So EL James did an Ask on Twitter. Imagine How it Went

This isn’t Outlander related, but I know that often 50 Shades of Grey gets compared to Outlander. I don’t know why, but it does, and so while perusing Twitter today, I saw that #AskELJames was trending.  To say I was thoroughly entertained by what I saw, is an understatement. And so, for your enjoyment. A quick summary of a lot of different questions that were asked to E.L. James. Needless to say, I think her PR Team is kicking themselves in the ass several times for this mistake.

  • #AskELJames what do you hate more? a) good literature b) consent c) women d) healthy relationships e) all of the above
  • #AskELJames How much money does a  partner need to earn for them to be ‘romantic’ instead of abusive? Asking for a friend.
  • #AskELJames At what point did you realise that the most violent sexually sadistic act in your story was your rape of the English language?
  • #AskELJames I have a lot of respect for you actually, you’ve proven that you can succeed without having any talent. It’s remarkable.
  • #AskELJames Is there a safe word which will stop you from writing anymore of this bollocks?
  • #AskELJames My bf sold my car without my permission, should I be in awe for this romantic gesture or file a theft report?
  • #AskELJames have you spent more time blocking people or answering question from fans only over the last hour?
  • #AskELJames how does it feel to promote abuse as romantic, cheapening people’s abuse experiences and pretty much mocking them?
  • #AskELJames Do you realise that listening to criticism - especially legitimate criticism - is a vital aspect of being a good writer/human?
  • #AskELJames why do your books perpetuate r*pe culture and the harmful stereotype that victims can miraculously save their abusers?
  • #AskELJames what makes you think that surviving childhood trauma gives someone the right to brutalize someone else?
  • I’ve just been sick and some alphabetti spaghetti landed on a blank piece of paper, could I have your publisher’s email address? #AskELJames
  • #AskELJames Did your agent convince you a hashtag twitter livechat was a good idea? Incidentally, have you found a new agent yet?
  • #AskELJames How proud are you that you managed to out-do Twilight as a horrible example to girls? I mean, that’s impressive. *Slow clap*
  • #AskELJames Are you getting tendinitis from having to hit “block” so often :(
  • My boss said no when I asked if I could kiss him and then I did anyway because no means yes right? Things at work are awkward. #AskELJames
  • Is it meant to be a hilarious joke that Ana is an English major, given how appallingly written your books are? #AskELJames
  • #AskELJames I need advice on making a BIG romantic gesture. Should I put a GPS tracker in her phone and make threats if she tries to leave?
  • #AskELJames Do you refer to all abuse survivors as “haters” and “trolls”, or is it only those who dare to criticize your books?
  • #AskELJames Can you confirm that you will be writing the story of Ramsay Bolton from his perspective, showing he is just misunderstood?
  • Will there be a delay to our answers while you wait for Stephanie Meyer to answer them first, so you know what to write? #AskELJames
  • #AskELJames Is it only ok for Christian to stalk, coerce, threaten & manipulate Ana because he’s hot, or is it also ok because he’s rich?

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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 💪🏻 practice half marathon ✔️ and under my goal of 2 hours and 30 minutes 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 now time to taper off and work on a faster speed until my real race, The Chicago Rock N Roll Half Marathon, on July 19th! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #halfmarathontraining #running #pr

Pet goals.. 🐐

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Challenge Half Heilbronn Race Recap

It’s been 8 days now since I finished my very first middle distance race. Time to reflect and regenerate. In preparation for this race I did not train as much as last year. I hardly swam (only about 15 times in total) and on the bike/run part I did fewer miles but more quality brick sessions. 

We already arrived in Heilbronn on Saturday and had a relaxing time setting up our transition area and browsing the expo (where we took that super cool photo with IM world champ Sebi Kienle). We had pasta in the evening and went to bed around 10. On race day we were up early and had about 1 hour before our start group to check our bike again and prep all the race nutrition. This time I filled my bottles with regular iso that I had also used and tested during training rides.

With about 10 minutes to the start we put on our wetsuits and watched the first wave go off. I was in wave two and my mate in the third. After wishing each other good luck it was time for me to see if my approach worked out this time. 

The SWIM 1,9k - 32:29

The swim was like Challenge Roth in a canal, so I knew already what to expect. I entered the water and looked for a spot in the middle of the pack. Once the gun went off I went hard on the first 300mtrs or so until I found myself with a hand full of athletes as leaders of our wave chasing behind the guys that started 10 mins earlier. Besides one little hit to the head the swim was relatively calm. I got into a nice rhythm and exited after 32:29. With the little amount of training I put into swimming I am super happy with my time. 

T1 - 04:20

The transition area was set up in a car park, which caused a little longer transition times because of the distance we had to cover running up the ramps etc.. I spent a bit too much time getting out of my wetsuit but other than that I’m ok with my time. Maybe I’ll put on some Vaseline around my ankle area to speed that up next time.

The BIKE 90k -  02:56:42

The bike part was actually 93k with ~ 1200mtrs of climbs (at least that’s what our garmins said). My plan for the bike was to stay defensive during the first 60k and then maybe up the speed a little if I wouldn’t hit a 30km/h average. I hit that average with relative ease during the first half, so I decided to just concentrate on maintaining a constant pace. Constantly passing rider after rider I still felt fresh around the 75k mark, so I pushed the pace a bit and finally came into T2 with a bike split of 2:56. Considering that the bike route was pretty hilly and challenging I’m very pleased with that time.

T2 - 03:37

Racked the bike, put on socks for the run and headed out with a big smile on my face :)

The RUN 21,1k - 01:52:40

The run was divided into 3 laps of 7k. I started out with a 4:50 pace for the first 5k but soon I realized that I may have overpaced a little. Hitting the first aid station I grabbed iso and some cola. My pace dropped to about 5:20~5:30 as I went on my second lap. Towards the end of the second lap my legs started to feel heavier and heavier. I tried to maintain a sub 5:30 min/km pace while walking though the aid stations. After 1:52 I entered the finish area and once I saw the clock displaying 5:29:xx I sprinted to the finish line.

After grabbing some gels and refreshments I exited the post race area to cheer on my buddy on his last run lap. He did finish in 06:21:21 with only 1 year into the sport. Good job!

Bottom line: 5:29:47, AG #40, Overall #281

I’m really really happy with my overall result. Going into the race I thought that a sub-6 hour time would be nice, but my main goal was finishing. So 5:29 is just indescribable. Take away points for my Project Ironman 2015 in 62 days:

  • I got my nutrition down (only fluids, mostly iso, no water at all)
  • I’m a relatively fast swimmer without investing too much
  • brick sessions and major bike focus is more important than countless run kms

This week I’ll start again with a little running as well as swimming and by next week I’ll be in full training mode again. I’ve got another sprint tri next month and then my big goal by the end of August: Ironman attempt #2 

Let’s get to work!

[PART 1] Name: Tajara [Public Relations | founder of DMV Power ]

Fyuer attributes of selfishness”

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