This is the BEST version of Final Lair I ever heard I’M SOBBING SEND HELP

What is even Ramin Karimloo.

I can’t.

I'm listening to the PotO 25th anniversary recording

And I forgot how much Erik gives me secondhand embarrassment.

Oh, man.

Here is a guy who built palaces and torture chambers and basically smooth-talked and murdered his way across the Western Hemisphere but when it comes to seducing a woman he’s like, “Mirror. A mirror works. She shan’t see me when I court her that way; perfectly normal male courting behavior.”

Can you imagine how he would have short-circuited if Christine straight up asked him what the deal was?

“Look, by now, I know you’re not a ghost. You’re some dude hanging out in my dressing room.”


“I know you’re still in there. I can hear you hyperventilating.”

“…..No, you can’t.”

“You’re fogging up both sides of the mirror.”

“…….That is ghost air.”

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t call the cops right now.”

“…………………I have an organ that may interest you.”


  • Friend: I like The Phantom of the Opera movie cast better than the 25th Anniversary cast.
  • Me: Unfriend.
  • No Longer Friend: Did you just say "unfriend"?