our dear friend Howie Shia (head of PPF House), directed/animated this insanely dope video for Deru’s “Peanut Butter & Patience” in 2009. Mega fresh.



Our brother from another mothership LEO37 drops new visuals from his upcoming EP “FANFARE”. Mr.37 drops a colossal verse over a John Poon produced banger, topped off with some mighty dope visuals by Howie Shia. Soak, rinse, repeat, share. Check out www.LEO37.com for updates.   


Still #1. 

As THE BLAST train continues to push ahead in 2012, we bring you our first new product of the year to coincide with the launch of our brand new BANDCAMP this past Monday.  Courtesy the Blast Commander-in-Chief, DJ Serpico and yours truly, we bring you some brand new heat for your eyes and ears.  

Also, stay tuned for the EP trailer to drop ASAP!  

Be well world.




(February 27, 2012 - Toronto, ON) – After a 5-year whirlwind of tours through 11 countries, shared stages with some of contemporary music’s great talents, and a personal life that has held its share of highs and lows, Taiwanese-Canadian emcee/producer/turntablist LEO37 has finally emerged with his brand new EP, FANFARE.  Produced entirely by Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist, John Poon, this record, though brief, demonstrates a LEO37 who, lyrically, has never sounded more comfortable or confident.  Marrying poignant, vivid lyrics and a highly stylized sense of cadence with a sonic mélange of analog and digital textures, this duo, during a time when everything has been done before has somehow created something altogether fresh.  

Intentionally featuring a limited cast of guests (Lillian Chan/Vocals – You & The Nite and Tim Shia/Drums – Fire Dance, Footwork & Fanfare) and album art from award-winning animator/illustrator, Howie Shia, FANFARE is available now!




台裔加拿大饒舌歌手/製作人/唱盤演奏家 LEO37

剛發表了他全新的EP,整張製作來自多倫多的樂手John Poon,而且在極短暫的時間內完成,整張專輯表現出LEO37的狂熱,以及擁有從未聽見的自信與豐富情感,傷感中帶有高度格調與生動節奏的抒情詩韻,混合了類比與數位的構成,當這兩種組合交融之前,卻奇蹟似地創造出完全新穎的作品。

專輯陣容並找來Lillian Chan/歌手 “You & The Nite”
跟Tim Shia/鼓手"Fire Dance, Footwork & Fanfare" 
以及專輯藝術設計來自卡通插圖設計獎得主Howie Shia等人跨刀。



Tumblr.  My apologies for the brief hiatus, I was busy painting my walls with blood.

Introducing the first single from my upcoming EP (by the same name), ladies and gentlemen FANFARE.



(Click title for track)

Better in darkness
Yes, I do shine in stardust and hardluck and subtle hints of twilight
I’m finite
Amidst the mist I might find infinite bliss where I lie
Wrapped in blanket statements to keep my heat in tact
And ignore the unsure in order to keep my seat in fact
Not quite a thrown but I’m saving up all my dough
And jewel by jewel I will rule in the moon
But soon the dusk is crushed again
I’m bust again and dammit back in my room
My kingdom come and go and back again
And then I do my best to conceive the eve forever consume

But as day begins I tend to lay within my bedding
Letting pressures compress my head and all I’m dreading
Responsibility fills
Killing chances of resting
But I take to grinding when I wake to finding your….

Face in the Mornin’
Wake up the world cause it belongs to me

I’ll shout until the whole world hears me
I’ll shout until there’s nothing but the wind
Then rest in our bed with the rest to begin


WIthout further ado…

The third single off LEO37’s ‘FANFARE’ EP.
LEO37第三個MV從他新發行的EP, FANFARE.
Produced by JOHN POON. 
Written by LEO37. 
Directed and Edited by LEO SHIA
Director of Photography: JOE RUSSO
導演/剪接: LEO SHIA