Walmart Thought the Idea of a Woman President Was Against Its ‘Family Values’

The scene at the DNC Tuesday night. (Photo: Getty Images)

Receipts. That was a big theme last week, with Kim Kardashian exposing Taylor Swift; Melania Trump, um, borrowing more than a few lines from Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech; and the drama between makeup moguls Kat Von D and Jeffree Star. Now Walmart is the latest to be exposed for its questionable ways, thanks to one professor with a long memory and, well, receipts. 

Professor Nick Kapur tweeted excerpts from a 1995 Associated Press article published in the Tuscaloosa News about a Walmart store in Miami pulling a T-shirt from shelves. Why? Because they featured “Dennis the Menace” character Margaret, and read, “Someday a woman will be president.” 

The shirt in question. (Photo: Etsy)

According to the article, the store nixed the shirt after a lone customer complained about it. The woman who designed the shirts, Ann Moliver Ruben, noted that a buyer for Walmart told her that the shirt “goes against Walmart’s family values.” (Because the only part of the White House a woman belongs in is the kitchen, amirite? Ugh.)

Ruben, a Florida-based psychologist said she designed the shirt to have a positive message for young girls. Thankfully, the shirt was later put back on the shelves after a backlash from women’s groups. 

Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton became the first woman in American history to be nominated for president by a major political party. The Walmart of 1995 might be oh so offended at such a historical occasion, but that’s the great thing about society moving forward: We can look back on the past and realize just how dumb we were — and how far we’ve come.

UPDATE: Danit Marquardt, Director of Corporate Communications at WalMart contacted us with the following statement: “Wow, it still pains us that we made this mistake 20 years ago.  We’re proud of the fact that our country – and our company – has made so much progress in advancing women in the workplace, and in society.”


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GRANOLA 4 has launched!

The voyage continues with the fourth issue of GRANOLA ever, and the second collection released in 2016. Welcome aboard! 

A little leaner in pages at 32 pulpy planes, but just as nutritious in content (if not more so), GRANOLA 4 features the works of: 

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PaizoCon 2016 was superb. I continue to be amazed how few people are aware of this convention. Perhaps this is by design, because this show remains small enough to maintain this wonderfully intimate environment. This is particularly impressive given the number of RPG luminaries present. Even for an inexperienced Pathfinder Society player such as myself, PaizoCon was wonderful.

For starters, look at the bountiful swag bag. Never before have I received one of such value and quality. Furthermore, I pulled some great minis (including a clockwork golem).

I only attended two of the four days. Sunday afternoon to evening and the very end of Monday. Alas, I did not have time to play any actual Pathfinder. However, the show schedule was also brimming with activities and events that did not involve dice rolling.

First stop was the Paizo Store. Quite the selection, practically any Paizo product you can think of. I was amazed to see booster packs from every Pathfinder miniature set (with the exception of the original Heroes & Monsters series). Other publishers were present as well, in addition to individual authors and artists. I saw a lot of great works and products. Ultimately, I invested in a miniature booster and a 4e print from artist Raven Mimura.

I attended two spectacular panels, Running Evil Campaigns and Freelancing for Kobold Press. Unfortunately, I arrived too late to catch How to Diversify Your Game. It was encouraging nonetheless to see it on the schedule. Per usual, Paizo is helping lead the charge in gaming diversity and inclusion.

I would like to reiterate how great a setting PaizoCon is. It is a very casual and relaxed convention where many prominent Pathfinder content producers are present and approachable. This convention really shows Paizo’s appreciation for their fans.

I cannot talk about PaizoCon without endorsing the annual Miniatures Trading Afterparty. An event that is totally free and does not require a badge. Under the leadership of Erik Mona, people gather post-con in the hotel bar for a mighty mini trade exchange. Why just look at the glorious haul I left with:

The Trading Afterparty is a must attend, as is PaizoCon itself. I am excited to return, dice in hand for 2017!

anonymous asked:

are you traditionally published or self published? i'm self published and often feel a little embarrassed about it.

Now I own Where Are You Press and I publish my collections through there. I also have two books out the Andrews McMeel, a much larger and established publisher. 

But that’s now that I’ve earned a reputation and I’ve been doing this for awhile. 3 years ago I quit my job and started writing full time when I could afford to live off the proceeds of a book I self-published. And by self-published, I mean I got it printed it at Fed-Ex and then hand-sewed the spine of each book with Dental Floss or embroidery thread and sold them on Etsy. 

