PPB Update - 2017 Mar 12

Hello, everyone! Hepari here.
This is the first update since our Kickstarter campaign ended with a success…
From now on, I will use this tumblr as our main blog for new updates and events. Following this page might be a good idea :)

I’ve been spending a lot of time with budgeting and project management in the recent month, but there has also been some significant progress in a number of areas. Don’t worry about us slowing down now!

Most importantly, we are fixing the way the combat works, expanding on the combat system even further - and making it feel like a beat’em up fused with mechanics of fighting games and free movement of zelda-like action RPGs.

Sketches for new motions (sword)


Launching the enemy into the air.

The input command for these moves will come pre-defined, but we’d like you to come up with suggestions after testing out the game yourself later on. are you excited? Well, I know I am :D

Stay tuned for more updates! :)


“Just heard one of the toughest stories I’ve heard in my life. Nakeyja, a resident of Flint, showed me how the government issued filter does not work. She tested it in front me and it was at 184 ppb. It’s suppose to be less than 15. Her one year old daughter is having seizures and tested very high for lead poisoning. And her 3 year old son is not speaking and is staring at one location for long periods of time. She is testing him this week, but he is not doing well. We have poisoned our own people. Our children. American children. And there is no cure for lead poisoning. Russell and I were brought to tears. And we are hearing this at every house we visit. Beyond belief. #FlintWaterCrisis”
-Michael Skolnik

“On first encounter, Michael seemed shy. He spoke in the very soft, high-pitched voice recognizable to the world, but, oddly enough, after about 10 minutes his tone deepened, although he still spoke very softly. I find that many powerful people, heads of state and such, speak very softly. They don’t have to shout to get your attention. Try to hear what they say the first time—they don’t like to repeat. Michael was like that.”

“In 1997 I visited Neverland to photograph Michael with his firstborn, Prince Michael. While he was feeding Prince, the baby’s face became covered with food. Michael joked, "Oh, it’s Linda Blair time,” referring to the actress in the film The Exorcist. The baby was happy and laughing. Later, we took Prince upstairs to his room, where Michael gave him a bottle and held him until he went to sleep, singing little songs to him, something about Daddy’s baby. Michael told me Prince had inspired him to write more music than he had written at any other time in his life.“

"The following day Michael took me into the rehearsal studio where he had refined the moonwalk. He told me he often brought Prince there to watch him practice in front of the mirrored wall and said they would dance together someday. I was convinced that was going to be the next act. Prince sat playing with a microphone and watching his father’s every move.” - Photographer Harry Benson

When it came time for a science project, Paris settled on studying snails.

She enlisted her chef Kai Chase to help her find snails in the mansion’s backyard. The pair carried large flashlights and found several of the slimy creatures and prepared to bring them inside.

Jackson was waiting for them.

“At this point, I believed I was going to get fired,” Chase recalled.

The singer looked at the snails and had a different reaction — he helped make them a home.

He ended up putting them in jars with a bedding of moss in the bottom and tiny cocktail umbrellas to live under.

Other animals roaming through the home included a chocolate lab named Kenya, cats named Katie and Thriller, a rabbit and a talking bird who would “whistle when pretty girls go by,” Chase said.

Prince had a pet rat he carried around, while Paris would host tea parties in her backyard doll house for the animals. The dog would jump in the pool with the kids when they swam on Saturdays, Chase said.

The children would “run to him like lighting” when their father came home from a rehearsal,“ she said. "They would hang on him. It would bring tears to my eyes.”

—  Kai Chase’s court case testimony about family life at Michael Jackson’s house before he passed