Every gaming poster we’ve made over the past year!

It’s really neat to look back and see a years worth of work and the progress you can make in that time. Thanks again to all of you for the support! ♥️♥️♥️  

Hope you enjoy! 

Mass Effect N7
Fallout 3 - 3 Dog
The Witcher 3
Pokemon Go
Super Mario Bros.
Fallout 4 - The Glowing Sea

By Fabled Creative

To all of you who asked me or even wished for me to do the entire Be More Chill Musical, thank Dove Calderwood aka @goofygrrl, who commissioned me to do animatics of the whole show!!!
As planned I’ll finish “Upgrade” and then start doing the musical from the start! 
But I’ll choose the halloween costumes anyway, as soon as I finish upgrade like I promised.

My design of the BBS Bois poster that I’m goin’ to sell at CF9 in Indonesia! :D

i wasn’t goin’ to show the full pic of it because, ppl can get really annoying about sellin’ stuff online w/o my permission and reposting shit :^) (y’all are cunts if u do that, no offense but it true)

but since i don’t have art to post atm, imma just post this to y’all. its the least i can do :’v