Guys, the first images of Irma’s level of devastation are coming out of Barbuda and it’s heartbreaking. The President of Barbuda says that 90% of the island is uninhabitable, upwards of 60% of the TOTAL population are now homeless because the hurricane destroyed virtually every building and home on the island, and that the estimated damage is valued at no less than $200 million dollars. That’s money a small island like that doesn’t have. They’re saying it’s going to take years to rebuild and Hurricane Jose is right behind Irma on the same path which means they could be hit twice. This is just one of the islands being affected.

Please, show up for the Caribbean like you did for Houston. There is no safety net for any of these islands including mine. They’ll rely entirely on foreign aid. Find local charities or global trustworthy charities (NOT the Red Cross) and make a donation asking them to aid the Caribbean. There’s whole countries being turned into rubble with no financial means to repair their infrastructures. They’re going to need help.


Incredible footage from the scene unfolding in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as Irma slams the island with 185mph winds, flooding rain, and storm surge.


so i recently had some POP ROCKS for the first time in like seven years and my reaction was literally the same as hinata’s lol

I’ve seen that the head canon is that Trini is in detention because of what she did to Kim’s locker. Can we just imagine how that would play out for a second.
Obviously nobody saw Trini do it cause they were alone in the hallway when it happened. Imagine Kim getting called in to the office and being told that she will get more detention for destruction of school property cause it’s her locker so they assumed she did it. And Kim is just like yeah sure whatever.
And then in the pit she casually mentions that she has a few more weeks in detention. And Trini is just like “uh uh no way”
So the next school day she marches into the office and is just like “Kim didn’t rip the door off her locker I did” and they are like “ but you’re so smol” and so she does something ridiculous like break a chair or something and they’re kinda scared but like “yeah okay you have detention.” And she just smiles and walks out.

When Supernatural introduced the apocalypse world in season 12 — an alternate universe where Sam and Dean were never born — it opened a door of possibility in terms of bringing back old characters that fans haven’t seen in years. And it all started when the season 12 finale saw Sam, Dean, and Cas come face-to-face with a new version of Bobby Singer. So now the question is: Who’s next? 
The Supernatural showrunners have said that some long-dead characters will return this year, and EW can reveal that Kevin Tran (Osric Chau) is among them. Kevin first appeared in the show’s seventh season and remained a key figure until his death in season 9 (after which he still made a couple appearances).
—  Supernatural: Osric Chau returning as Kevin in season 13