My point is don’t be embarrassed to believe in your own work or make a name for yourself. Shout your name from the mountains until people shout it for you. Rupi Kaur is 23, phenomenally talented, one of the best selling poets in the world, and that all started when she self-published her first book after establishing her following online. There’s no shame in that route anymore.

anonymous asked:

“Sleep” with stony please?

So, I accidentally pressed publish before I could even finish the prompt so I had to quickly delete it and put on here!  Here is the fluff and I hope you do enjoy! <3

Tony entered their bedroom at around 3:00 AM in the morning, eyes hooded from tiredness as his feet dragged against the soft carpet. He had just pulled another 48 hour session in the workshop and with Steve’s kisses and convincing tone, he promised that he would be in bed by at least midnight.

Midnight had come and gone but it was to be expected since Tony had gotten a breakthrough with his project and he didn’t want to lose it. So after jotting and laying everything out, he decided that it was time to slow down and crash for the next 24 hours.

As he neared the bed, a trail of clothes followed him as he stumbled out of his jeans and wiggled out of his shirt. If Steve was awake right now, his disapproving stare would be on show but Tony couldn’t be bothered to be tidy. He was just so tired and wanted to snuggle up in bed with Steve, wanting to nuzzle into his warmth for as long as he could.

It didn’t take long for him to climb into bed before letting out a soft sigh of content as he sank into the mattress. The duvet settled over his shoulders, providing him a nice cocoon and he nuzzled into his pillow, his eyes about to slip close when-

When he caught sight of Steve.

Steve looked so peaceful when he was asleep and the sight of him warmed Tony to his very core. He was the picture of innocence with his hair all mussed and his eyes closed, long lashes brushing against the top of his cheeks. His lips were slightly parted, puffs of air escaping and he just looked so oblivious to the world. 

Tony smiled softly as his gaze stayed on him, reaching out a hand to brush back a few strands of hair to strayed to Steve’s forehead. He then ran his fingers through the sun kissed locks, his heart almost bursting as Steve leaned into the touch, his lips curving into a light smile.

This was how Steve deserved to be at all times. He deserved to be peaceful and calm, resting happily as his mind wasn’t riddled with nightmares. 



Disruptor is a Risograph-printed zine that follows DIY, punk, and hardcore through photography and storytelling. It is designed, photographed, and written by Lucas Reif, printed by Cold Cube Press, and published by Good Person Recordings. The goal of Disruptor is to explore interesting and important music, art, people, and spaces. The following images are from Disruptor Issue One, which was released in Spring 2016. If you are interested in ordering a copy of Disruptor, please contact Lucas at

°Not long for the second issue to come out, wait for it!!

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New thing I learned today

Selling a self-published print book through Barnes & Noble is a complete rip off. They only want to offer you 55% royalties and then the cost of production comes out of YOUR royalties, so while they’re sitting fat and happy on 45% of your book money, you get 55% - the cost of production which, for a reasonably priced book, is about 50% of the price.

Example: a 350 page hardcover book costs $11.97 to print. So, assuming it’s priced at $19.99 which is already a little steep, the author would earn $10.99 - $11.97 which is impossible so basically overprice your book at like $25 so you can actually make like $1.50 on each book sale goodbye

Brave Boy World Anthology is Accepting ‘Transman’ Sci-Fi Stories - Pays $100/story

Pink Narcissus (est. 2010), an LGBTQ-friendly small press which publishes themes of alternative sexuality, is accepting submissions for Brave Boy World, a planned “transman anthology” of sci-fi stories wherein the main character is a transgender male.

Transgender writers or cisgender writers who are mindful of the trans experience are encouraged to submit. The editor welcomes hard or soft science fiction stories.

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Here’s a complete list of the panels, signings, events and happenings comiXology is participating in this year at Comic-Con International ’16:

Thursday, 7/21/16


11:30-12:30pm – Marguerite Bennett signing Comic Book All Stars SDCC Exclusive Trading Card giveaway at comiXology booth #2547

12:00pm-1:00pm The ComiXologist Traveling Podcast Party – Room: Neil Morgan Auditorium, San Diego Central Public Library

Speakers: Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine, Young Avengers), and Hope Nicholson (Publisher Bedside Press)

Moderated by: Tia Vasiliou and Matt Kolowski (The comiXologist Podcast Crew)

