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you wake up to find the normally warm spot next to you in the bed surprisingly cold, where was he? As you wander down the stairs, you hear the familiar voice humming a tune and the light strum of a guitar dancing tantalising through the air. So that's where he was. Shawn was known for often writing his best music at unacknowledged hours in the morning. (1/2)

As you silently poke your head around the door as not to disturb his creative process you take in his fluffy brown bed hair, relaxed for its normal messy styling, flopping over his eyes slightly, the curls more prominent from where they dried after his shower last night. A small sigh escapes your lips as you take in the concentration concentration plastered across his face, which draws his attention to you. (2)

You pad softly towards him as he places his guitar gently onto the floor, careful not to ruin the order of pages smothered in potential lyrics precariously balanced on the edge of the coffee table. He opens his arms for you as you sit and curl you head into his chest, breathing in his familiar and calming scent. (3)

His strong arms wrap around you, pulling you closer, a safety net tugging all the worries from your mind as his large hands stroke over your shoulders occasionally carding through your hair as you breathe in sync. (4)

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Do you think Mary and Mr Ketch will hook up? I can see it , of course not as a romance but as a pure sex thing maybe in a moment of desperation for Mary as she is lonely, her family being angry her and she will desperately want to believe she hasnt made a massive mistake with working with the Bmol.

I made a few jokes about it but I don’t think it will seriously happen - she’s definitely in the precarious place where we can wonder if it WOULD happen, for those reasons…

Although now I’m wondering about it I am looking at it through a VERY Sam and Dean centric view, that there’s been more than enough torture and betrayal and sneaky murder fro Ketch/the BMoL that Mary’s revelation she’s working for them and what they don’t know yet (Magda, the govt. people, Cas nearly died so Mary could steal the Colt)… If 6x20 is the lesson plan for the season, we’ve advanced to honestly just as far as Cas saying “Superman who’s gone darkside” because the above revelations are so much worse than what we saw her tell them (and I doubt she knows some of these things so the betrayal might have to come in a few parts, such as getting Mr Ketch to talk openly) and at that point Sam and Bobby we’re pretty much treating Cas as the next big bad and setting up the holy fire conversation for Dean to chat to Cas, where all the REALLY awful stuff came out… I think Mary’s got to get at least that far although if they keep subverting season 6 I suspect she might come as far as the choice equivalent to Cas breaking Sam’s wall and not make it. Though that’s all wild speculation, we’ve caught references to 6x20 all season and Mary’s arc is Cas’s season 6 in this respect, and of course most of that was delivered in one episode… 

Anyway, for Mary, she doesn’t know all that and if they’re spending more time on the story, and giving her a much more complicated side in it, then there’s a ton of factors like the Ketch - John parallels with their opinion of monsters (hey, vampire episode next up - that always tells us a LOT) and being the biggest baddest hunters around… and she MISSES John and Ketch is on her side and they’ve been hanging out and he likes her a LOT. I caught that her ring was hidden in their first scene but out in the second where she rejects his offer of a drink. Anvil dialogue was anvil-heavy, but he goes on to needle her about her true nature as a killer, and if we combine that with a sense of losing grip on her boys because they don’t accept her decisions, that could metaphorically throw her in bed with the BMoL further in a mix of them understanding, and her not thinking she’s worth anything more than that. That language also changes the parallel from Crowley & Cas in season 6 to Crowley & Dean in season 9, which was even more overtly a seduction to the point of ending in a fairly textual elopement… If Mary wants to go seal the deal with the BMoL, then who knows.

This season has been exploring non-Sam & Dean characters in a lot of depth… Several of the significant plot episodes have been way more about Cas and Mary, and even in their POV (12x09 more quietly, 12x12 literally had a Cas POV section and a Mary POV section, and Sam and Dean kinda hung out and helped)… Whether they have the tie to handle Mary hooking up with Ketch tastefully or not and in a way that doesn’t get her vilified further and leaves awful hanging character stuff that can never get sorted out properly, worries me, especially when Buckleming were the ones to have Ketch ask her out, and I’d trust pretty much actually every other writer to not fuck it up… 

Also for Mary’s sake I really don’t want her to because eventually she’s going to find out JUST how terrible they are. >.> She’s already got Ketch on a final warning about that bad intel but I guess circumstances changed again already but at least it still showed Mary wasn’t interested, for now. Dear god let her get through the season without being taken advantage of >.> 

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I saw your post about Jamie and Geneva and while I do think there might have been ways to get out of it, Geneva had put Jamie in such a precarious position I think he was afraid to try. She had all the power and I think if he had even tried to back out of it she could have gone running to her father to tell him about the letter. That's how I justify him giving in so easily, anyway.

