5 Harry Potter Fics to Read Before Diving Into Cursed Child

After all this time? Always.

1. DRACONIAN by hepburnettes



4. TO BE LUMINOUS by icallringbearer

5. THE HOAX by escapism-

Tour Around The World: James Potter x Reader


Request: Could you please do a James Potter Smut where the reader is an Italian exchange student?

Warnings: SMUT

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“Pads, look at her, bloody hell.” James murmurs, his gaze focused on the new girl just a few feet away. 

“What I wouldn’t give to get a good look at that.” Sirius nods, his eyes wide.

 “Everyone is look at her, Prongs.” Remus adds, shaking his head.

 Y/N Y/L/N was an italian exchange student, and had just arrived at Hogwarts. She, despite herself, was the center of attention. Remus had a point, every pair of eyes in the room, girl or guy were glued on the girl. The way she would laugh, her long y/h/c locks, bright y/e/c eyes. She was mesmerizing. 

“Don’t you fancy Evans?” Peter pipes up suddenly. 

James frowns at him.

 “Oh come on, Prongs has been pining for the girl since 1st year, it’s obviously not going to happen.” Sirius says, rolling his eyes. 

“It’s not liked he’d have a fair chance with Y/N.” Remus says. 

“You doubt me?” James asks, cocking an eyebrow.

 “Have you seen her?” Remus counters, eyes wide. And that’s when her eyes meet James’, not any of his friends, but his. She smirks slightly, looking him up and down before turning away. She’s definitely seen him.

James watches her, a random book opened in his hand. She’s sitting alone in the library, curled up on a chair. One of the few moments he’s seen her alone these past few days. He closes the book, and decides to make his move. He sits across from her, hands clasped and leaning forward. Her eyes dart up at the sound of the squeaking, smiling gently.

 “Hello.” She greets, tilting her head. James feels himself get hard just by the sound of her bloody accent. 

He clears his throat slightly, “Hi. I’m James.” 

She smiles, biting her lip slightly, “I know.” 

“Aren’t you going to introduce yourself? That’s what we do in England.” James says, cocking an eyebrow at her. 

She rolls her eyes slightly, “You know who I am.” 

James grins at this, “Cheeky.”  

Madam Pince hushes the pair, her beady eyes narrowed. James grunts slightly, pushing his glasses up his nose. 

“Would you like to come with me?” He whispers, watching her. 

She tilts her head, considering. “What will we do?” She asks, licking her lips slightly. 

“I’m sure I can find something fun.” James says, smirking at her.

His breath is hot against Y/N’s neck as he shoves her against his dorm room door, silently praying that his friends aren’t in the room. The door pops open and she lets out a squeal, falling backwards. James catches her with ease, pulling her back up into his arms. 

“Easy, I got you.” He murmurs, chuckling as he leads them inside the room and shut the door with his foot.

 “I heard, you’re quite the hero here. Quid ditch, right?” She says, unbuttoning his shirt and hiccupping over the foreign word with her accent. 

“Something like that, yes.” James says, reaching down and pulling off her skirt. He leads her back to the bed, the back of her knees hitting the bed and falling onto the mattress. 

He hovers over her and unbuttons her shirt, flinging it off, followed by her bra. “Your turn.” She says, tugging on the pant leg of his trousers. He kicks them off quickly, before hovering over her once more and pressing kisses to her neck. She squirms under him as a hand grips her thigh and trails down. 

She’s impatient, “No foreplay, please.” She begs, looking up into James eyes.

 “I want to make it last.” James says, winking at her. She whines slightly, but lets her hand fly to his hair nonetheless as his fingers skim over her panties. Her breathes catches and her hips buck up into his.

 “Italians are needy.” James notes, staring at her with amusement as he pushes her panties aside and trails his fingers along her heat. 

”Brits are unfair.” She whines, pouting at him. James grins, delving two fingers without warning into her heat. 

“J-james! Don’t stop! Please” She moans, her eyes fluttering shut. 

James continues to pump in and out of her, feeling her clench around his fingers. She knows she’s about to come undone, and lets out a whimper. James pulls away than, staring at her. 

Y/N huffs, staring up at him in shock, “What the hell?” She cries, swatting his bicep.

 “Not letting you have all the fun, sweetheart.” James growls, positioning himself at her entrance. He slides in with ease, grunting slightly, as Y/N grips tightly to his arms. 

“Alright?” He huffs out, kissing her forehead. She nods, cupping his cheek. He starts to move in and out of her, but not quickly, he wants to savor this. She doesn’t complain either. Soon, he feels himself getting close, 


“Me too.” 

She whispers, and soon he is riding out their highs, and then on the mattress next to her. 

“That was-” 

“Amazing.” She finishes

. “Do- do you want to stay?” James asks, looking over at her.

 She turns, smiling, and reaches out to trace her fingers down his chiseled chest, “Let’s see how the Brits like to cuddle.”