1:00-2:00pm – Tsutomu Nihei signing Comic Book All Stars SDCC Exclusive Trading Card giveaway at comiXology booth #2547

2:30pm-3:30pm – ComiXology Ask Me Anything – Room: 8

Speakers: David Steinberger (comiXology co-founder and CEO), Chip Mosher (comiXology Senior Director Communications)

Moderated by: Tia Vasiliou and Matt Kolowski (The comiXologist Podcast Crew)


4:00pm-5:00pm Essential Deserted Island Comics –  Room: 28DE

Speakers: Chris Roberson (co-creator iZombie, writer Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1953), Jamal Igle (Molly Danger, Supergirl), Frank J. Barbiere (Avengers World, The Revisionist), and Deb Aoki (Publishers Weekly, Manga Comics Manga)

Moderated by: Tia Vasiliou and Matt Kolowski (The comiXologist Podcast Crew)


6:30pm-7:30pm Comics PR & Marketing 101 – Room: 8

Speakers: David Hyde (Founder Superfan Promotions), Hunter Gorinson (Valiant Director of Marketing, Communications & Digital Media) and Hope Nicholson (Publisher Bedside Press)  

Moderated by: Chip Mosher (comiXology Senior Director Communications)

8:00pm-11:00pmComiXology Co-Sponsors the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Comic-Con Welcome Party
Location: The Westgate Hotel, 1055 Second Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

Friday, 7/22/16

10:30-11:30pm – Gene Yang signing Comic Book All Stars SDCC Exclusive Trading Card giveaway at comiXology booth #2547


11:30-12:30pm – G. Willow Wilson signing Comic Book All Stars SDCC Exclusive Trading Card giveaway at comiXology booth #2547

12:30-1:30pm – Matt Fraction signing Comic Book All Stars SDCC Exclusive Trading Card giveaway at comiXology booth #2547

2:00-3:00pm – Hope Larson signing Comic Book All Stars SDCC Exclusive Trading Card giveaway at comiXology booth #2547


2:30pm-3:30pmHow to Start a Comic Book Company – Room: 8

Speakers: David Steinberger (comiXology CEO and co-founder), Ross Richie (Founder & CEO BOOM! Studios), Dinesh Shamdasani (Valiant Entertainment CEO & Chief Creative Officer), Mike Marts (Editor-in-Chief AfterShock Comics), Alvin Liu (Publisher Kodansha Advanced Media), Jimmy Palmiotti (Co-founder Paperfilms), Joe Glass (Principal Queer Comix) and Hope Nicholson (Publisher Bedside Press)  

Moderated by: Tia Vasiliou (The comiXologist Podcast Crew)


4:00-5:00pm – Shawn Martinbrough signing Comic Book All Stars SDCC Exclusive Trading Card giveaway at comiXology booth #2547


6:00pm-7:00pmComic Book Secret Origins: How the Industry’s Best & Brightest Began – Room: 9

Speakers: David Steinberger (comiXology CEO and co-founder), Denis Kitchen (Cartoonist/Publisher/Agent, The Best of Comix Book), Derf Backderf (Cartoonist, Trashed, My Friend Dahmer), and Ed Luce (Cartoonist, Wuvable Oaf)

Moderated by: Tia Vasiliou and Matt Kolowski (The comiXologist Podcast Crew)


8:00pm-10:30pmComiXology co-sponsors the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards
Location: Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront, 1 Park, San Diego, CA 92101


Saturday, 7/23/16

11:30-12:30pm – Stan Sakai signing Comic Book All Stars SDCC Exclusive Trading Card giveaway at comiXology booth #2547

1:30-2:30pm – Simon Hanselmann signing Comic Book All Stars SDCC Exclusive Trading Card giveaway at comiXology booth #2547

2:30-3:30pm – Tula Lotay signing Comic Book All Stars SDCC Exclusive Trading Card giveaway at comiXology booth #2547

3:00pm-4:00pmComiXology Unlimited – Room: 29AB

Speakers: David Steinberger (comiXology co-founder & CEO)

Moderated by: Tia Vasiliou and Matt Kolowski (The comiXologist Podcast Crew)

5:00pm-6:00pmComics 101: Making Sense of the World of Comics – Room: 28DE

Speakers: David Steinberger (comiXology co-founder & CEO), G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel), Calvin Reid (Publishers Weekly), Frank J. Barbiere (Avengers World, The Revisionist), Deb Aoki (Publishers Weekly, Manga Comics Manga)

Moderated by: Tia Vasiliou and Matt Kolowski (The comiXologist Podcast Crew)

Sunday, 7/24/16


11:00am-12:00pmGuide to Illustrating Comics – Room: 24ABC

Speakers: Derf Backderf (Trashed, My Friend Dahmer), Megan Levens (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10), Denis Kitchen (Cartoonist/Publisher/Agent, The Best of Comix Book), Cara McGee (Over the Garden Wall), Shannon Wheeler (The New Yorker, Too Much Coffee Man).  