Ultimately it’s a matter of interpretation and opinion. My goal is not to make it harder for anyone to read through some of the more difficult chapters/scenes in the books. 

But personally, I have a really hard time believing that Jamie––a man who, on the spot, managed to convince several grown men that his wife was la dame blanche––couldn’t think of anything to say or do to thwart a teenage girl when she made to blackmail him. And I’m talking when she first approaches him with her request; nothing as late as the night of. Once it reaches that night, any chance of getting out of it absolutely decreases. But when she first makes her threats in the field, just the two of them? 

Like I said, it’s something I personally have a hard time rationalizing my way through. Sometimes I manage but most of the time I just roll my eyes and wait till it’s done because I do appreciate and enjoy the storyline with William (though I know, he’s not a popular character with everyone); it’s the setup for that plot that’s shaky at best. At the same time, I’m not sure how it could have/should have been done to give that plot a foundation that would have been both sturdier and stomach-able. 

But all books have their strengths and weaknesses and for me, the strengths of the Outlander books far outweigh their weaknesses.
California Farmers Backed Trump, but Now Fear Losing Field Workers
People in a Republican stronghold in the Central Valley thought a promise to crack down on illegal immigrants was just talk. Now they’re alarmed that it isn’t.
By Caitlin Dickerson and Jennifer Medina

“Mr. Trump’s immigration policies could transform California’s Central Valley, a stretch of lowlands that extends from Sacramento to Bakersfield. Approximately 70 percent of all farmworkers here are living in the United States illegally, according to researchers at University of California, Davis. The impact could reverberate throughout the valley’s precarious economy, where agriculture is by far the largest industry. With 6.5 million people living in the valley, the fields in this state bring in $35 billion a year and provide more of the nation’s food than any other state.

The consequences of a smaller immigrant work force would ripple not just through the orchards and dairies, but also to locally owned businesses, restaurants, schools and even seemingly unrelated industries, like the insurance market…”

my god honestly and genuinely believes he’s a human. he purposely copies our expressions and he sits on his hind legs with his back pressed against the sofa


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how does the king dragon stay on during filming? doesn’t it fall off? 

oh, if i do ANY sort of movement, the crown falls off ALL THE TIME, it is a precarious balancing act, here is a video of outtakes for the King Dragon Rap that shows how frustrating this is       

I’m a black woman of a certain age, a divorced mom of two teenagers who has no choice but to focus daily on the challenges of keeping a home, my family and myself on track. I’m college-educated, work in media communications, am precariously middle-class — and I am tired of what I witness of today’s feminism.

I’d hoped that the Women’s March might help me update my perception of feminism, at least as it is commonly portrayed and disseminated of late.

I’d followed the back and forth in the alternative and mainstream press during its hurried, urgent formation, and chalked up reports about internal squabbles over the race and class makeup of the group’s leadership to the same kind of growing pains that beset every activist group that I’ve ever followed or covered during my years in newsrooms. But now, a month after the Women’s March masterfully pulled off a massive protest in D.C. that also inspired similar ones in major American and global cities, my nascent investigation of the March 8 ‘general strike’ and 'day without women’ raised only more concerns, and a few questions, all located in what I see as a big void in today’s marketing-driven expression of 'feminism.’

At this moment, whether expressed by the second-wave, Gloria Steinem wing, or the third-wave corporatist Sheryl Sandberg arm, or the rowdy, genitalia-obsessed Lena Dunham arm, it seems that 'feminism’ in 2017 is more concerned with promoting superficial trappings of genuine equality than with doing the tough work required to address the hard, cold facts of gender and racial inequality.

Today’s Feminism: Too Much Marketing, Not Enough Reality

Photo: Jason Redmond/AFP/Getty Images

I can’t stop thinking about what Astrid’s conversation with Viggo must have been like on their way up to the volcano. Did he try to get inside her head before he restrained her, like he did with Hiccup? I keep imagining some kind of parallel conversation to the one Hiccup heard earlier:

“Oh Astrid, relationships can be so complicated. Am I right? While I’ve never been in your shoes I can certainly empathize with your situation.”

