Forever grossed out by people that romanticize real serial killers like hunny 🍯🍯🍯 those murderers’ victims have families that I’m sure wouldn’t be cool with the idea of some 15 girl makin out with a photo of their loved one’s killer and praising them for their actions lmao YIKES

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I'm uncomfortable watching some het and bi girls I'm mutuals with recently start gushing over how gay a new anime is, "even gayer than SU-" but it's a yaoi anime... so like, it's by women, about m/m romance, for the consumption of women... it's really making me very uncomfortable for them to praise how "gay" it is... I don't know if they're like, unfamiliar with what yaoi is, or???

Yeah like I’ll admit I can enjoy and connect with mlm media too, but that’s not what BL written by and for straight women is, and pretending that it’s something it’s not to make it sound more progressive is so disingenuous tbh

i don’t know of a convenient way to say “i hate people who suck up to people they idolize by aggressively hating things that their idol is only mildly or not at all inconvenienced by and aggressively trying to get their attention by praising them out the ass” other than “i hate fake people” tbfh

like how do i express this feeling without sounding like a facebook status from 2007

if anyone is still questioning our boys’ capabilities and how armys are just ‘hyping them too much’, let me remind you how they have stayed atop billboards world albums charts for 16 continuous weeks and counting, and have been the only kpop group to chart with best kpop album of the year and best kpop song of the year with HYYH pt. 2 and RUN, and we’ve even crashed the instagram server once bighit announced the boy’s official account leaving it to be deleted after gathering over 100k followers within an hour, and just now have sold out the biggest concert venue in korea within minutes

@amazingphil hit 3 million subscribers on YouTube, finally!!! 


50 days of stydia (s6 countdown) → day 26