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So today was hot. Really hot. 94 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet, the team still set out to do a 5 mile tempo on a bike trail. My knee was all wrapped up and bandaged from falling down a rocky hill a few days ago so i was still getting used to the lack of movement.

When the tempo started, we were off and I found myself a nice pack to stick with and eventually lead. Two miles in, I broke away from the pack and ran the last three miles lone wolf. I knew that I wanted the last 5k of the 5 mile tempo to be amazing so I commanded my body to work through the conditions. When I crossed the finish, I checked my watch to see what my last 5k was.

16:38. A two second PR.

Now I’m looking forward to my first meet of the season in my new spikes on Friday! It’s a 5k and I’m aiming for a new PR :)

the signs and what TV show they miss
  • Aries:Pretty Little Liars
  • Taurus:Pretty Little Liars
  • Gemini:Pretty Little Liars
  • Cancer:Pretty Little Liars
  • Leo:Pretty Little Liars
  • Virgo:Pretty Little Liars
  • Libra:Pretty Little Liars
  • Scorpio:Pretty Little Liars
  • Sagittarius:Pretty Little Liars
  • Capricorn:Pretty Little Liars
  • Aquarius:Pretty Little Liars
  • Pisces:Pretty Little Liars