Moderated by: Tia Vasiliou and Matt Kolowski (The comiXologist Podcast Crew)

12:30-1:30pm – Katie Cook signing Comic Book All Stars SDCC Exclusive Trading Card giveaway at comiXology booth #2547

2:00pm-3:00pmComiXology Ask Me Anything Special Sunday Edition! – Room: 29AB

Speakers: David Steinberger (comiXology CEO and co-founder), Chip Mosher (comiXology Senior Director Communications)

Moderated by: Tia Vasiliou and Matt Kolowski (The comiXologist Podcast Crew)

3:30-4:30pm – Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie signing Comic Book All Stars SDCC Exclusive Trading Card giveaway at comiXology booth #2547



Now available for pre-order from Pioneers Press!

Love letters to way-too-late whiskey-drunk nights, stolen hearts and stolen kisses, small-town parking lots and bad decisions and even badder girls, What We Talk About When We Talk About Punk is a gritty and gorgeous series of riffs on living and loving punk. Like your very first show all over again, it’ll set your blood on fire.

-Sarah McCarry, author of the Metamorphoses trilogy and publisher/editor of the Guillotine series

Jessie Lynn McMains is the 2015-2017 Poet Laureate of Racine, Wisconsin. She has been self-publishing her writing in zines since 1994, and currently publishes the zine series Reckless Chants. She is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee for fiction, and her poetry and prose have recently appeared in The ChapessNew Pop Lit, Witchsong, Rising Phoenix Review, Voicemail Poems, and I Want You to See This Before I Leave

Reminder: FP Internship App

Love books? Despise the patriarchy?

If you answered “yes” first and “no” second (in that specific order :P), then we encourage you to APPLY FOR THE FP FALL INTERNSHIP SEASON!

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July 15, 2016

Application Instructions:

Email your resume and a cover letter explaining why you’d like to intern at the press to jkim10[at]gc[dot]cuny[dot]edu. Please indicate in your cover letter which department you are most interested in and why you would be a strong fit. Also be sure to include your availability.

Include the names and contact information of two references.

Find all the details about this rad opportunity on the FP website.

*this Tumblr is run by current FP interns, so feel free to message us if you have any inquiries!

changeling-collective  asked:

What year did you publish the wasteland survival guide?

I originally published the first edition of the Wasteland Survival Guide in the year that New Appleoosa was founded. Now, thanks to Littlepip’s book, I know that I met her in the 202nd year after the megaspell holocaust, and New Appleoosa was founded 32 years prior to that (give or take a year, it’s not always easy to keep track of that in the wasteland). The founding of New Appleoosa gave me a safe place to compile my knowledge, and also happened to have a hoof operated printing press that, I think, is the same type that the school fillies once used back in Ponyville.

Only 12 HOURS LEFT to back Dirty Diamonds #7: Imagination!

All extra money raised goes directly towards paying our girls and improving the production value of the book - like spot gloss covers! The more funds we raise in these last few hours, the more our contributors benefit, and the cooler the book will be for all of you who support it!


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A Compilation of Compliments
  • Classmate 1 (a teacher):Honestly, Carla doesn't need this program. Her prose is already at the level it needs to be for her target audience.
  • Classmate 2 (a small press publisher):I don't know why you're not getting published yet.
  • Teacher (published author, former editor):I'm not worried about you AT ALL. You have such a strong voice that comes out of your prose and it's very natural.
  • Teacher:Oh yeah, I have a student at my other workshop who sort of shamefully admitted she comes from fan fiction and I told her, "Ah, that's great! I have a grad student right now who came from a fan fiction background and she's terrific!"
  • Teacher:*to the rest of the class* By the way, you can all use Carla as a resource. She's very ingrained in her field.
  • Me (a derp who hates her own prose, believes she has no voice, writes fan fiction for shits and giggles, and doesn't take compliments well):What