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So you're saying that Gillian is showing up with Peter for his PR? That's so fucking offensive to her. Like all you blownuts who say that David gave Gillian the necklace she wears on her wrist. That's so offensive to the man who almost definitely gave it to her. Peter.

So let me get something straight.  Saying that everything Gillian did with David was for PR, and that there was nothing genuine to it and she was playing up a fan fantasy is not offensive, yet me explaining a marketing strategy that included improving someone’s image (which is standard in any profession with people carrying public profiles, by the way) is the thing that’s offensive?  Think about that again.

As for the necklace.  You don’t think it’s offensive to say it’s from a man who she hasn’t indicated she’s dating in any way, and hasn’t even behaved lovingly with? You don’t think it’s offensive to remove David from Gillian’s life at every possible opportunity, whether it’s as a best friend or partner?

Anon, you believe as you want.  I can at least logically support what I believe and know and I don’t have a problem standing by any of it.

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are they serious... down to the same date... also on a beach... i swear a 5 year old could do the job better than this team, nice try

Yes apparently they are serious..

This is Louis’ team planning his social media activities:

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It's the calm before the storm. Just wait for Hiveswap

ive been doing that for three years and we got like 1 news update within that time

im losing my cool about hiveswap. is it ready? unless its coming out, like, tomorrow, im pissed off about how we were told it was coming out in january when it clearly wouldnt be ready, and how there is not an adjusted release date yet.

meme numbers dont pacify game delays. the only thing that can do that is quality gaming.

anyway just so you know, spellchecker told me every single word i am writing here is spelt inccorrectly. this is because spellchecker is extremely excited for hiveswap and is punishing me for doubts

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Sorry to ask but your theory about cross promotion/ PR is based on the notion that people who work together can not date otherwise it doesn't prove anything except that GA and PM are moving in the same circles and are connected through talent agents/ publishers/ networks etc. Haven't you ever seen romances starting in a professional environment or through common friends, co workers etc? And how your assumption that work and romance can't be mixed up apply to GA and DD? I hope you answer.

Of course relationships and romances start through work connections at times.  

All I’m saying, and I’ll repeat it again, is that there’s nothing that shows us in any way that Gillian and PM are romantically connected.  The story and rumour can be traced back into the fandom and, even if you choose to remove that aspect, there would still be those of us who would be able to offer professional thoughts and insight and just plain logical views that there’s something very off in the way Gillian and PM interact, the timing of their sudden appearances together, and the one-sided nature of everything that reflects on PM, not Gillian.  When something’s off, there’s always an explanation for why.  It just requires thought and knowledge.

Just because fans don’t see it or don’t know the ins-and-outs of how things work doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or isn’t real.  

And exactly because there are connections that can explain all the unusual imbalances, awkwardness, timing and strange appearances, is exactly why they should be considered and thought about.

If, after you do that you still don’t agree, that’s fine.  Time will tell.

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I’ve fallen into the RWBY Rock AU.

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