In America, education has become a prize for people who have already won. Those with money, connections, and access to technology travel a path that starts with private preschools, continues through SAT tutors and exorbitant enrichment activities, and culminates in college that costs more than the national median income. Washington University in St. Louis, for example, charges $63,373 in tuition, room and board, with tuition alone costing $47,300. (The next step for the children of the educated class is an unpaid internship or expensive and required graduate school degree, a grown-up sequel to the pay-to-play childhood.) By contrast, most American families struggle with a lack of early childcare options, subpar and underfunded public schools, after school jobs for teenagers meant to pay household bills, and massive university debt. There are two tiers and the divide begins not with the child’s ability, but with his or her parents’ income.
—  Generations Left Behind - Sarah Kendzior

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“One who lives and runs away, lives to fight another day! You bunch can die for nothing if you want…I’m outta here!”

Prestige’s kind reproduces by budding so it has no gender. What you see at the bottom is it’s natural form, with the human male being the body it starts the story out in. Prestige’s entire race are basically sentient parasites. It can heavily warp/compress/expand itself and burrow into it’s host and embed itself before taking over all bodily functions. It can eject from the host at any time, but it’s got a 50% fatality rate on the victim. It can survive outside a host but doesn’t prefer it since it’s extremely delicate and frail. It hops bodies several times in the story to avoid danger, and is a self-professed “professional coward”. 

It was labeled as a traitor and exiled from the world of Bravado.