probably my favorite thing from today. Meghan was in duchess mode, continuing to talk to the people even after Harry had finished, and he had to wait on her. And when she was done, he grabbed her hand, and walked off together with his woman like it was the most normal, comfortable thing in the world for him to do. They’re going to do GREAT together, I can already tell.