okay but like,, i can’t stop thinking about tony having to charge his chest plate as an emergency in a cafe or something. like,, would he wear a disguise at least?? or would just let ppl walk in and see him there and go “oh look, it’s anthony stark! what the fuck is he charging tho?” while he’s chilling, drinking coffee and reading a newspaper to hear about the next villain he gonna fight

China Abandons One-Child Policy

Today, China abandoned its 35 year-old one-child policy. 

Based on the now debunked threat of overpopulation that was popularized by Stanford University scholar Paul Ehrlich, the communist government subjected the Chinese people to forced sterilizations and abortions. Many new-born babies were either killed or left to die. 

Today, the Chinese population suffers from a dangerous gender imbalance that favors boys over girls at a ratio of 117:100, and a demographic implosion that threatens future economic growth and prosperity. 

The one-child policy is a reminder of what happens when governments are allowed to interfere in deeply personal decisions of individual citizens and their families.
Opinion | Why Authoritarians Attack the Arts
It’s not about making the world a drab and miserable place. It’s worse.
By Eve L. Ewing

Eve L. Ewing looks at the role of art as a anti-authoritarian agent, the history of the suppressions of the arts by authoritarians and why the cut down of the National Endowment of the Arts in the United States should raise concerns.

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