The Rings in YoI ep 10

So it has been brought to my attention by the wonderful @wolfsflei that Yuuri only actually buys 1 ring at the shop in Barcelona. If we check the price of the ring on his receipt, not only does it say 1 ring (”Wedding Ring” might I add) but the price (if we also add + tax) roughly matches up to the price tags we can see of the rings in the glass cases.

So by this knowledge we can extrapolate that they did not get both rings here.

Let me drill the message home with some images.

Yuuri did not know this was coming. Victor had this ring prepared in advance and what surprised him was that Yuuri actually beat him to the punch. They were both honestly thinking of surprising each other with a proposal. I feel like this revelation just makes this scene a million times more meaningful because it shows that they were both thinking of the same thing without even the need for a discussion – that all they both want to just move forward with their lives together.


Philly’s “pay what you can” restaurant offers new solution to food insecurity

  • 22% of all Philadelphians are food insecure. 
  • Enter EAT (Everyone At the Table) Café, a nonprofit, pay-what-you-wish cafe that opened in West Philadelphia in late October.
  • On the menu: three courses, including soup or salad, a hearty entree with a side and dessert, as well as a hot or cold beverage. 
  • Guests can pay the suggested price of the check, less, more (as a donation) or nothing at all. Read more

So this is the opposite of fuck customers.

I work at a toy store so since it’s after Christmas we have TONS of people coming in with their kids and gift cards! Most people limit their kids to what’s on the gift card bc that’s their present, others for financial reasons.

This boy (like 7) showed his mother this really cute sonic plush and asked for it, so they came over to me to price check it since i wasn’t busy, but since it was big it was like 40$. He only had a gift card for 25$ and his mom said they couldn’t afford it. Fast forward to when I was ringing them up. He found a smaller tails plush so he seemed okay. Just as they paid, one of my coworkers from the register next to me walked up with a bag with the sonic plush in it and offered it to the lady. She sort of just “We didn’t pay for that.” To which he responded he knew, but some gentleman did and told him to give it to her son on their way out. My heart melted a bit at the look on both their faces. And the guy who bought it didn’t even stay. He bought it and left it for them without looking for gratitude or anything. That was the sweetest thing I’ve seen so far while working there.

My New Commission Prices

I keep reblogging my old prices but, I’ve changed my prices on other sites a forever ago so here I go

$10 for a Bust

$20 for a full body

$30 for a colored full body or just +$10 to add color to anything

+$5 for details (anything you think might take me a little longer to draw)

$60 for a 5 character Style challenge 

Toss your order in my inbox! 

I use paypal but if you have a debit/credit card, you can still commission me



Hey everyone! I’m nearing the final stretch of getting the last bit of money together for MFF, so I’m putting out more adoptables! I tried something new with these ones. Since I don’t USUALLY like horses, I tried making some horse-like unicorn/qilin critters in ways that I’d enjoy.

The tags indicate the price each design is going for. The first two are priced a little higher due to taking a little longer than the others. For another $15, I’ll throw in an icon for your design too if you want ($5 off regular price)!

Check my Adoptables page to see if the design you want is still available. My contact email and TOS are also listed there.  (The remaining Candy Chameleons are listed there too.)

Thanks so much for your help!



My mother got a serious (health) issue so I’m opening commissions to help her. Since this is an emergency I’ll be grateful if this is reblogged.

You can also check more on my ART TAG or TWITTER

Just send me a PM if you are interested or need more information ‘w’ !


- Hentai, Mecha

EDIT: About Yaoi or Yuri

I don’t have problems drawing Yuri or Yaoi genres as long as you can describe how do you want it, I don’t have too much imagination for it so your description will be a lot of help!

  • Be specific and try to write understandably please, I’m not very good at English.
  • Send a half of the money either directly or send it all after I draw and send you the sketch. (I send the sketch via e-mail or PM)
  • PAYING: Paypal (, Western Union or deposit directly on my bank account (be free to ask it via PM!)

So my coworker handled this unfortunate woman, but I got to take over and do the fun part. I walk over, and my coworker (we’ll call her A) has a few fish, including one of our larger koi, bagged for someone. People usually have the sense to check the price of the fish before we catch it and bag it, but not this lady. She begins to insist that this fish is $7.99. Now, we carry 3" koi, and 5-6" koi. It’s usually pretty easy to tell 3 inches from 6. The 5-6" are $15.99.

So this lady tells A and I that a “woman manager” told her this specific fish was $7.99 a few days ago. Bingo, this fish wasn’t here a few days ago. I just got it in. I ask what the managers name was. She doesn’t know. I shoot my only female manager a text. She’s the GM, and she would never tell someone the wrong price. Another bingo!

As I’m telling her I can’t sell her the fish for 50% off cause someone that doesn’t exist told her the wrong price, the story changes. Now it was a young male manager who said this? We ain’t got any young managers! Three bingos in a row?! This woman is on a roll.

I take her bagged, obviously 6" fish, and float in its tank since it’s been out for around 15 minutes of my somewhat pleasant, now ruined, evening. This is a good cue to her that she’s not getting the fish for the price she wants it at. Ma'am, I know I’m younger than you, but I’m not an idiot. Don’t try to scam me for live animals.

My manager who was on register finds me and informs me after failed con artist has left that she complained that I “always give her a hard time when she’s in the store”. I’ve never seen this woman before. Must of confused me for one of the coworkers that don’t exist :/


Hey guys! Just rediscovered my Paypal account, and since money is a little worryingly tight I thought I’d offer some CUTE MONSTER GIRL COMMISSIONS!

So check the pricing screen up there, and email me with the title of your pricing tier (monster girl suggestion/ suggestion + boobies/ hyper specific request) at

The artistic quality is the same across all tiers! It’s just the amount of detail you wish to include that adds to the price!

I’ve got 0 slots open!

  1. Annika Silverstein (The Miskatonic)
  2. Snake/ Conan the Barbarian Girl
  3. Nenette Stonewright
  4. Big booty imp girl
  5. Buxom Goo Girl
  6. Big booty Incubus Boy
  7. Charlotte LeStrange
  8. Vicky Redd
  9. Cat Girl
  10. Zombie Girl
  11. Amelia Lynn Luceat
  12. Moira Ler
  13. Little Webby
  14. Busty Spider Girl
  15. Marina 
  16. Vampire Girl
  17. Victoria Reddler (The Miskatonic)
  18. Horned Rat Demon Girl
  19. Kalumiya
  20. Pointy Toothed Demon Girl
  21. Cow Girl drinking milk

Thanks guys!

anonymous asked:

We were unbelievably short staffed for the rush of phone calls and people we all of a sudden had today. Most people were understanding. But this one bitch(thankfully said she was never coming back)She was bitching so much while I waited for a price check on her dog food(it rang up right) that every time she opened her mouth to say something a coworker on another register turned conference calling on on all the phones so every time she opened her mouth a dial tone drained her out til she stopped.

starbucks ?????

all i want is that matte black travel mug with a straw 😫
one location: i was standing in front of the shelf with all the travel mugs on it and the manager came up to me and asked if i needed any help. i just asked her to help me reach the matte black one on top so i could check the price. then she left and continued doing inventory (i think ? she had a clipboard lol) and checking the temperature of the foods cooler etc etc.
second location: the non-holiday themed travel mugs were on a shelf in a back corner of the room, kind of close to the cashiers. however, i noticed there was a camera RIGHT ABOVE the shelf and if the cashier wasn’t busy, they could easily turn their head and see me at that shelf.