It makes me really happy that Calvin is taking more time to work on his videos.

Instead of stressing himself out to try and upload a video daily, he’s spending more time on them, and it seems like they’re of better quality when they’re not rushed.

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Am I the only one who loved that scene with Patterson and Jane talking about dating? It seems like Patterson is the only one treating Jane normally and nicely. I need more scenes like this!

You were absolutely NOT the only one! It was so adorable! Patterson was a really good friend to Jane in season 1 and it’s nice to see someone has welcomed her back at last. And Patterson excited about being the relationship expert for once? GUH! Precious human being is precious! And it was FABULOUS to see Jane smile at the FBI for once. This also has not happened in forever!

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You stared at the impossibly beautiful being standing before you, and you nearly cried. Eternity in his grasp might not be so bad, you figured. That delusion was very short lived, especially when he yanked on the ethereal chain that connected to your chest. It hurt, but one look into his beautiful eyes–eyes that shifted from honey-brown to red and back again in the blink of an eye–and you almost wanted to let him hurt you. He was still technically trapped in the summoning circle until you completed the ritual. You could end it… you could end it right now and no one would judge you. You could write this whole night off as a bad dream.

Then you remembered Daichi… you remembered your perfect husband lying in a hospital, slowly dying. There was no hope for him unless you completed this ritual.

“Are you sure? You know that once I take you, you’ll never see your precious husband again,” the being cooed, his long, delicate fingers dancing along the chain in his hands.

“I am sure,” you replied. “Any world without Daichi is a world not worth living in. At least this way, he has a chance.”

“Once your soul leaves this plane, he won’t remember you,” the being said, his voice smooth and luscious and almost soothing. “You will be but a distant memory. Are you sure you’re alright with that?”

You knew in your heart of hearts being separated from Daichi would be painful… hell, it would be agony. Your soul would forever belong to this creature–this impossibly beautiful being that you yourself summoned. His black-feathered wings twitched impatiently as he regarded you through his thick lashes. You found yourself distracted by the beautiful little mark just below his eye and his ashen hair waving in the wind he created.

“I swear myself to you, Lord Sugawara,” you intoned gravely, taking the wicked dagger he’d brought from the Underworld, and slitting your wrist. The final step, and he grinned when your blood splashed across his circle.

He placed a delicate hand beneath your chin, his claws digging into your jaw. He smiled that fanged smile of his–and it was almost kind. The chain in his hands suddenly solidified, and the unbearable weight was the worst pain you could ever remember; “No need to fret, ____. You will make a lovely pet, and Daichi will live. It’s a win-win… for all of us.”




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