hey!! for some odd reason, i have a bunch of ppt presentations i have to do coming up and i realized mine could improve a lot. i put this together to help u all with your powerpoints + get u ready for presenting them !! hope it helps u [:

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Remember that PPT is very powerfull tool. The moment that you open it and start clicking slides it becomes the center of everybody attention. But good PPT presentation is not the star of the show, the presenter is. Here are some tips I use to prepare myself:

• Never read your slide. No metter how lazy or how uninterested in particular topic I am, I would not let myself to read from slide. You have to know your slides inside out.
•I make flash cards with the text I have to remember, and highlight keywords I used in slides, so that I can easily connect it.
• It is very important to speak freely. You don’t have to stick 100% to your text from flash cards.
• Speak with confidence. Only knowing your material, and by this I don’t mean learning it by heart but with understanding, will give you confidence.
• Be loud and clear. To master this, practice in front of the mirror or in front of your bestfriend.
• It is very important to maintain eye contact with the audience.
• Don’t speak too fast.
• Pause when you want to emphasize key points.
• Be active, don’t be motionless.
• Practice, practice and practice. Did I said you should practice?

General tips:
• Keep in mind that presentations should be no longer than 10-15 minutes, if they are longer listeners will easily get bored.
• Make it flow throughout the presentation with appropriate repetition.

P.S. Don’t forget that technology is not always our best friend and sometimes it can fail when least expected. Keep in mind to make few copies of PPT, on USB stick, on e-mail, etc. so that if one fails you have back up plan.

Good luck! 💕


Estudiantes, profesores, trabajadores docentes y no docentes se manifiestan en contra a los recortes que quiere hacerle el gobierno a la Universidad de Puerto Rico. Cabe destacar que se le dieron propuestas al gobernador con soluciones a la crisis económica que enfrenta el país, sin tener que tocar la educación pública de Puerto Rico. #11recintos1UPR #ProductoUPR #NoJODANconMIeducacion 

Planned Parenthood Toronto has launched a new campaign called Send The Right Message and I happened to be a model for it. 

“Send The Right Message is a campaign of the LGBTQ Youth Initiative. Our goal is to encourage straight and cisgender youth to challenge every day instances of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. We’re here to help them be allies to their LGBTQ friends.”

So, here’s my face! But also, check out the promotional materials, the resources on identity and allyship, and the glossary of LGBTQ+ terms.