So we now have all the songwriting credits for ‘Harry Styles’ - 

  • 7 tracks written by Harry, Tyler, Mitch, Jeff, Alex, and Ryan.
  • Carolina written by all the above and Kid Harpoon
  • Sweet Creature written by Harry and Kid Harpoon
  • Two Ghosts written by Harry, Julian Bunetta, John Ryan, Tyler & Mitch (probably the song Harry referred to as being written years ago)

[edited 6 to 7 because I was causing confusion by leaving out Sign Of The Times!]


It was a gloomy day. LOTS of overnight rain, but it took a break about an hour before the start of the Cap City Half until 90 minutes into the race. I felt great! I was running a pace to beat my past Half PR Race by 14+ minutes. Then there was lightning. LOTS of it. The race was cut short for everyone.

If 12.3 was a race, then I PRed at that. Lulz for soggy toes and thunder. I gave up caring about being dry after a while. It poured harder than I have seen in years.

So many people came out to cheer me and others on. It was an amazing run and when I got home I did another 5 miles in the pouring rain. I also parked far away today to jog to the start since I’m supposed to do 18 miles for my Full training. I’m sitting at 22 so far for the day.

Oh… one other bright note. All my hill training is paying off. Only one person passed me on a hill climb. Felt strong and king of the hill on each climb. Time for family time and a couple beers to celebrate a PR at 12.3 miles! Thanks for all the Runblr support! On to the Youngstown Marathon in 5 weeks! ❤️✌🏼🏃🏼

anonymous asked:

I think the fact that Darren's out here wearing mother! Caps and Louisville caps just shows that he's gonna do all his promo from caps. Whether that be pr or for the movie. Hahha :) run jen!!!

Well it is time to get people interested in this train wreck of a movie. The fact that he chose a high-profile demonstration with thousands of people in attendance tells me he knows exactly what he’s doing with his baseball caps.

Time and again he shows that he has no problem using anyone and any situation to market himself and his projects. I mean what kind of an asshole wears a cap from his movie on the red carpet of someone else’s movie?

Let me publicize my crap movie at the biggest movie of the year. (Yes, he was using Jen even then when she had no idea what a jerk he really, truly is).

He’s a user and a pretentious, self-absorbed and self-interested tool. 

Please watch Breakfast Club w/ super powers. I can honestly say I really enjoyed it! It had its fair share of flaws, but overall a very fun time and I would probably watch it 3 more times. The actors pulled through and made the relationship between the team very believable, which I think was the highlight of the film. The actual Power Rangers aspect was just icing on the cake for me.

Thank god someone 1) wanted to make a diverse blockbuster superhero movie, 2) understood how to be properly diverse, 3) understood the importance of diversity, and 4) wanted to make sure kids felt represented. EDIT: Kimberly’s actress, Naomi Scott, is actually biracial. Her mother is of Gujarati Indian descent—the second article I screenshot’d didn’t realize this, nor did I, or else I would have clarified that. Apologies!