“Really, Viggo? I seriously doubt that.”

“Absolutely. To be in love with a man who will be your future chief? I’m not sure how I would balance such a precarious power dynamic. It can certainly complicate things, being in such a situation that blurs the lines between desire and duty. It must weigh heavy on the mind, knowing that you will never truly be the number one priority in his life. Certainly you must fall somewhere close behind his dragons and his tribe, at the very least?

Wowza. Angst alert. 

A few brilliant fics that I have recently read. I highly recommend them :)

As always, please take heed of fic ratings and always read the tags. Enjoy xx

Munich - SilentAuror (Explicit)

Sherlock has to go to Munich for a case. John misses him. A lot.

Bridges - sussexbound (SamanthaLenore) (Mature)

The silence between them is deafening, interrupted only by the hum of the traffic outside, and the soft click-clunk of the plastic cups Rosie is playing with on the floor beside them. It is the first time they have been alone together, since Sherlock’s birthday. It’s only been two days, but it feels huge, important, like there is a precarious bridge stretched out before them both that they need to at least attempt to traverse.

Guardian - PoppyAlexander (Mature)

In Ancient Rome, Centurion John is hired to act as personal, round-the-clock bodyguard for the mad emperor’s hedonistic, philosopher brother (that would be Sherlock). Sparks fly, John peers through a partly-open door, arrows fly, and Sherlock learns the very apt name given to John’s 22-inch sword.

No, his *actual* sword. He’s a Roman solider, remember. What you were thinking would be…just, no.

Ancient Rome - AU

The Adventure of the Silver Scars - tangledblue (not rated)

It’s been thirteen months since Mary shot Sherlock and John finds he’s still pissed off about it. Sherlock had thought everything was settled: John and Mary, domestic bliss. But when John turns up at Baker Street with suitcases, the world’s only consulting detective might not be prepared for the consequences. A new case. Some old scores to settle. Certain danger. Concertos, waltzes, and whisky.

What He’s Like - magikspell (Explicit)

“I’m so in love with you,” John says, a statement of fact. “I will never not be in love with you.”

Realistic first time. They love each other so much.

Chiaroscuro - Social_Hemophilia (Teen )

“His crashes are getting longer,” John states quietly.

Mycroft is silent. After a minute of quiet contemplation, he asks, “How long?”

“Latest one is going on about a month now. Longest one he’s had since I met him.”

There is a pause.

“He has bipolar disorder, doesn’t he? The symptoms all are there, these aren’t just bouts of crippling boredom, are they?“

The Empty Heart - sussexbound (SamanthaLenore) (Teen)

What would have happened if Sherlock had returned a few months, a few days earlier? What if it had been nothing but a few hours? What if he and John had been alone? Things could have been so different…

The body implies mortality, vulnerability, agency: the skin and the flesh expose us to the gaze of others, but also to touch, and to violence, and bodies put us at risk of becoming the agency and instrument of all these as well. Although we struggle for rights over our own bodies, the very bodies for which we struggle are not quite ever only our own.
—  Judith Butler, Precarious Life (26)

(sam like physically reining himself in when dean’s laughing because the wave of relief is almost overwhelming, he feels like he’s gonna choke as he swallows the lump in his throat, and like he gets it, it’s funny, haha because imagine if it hadn’t worked, gosh imagine that, sam wouldn’t have anybody at all even the thin pretence of an anchor to tie him down to reality, just him and his vacant brother in a sea of post it notes and the continual uncertainty about whether he’s dreaming or waking or still in the goddamn cage, no foundation stone to balance on and christ knows things can feel precarious enough as it is)

(he wakes in the middle of the night gasping for air, heaving in scraping breaths like he’s drowning)

The GOP could cut NASA funding for climate change in favor of space exploration

  • The GOP is bringing its fight against climate science to a new battleground: NASA. 
  • According to a report from E&E News, congressional Republicans have called for a “rebalancing” of the program’s budget, which could allocate much of the roughly $2 billion that currently goes toward NASA’s Earth Sciences Division to space missions.
  • Under President Donald Trump, however, the fate of agencies focused on climate change research feels precarious at best. 
  • Himself a climate change doubter, Trump has spent his first month in office fast-tracking policies that worry environmental activists. Read more. (2/19/2017 3:00 PM)

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Do you think that anti-Semitism and anti-zionism are synonymous? I didn't think so, but many have said that they are, which doesn't make sense since zionism is separate from the religion and ethnicity and culture (but maybe this is wrong because I'm reading non-Jewish people's viewpoints and it's a way for them to be antisemitic while being edgy)

While anti-zionism isn’t technically the same thing as antisemitism, the line between “Jews don’t have a right to a safe homeland” and “I hate Jews” is awfully precarious. Few can walk it with care and far fewer even bother to try. Anti-zionists are prone to treating accusations of antisemitism as more offensive than actual antisemitism.

