Oh my god, this is amazing and I am so late posting it and this better be how the reboot theme sounds.

best parts of power lunch

1. the gangreen gang tying up a supermarket cashier just so they can eat a bunch of trash food

2. lil arturo and coffee

3. “and big billy’s a rock” -ace

4. *antagonist giggle* “ye-ah right” -ace


6. ace mockingly saying “oh, blossom! you’re so good you give me chills!” (he’s like 16, what a pervert. he knows that sounds dirty,,,,)

Posting this to lay to rest all the falsehoods going around on the web about the situation. They’re not upset with the girls. Neither are Lauren and Craig. They’re upset at the CN Execs pulling this sorta stunt without even informing the three until the roles were recast. The announcements from the other day probably just made this worse.

So here it is, feel free to check out Tara Strong’s Facebook for confirmation on this. Hopefully this’ll spread and people will get the full story. AGAIN they are not asking or wanting anyone to lash out against the new VA’s. I’m doing this because I don’t want people I love and respect getting slandered just because they felt bad about getting snubbed and treated unprofessionally.

Also I blocked out the other commenters purely for privacy. Again, if you want to look at them, look up Tara Strong’s Facebook for the full story.


EDIT: And if you want to know about the Twitter post from a few months ago, here’s the story on that here:

Notice that this thing was MONTHS before any of the new voices were announced. They were upset about the DECISION to recast, NOT the choices of recast.