Potter’s Twin (Part 2) - Draco Malfoy x reader

I NEED more of the Potter’s Twin, it was absolutely wonderful. I love your writing.

Ok, so this is going to be Potter’s Twin (Part 2) as seen in the title. So yeah. It’s basically going to be Harry’s point of view and 3rd person, and his reaction and everything.

“Hey man, are you okay?” Ron asked me as they walked away.
“No,” I said monotonously, “My enemy is dating my sister,”
“Well he’s more like your rival, your enemy is You-Know-Who.” Hermione said.
“Hermione,” Ron said jabbing her in the side with a hushed whisper, “You’re not helping,”
I began walking towards the Great Hall keeping my eyes from the Slytherin table where I knew she would be sitting. It hurt. That she would go behind my back and date Draco. How did I not see it? He had been being nicer to us and hasn’t called Hermione a ‘mud blood’ in months. Still, why didn’t she tell me? I would’ve been okay with it. Wait what am I thinking!? I wouldn’t have been okay with it! And I’m not okay with it now!
A whirlwind of emotions zoomed through Harry’s head and wouldn’t stop. He kept blaming himself, then blaming her. He decided to ask her later this evening. He walked up behind her at the Slytherin table. People were whispering as he walked.
He tapped her on the shoulder, “Hey y/n? Meet me just outside the Great Hall after dinner” he said as she turned around. She merely nodded her head. He walked back to the Gryffindor table and continued eating. He ate his last few bites and walked to the hallway right outside the Hall. His twin arrived minutes later with a worried expression on her face.
“Harry, please don’t be mad I know I shou-“ she began.
“I can’t believe you did that!” he bellowed, “going behind my back and dating Draco Malfoy! My least favorite person in this school!”
“I know! And I’m sorry! But he was so nice! He asked me if I wanted go get a Butter Beer in Hogsmeade and I couldn’t say no, he was just so nice!” she yelled back.
“That’s no excuse, you what he’s called us and my friends!”
“He said he was sorry! And how did you think I felt when you were going out with Cho? My best friend, remember?”
“T-That was different,” he said stumbling over his words.
“Really? Was it really that different? Do you know how bad it was watching my best friend cry because of my brother?” she said, tears welling in her eyes.
“Y’know y/n, your turning this into something it’s not!”
“Am I? Sorry! I guess I’ll leave now.” she said a few tears slipping from her eyes. Harry felt horrible. He has never made her cry. Not like this.

Y/n  was walking through the halls with Cho and spotted the trio. She ducked her head down.
“Y/n! Y/n! I need to talk to you!” she heard Harry yelling to her across the sea of students. She tried to ignore him, until she felt a hand grasp her upper arm.
“What Harry? Another lecture? Going to create another scene?” she said infuriated.
“I know your mad at me y/n. You could be mad. I should be mad, but I can’t. You’re my baby sister,” he said ruffling the top of her hair.
“You’re- you’re not mad?” she asked flabbergasted, he shook his head. “ And Harry, I was born 15 minutes after you, I’m not your baby sister.” she said hugging him tightly.
“Sure your not, Squirt” he called her by his favorite nickname for her, while she scowled at him.
“Now come on, we can go play Wizard Chess in the Gryffindor common room,” she said leading him to the stairways.

“Aha!” she said jumping up, “I have won!” she exclaimed dancing around the common room.
“I’m glad they made up,” Hermione said.
“Yeah it would’ve been awkward, having twins hate each other, and in the same friend group.” Ron said, “One time George and Fred were fighting and it was the most horrible thing I have ever seen,” he finished with a visible shudder.
“Yes, y/n, you won. Ready for another round. I’ll beat you for sure.” Harry laughed at her Riddikulus dance.
She smiled warmly and patted him lightly on the head “In your dreams, brother dear.”

why i can't take Ravenclaws seriously

in Shakespearean english, a euphemism for a guys you-know-what was “wit”. so, “the length of a man’s wit” is actually a clever euphemism for talking about how ‘manly’ a guy was/ how big his dick was.

…brings a whole new meaning to
“wit beyond measure is a man’s greatest treasure”

sirius black giving people advice he has zero intention of following for himself is 100% canon and i feel like ppl miss this as a fic opportunity??

sirius: moony you really want to stop lending out your possessions if you’re this fussed about them coing back damnaged
remus: you were the one who returned my jumper with a sleeve missing???
sirius: my point exactly. 

sirius: james, mate, you’ve got to listen to birds if you’ve any hope of wooing them.
james: mate, you’re gay.
james: and i’ve been married for two years.
sirius: your point?

sirius: pete, buddy, you’ve got to stop drinking so much. when you drink, bad things happen…
pete: yeah mate that was you who got trash and pissed on that pool table and got us kicked out, not me, so–
sirius: my point exactly. if you were more sober, you could’ve stopped me.

sirius: evans you really shouldn’t let your sister get to you, you know.
evans: didn’t you just punch your brother last week???
sirius: irrelevant