Anti-zionists will often use the idea that anti-zionism isn’t anti-semitism to defend antisemitic actions. Just a few things I’ve seen defended as “just anti-zionist.”

- Spreading Rothschild Jewish Banking Conspiracies
- Accusing Holocaust Survivors of controlling the US Government
- Blaming Israel for 9/11
- Denying Jewish History 
- Denying Jewish genetics
- Derailing any conversation of antisemitism by injecting Israel/Palestine into the debate
- Spreading Khazar theories
- Policing how Jews talk about our own history and experiences
- Dictating to different groups of Jews how they should feel about other Jews
- Silencing Israeli Jews on college campuses even if they are there to criticize Israeli Policy
- Treating LGBTQIA Israeli Jews as if their very existence was the same thing as “pinkwashing” Hasbara
- Comparing Jews with Nazis
- Downplaying the severity of the Holocaust
- Acting like the Holocaust was the beginning and end of antisemitism
- Denying that Israeli Jews are Majority non-Ashkenazi and that they are there because of oppression and expulsion by MENA countries.
- Talking over said Jews about how they should feel about Israel
- Dismissing antisemitism against white and/or Ashkenazi Jews 
- Defending and promoting antisemitic figures in the “Pro-Palestine” movement like Holocaust Denier Paul Eisen and Blood Libelist Alison Weir
- Tokenizing Jews most other Jews find reprehensible like the Neturei Karta and Gilad Atzmon so they can prove they aren’t antisemitic
- Dividing Jews into “good Jews” and “bad Jews” based on our opinion on Zionism (which is probably far more nuanced and informed than theirs) and not caring about anything else we think or feel.
- Telling Jewish victims of antisemitism that they should blame Israel instead of the perpetrators
- Blaming Israel for ISIS/ISIL/Daesh
- Ignoring or denying the plights of Jewish refugees
- Ignoring Jewish voices when it comes to our own history and experience of antisemitism
- Cheering and/or justifying the deaths of Israeli civilians
- Boycotting Israel and only Israel despite countries like Russia, China, Pakistan, Turkey and others committing the same sins, frequently on much larger scales
- Demonizing Jews for being activists on anything other than Israel/Palestine
- Telling Jews what is and isn’t antisemitic
- Trying to excuse their own antisemitism by deflecting the question with the etymology of “semite” - Chaim’s Law
- Telling MENA Jews they have no right to their own cultures
- Telling Latinx Jews they have no right to their own culture
- Identity Policing Jews
- Acting like there’s no difference between Jewish refugees from murderous antisemitism and colonial conquerors who came to exploit the local population and resources for a foreign mother country

I could go on.

My point is there’s a reason most Jews I know, even anti-zionist Jews have a severe distrust of non-Jewish anti-zionists and much of it has to do with the points above and so many more. This goes triple for any anti-zionist who isn’t Palestinian. Unlike Palestinians, there’s a good chance their country expelled, oppressed or murdered their Jewish populations, necessitating Zionism in the first place. The fact of the matter is most Israeli Jews are survivors of genocide, oppression and expulsion who went to the one place in the world that would take them in. You can’t treat that last point as a hypothetical. They went to Israel because they wanted to live. They are frequently damned for making that choice by the very people who gave them no other choice. That’s just cruelty. It demonstrates a callous indifference to Jewish life and suffering, and if many Jews consider that to be antisemitic, do you really think you can blame them?

Anti-zionists need to change their tactics and their associations in a major and visible way if they want to avoid accusations of antisemitism from a majority of Jews. And that’s on them, not us. 

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What does Mulder do that usually makes Scully happy (not sex related pls)?

He brings her coffee in the mornings, until she starts drinking green tea, and then he brings an electric kettle into the office, and a squeeze bear of honey.  (She says she’s off sugar, but he knows she thinks green tea tastes like lawn clippings.)

