I would be extremely interested in researching heterospecific (differing species) attraction. These two birds, a blue crown conure and a white-faced whistling duck, cuddle together and are never too far apart in their very large exhibit. The conure will preen the duck and follow him around. Some people dont think animals can have complex emotions, but if its not love on that conure’s face then I dont know what to call it.

Turning an everyday staple into a work of wearable art is no sweat. Inspired by the painterly prints of designers like PreenMSGM and Reed Krakoff, a little dab of abstract floral radness does wonders for a drab old crew neck…so get on board and bring out your inner DIY Picasso, baby!To create: Insert a piece of cardboard or bristol paper inside the sweatshirt to prevent paint from bleeding through. Soak a kitchen sponge in water; ring out excess, then gently dampen the sweatshirt. Use a wet paint brush to dampen the watercolor paints, then mix onto a plate to achieve your desired colors. Paint the design onto your sweatshirt. Let dry completely before wearing.