He [Sebastian Vettel] is used to winning so it hurts, it cuts him deep to be not being able to compete side by side with Lewis and Nico at the moment. But having spoken to him, he’s up for the battle. (…) He believes in us, we believe in him, he’s part of this Ferrari team, he doesn’t consider himself an outsider. (…) It’s no coincidence that the great drivers end up at the best teams if you see what I mean; that’s because they’re part of creating the best teams and Seb will be a central part of that and we look to him to help us get there and he looks to us to help him get there and we’ll do it together.
—  Jock Clear (Hungarian GP 2016) /x/
Summary of the first press conference in Munich


The police have stated the following:

  • the police president has described the day as one of the hardest in his career
  • the first call about the shooting reached the police at 17:50

  • around 2100 police officers were actively engaged in tonight’s operation, including ones from Austria and the German federal anti-terrorist unit
  • the body of the shooter was found at 20:30, however at that point no one knew how many perpetrators were still on the run
  • at times up to 3 shooters were speculated upon
  • public transport was stopped and is now working again
  • people can leave their houses safely
  • 10 people are dead after the attack, including the suspect. 16 are still in hospital, 3 in intensive care; among the dead and injured are minors, as police confirm
  • the shooter came into contact with plain-clothes officers at the Olympia shopping centre; both opened fire
  • the scene has been roped off, investigations will continue during daylight hours today
  • the suspected shooter was not known to the police; so far we know that he is an 18 year old German-Iranian
  • apparently he was heard to shout something, police are still looking for eyewitness reports and video material (you can submit it here:
  • Another press conference will be held today, 23.07.2016, at 11:30
During the press conference it became apparent that many will be (and are already) using this incident for right wing propaganda. Please, remain calm, wait for the second press conference and don’t speculate. The suggestive nature of the questions asked at the press conference made it very clear which direction some of the articles will be taking.