The world’s most famous Bush impersonator showed up at Sam Bee’s big Washington event

  • This was not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Literally. That was even the name comedy TV host Samantha Bee gave to her counter-programming for the official dinner: Not The White House Correspondents’ Dinner.
  • The crowd was treated to a special appearance by one of the country’s best-known presidential impersonations, even if it was from a bygone era. Read more. (4/29/17, 8:16 PM)


“PENNY: I’m the world’s first synthetic person capable of generating an Aura. I’m not real…
RUBY: Of course you are. You think just because you’ve got nuts and bolts instead of squishy guts makes you any less real than me?
PENNY: I don’t, um… You’re taking this extraordinarily well.
RUBY: You’re not like those things we saw back there. You’ve got a heart and a soul, I can feel it.”

–Miles Luna + Monty Oum + Kerry Shawcross (RWBY: Painting the Town)