He holds her coat for her, so that she can slide her arms into it easily, a moment of dignity for her and deference for him.  He only does it when he’s sure it won’t make her look like she needs to be catered to.  He understands how precarious her position can be, surrounded by men who assume that she’s frail.  He purposefully gives her opportunities to showcase her strength and her intelligence.  He defers to her wisdom.

He lets her pick the movie.  They do not watch Caddyshack or Steel Magnolias. 

He puts her towel in the dryer while she’s in the bath, rewarming it in five-minute increments, trying to calculate the end of her soak.  

He genuinely tries to outshoot her at the range.  He does not succeed. 

He lets her drive.

He matches his pace to hers when they run together, despite his longer legs. 

He remembers her birthday and celebrates it quietly.

He never orders for her at a restaurant or a bar.  He doesn’t comment on the food that she chooses (even the bee pollen in her yogurt) except for the one time, with the non-fat tofutti rice dreamsicle, and that’s only because he wants to taste the sweetness of it on her lips.  

He finds ways to make the rest of the world fade away. all her everyday nagging concerns vanishing in the thrill of the puzzle or the crack of the bat or the crispness of the air as they hike or the satisfaction of making improvements around the house.  

He loves her.  He makes sure that she knows that, even when the world is falling apart.  

gravity started it

It’s immediately obvious that Bitty’s misjudged the weight. As soon as it’s more than half off the shelf, the bowl tips down into Bitty’s outstretched hands, and the dough inside slips precariously toward the lip.

“Hello?” Bitty calls out, desperately hoping Jack’s out of the shower. “Jack? Can you come here please?”

He turns his head to try and peer down the hallway which is a bad move. The bowl drops another half-inch.

Just as he thinks his fingers are slipping, a body presses up behind him. Unfortunately, his fingers slip off before Jack is quite there. The bowl flips as it drops, and the dough slips out to arc through the air, thankfully over Bitty’s head.

Jack is not so lucky. Bitty gasps, catching the empty bowl. He turns around slowly. The mixture is splattered across Jack’s chin, neck and shoulders.

Bitty looks into Jack’s wide eyes. “I am so sorry, honey.”

A large chunk of sticky dough travels off Jack’s chin and lands on his shirt.


Jack reaches up to wipe off dough from his neck. He stares at the mess on his fingers, then puts in into the bowl Bitty’s still holding.

“Bittle,” he says.

“Yes?” Bitty gulps.

Jack scoops another glob of dough off his chest, and before Bitty can register what’s happening, wipes it down Bitty’s cheek.

Bitty splutters, and Jack cracks a wide smile, eyes alight. “There. Now we’re even.”

“Mr. Zimmermann.”

Jack looks so delighted that Bitty has trouble holding his irritation, that is, until Jack pulls more dough off his shirt and goes straight for Bitty’s hair. Bitty manages to duck out of the way, and spin around to the other side of the kitchen.

“No, no, stop. You’ve already got me.”

Jack shakes his head and comes around the kitchen island. Bitty counters, grasping the bowl in front of him like a shield.

“I only got you a little bit.”

“You said we’re even.”

“I changed my mind.”

Jack feints and Bitty doesn’t expect it. The next thing he knows, Jack’s wrapping his arms tightly around Bitty and starts rubbing his filthy self all over Bitty’s back, spreading gooey dough out between him. Bitty can feel his shirt stick to his shoulder blades and down his spine.

“Jack,” Bitty whines, trying to get away from his hold.

Jack laughs in his ear, then starts pressing kisses to his neck. Bitty sighs out and relaxes into Jack’s arms, waiting until Jack spins him around, which Bitty is sure he will. When he does, Bitty kisses him. Jack’s hands move up to Bitty’s hair, and Bitty takes his chance, smearing the remaining dough up beneath Jack’s shirt and over his stomach.

Jack gasps against Bitty’s lips and curls his body away from Bitty.

Bitty blinks innocently up at Jack through his lashes and slips his hand out from under Jack’s shirt.

“You cheater,” Jack whispers, hands still in Bitty’s hair.

“Like you’re any better, mister.”

Jack narrows his eyes at Bitty. Bitty dances away from Jack and puts the bowl into the sink.

“You know what I think?” He turns around and runs his eyes over Jack.

“What?” Jack replies with still narrowed eyes.

“I think you need another shower.” Bitty walks over to him, and wraps his fingers around Jack’s wrist. “And I think I need one too.”