Dinner 6/6/2014: Portillo’s, 100 W. Ontario Street, Chicago

Me: Italian beef sandwich with hot peppers.

The fiance: Jumbo Chicago-style hot dog.

Shared: Cheese fries.

We love Portillo’s! We come here every time we visit Chicago. Portillo’s Italian beef is very juicy and the bread holds up very well even with all of the gravy. The Chicago-style dog here is probably our favorite in terms of quality, size, and price. Cheese fries were the bomb. 

Raced from an interview on Chicago’s south side to Schaumburg for a meeting. On the way, I picked up a burger and fries from Portillo’s. Only after the meeting, as I was racing to another location, did I notice the Chick-fil-A a block away. Curses! I could have spent these calories a little more wisely. Or, at least, more adventurously. I’ve been meaning to discover what all the hub-bub is about their chicken. But hey, this wasn’t a bad burger.

The other day a friend of mine told me to check out this link to an article that talked about situational eating and mindset. 


I read over it and at first just kind of blew it off.  Then she asked me about it and stressed how a few things really stood out to her so I went back and read it again with that in mind and I have to say I see the point. 

“People who continue to struggle allow their circumstances and environment to dictate how they’ll eat.”

Food is fun……“But you know what’s even more fun? Having control over what goes in your mouth and being able to say no when opportunities to indulge arise. Staying lean with less effort. Not being obsessed with food anymore. That’s a frigging blast!”

Saying “No, only unsuccessful people get...”(insert food of our choice here) for me it is pizza or McDonalds or just burgers in general. 

So I decided to give this a try and to use “I dont eat….."  Instead of saying I can’t eat that, or I can’t have that.  When I would tell myself or others around me "I cant” it makes me feel powerless and like I am being deprived of something.  But when I switch it do I dont eat that’ suddenly I am in control and am taking the power back with each choice.

Saying it is easier than how your brain really works - I have felt very down/depressed this weekend perhaps because I have to keep putting myself in check over food.  And also because it had really been the highlight of most of my days - I am job searching, freelancing, and trying not to spend money - so I find myself at home and alone almost all the time.  The one thing I looked forward to was getting out to grab lunch or diner.“ 

But I also know that its just my brain playing tricks on me trying to get me to eat poorly to give it the salty/fatty/sugary things it craves.

I had to run an errand today (after not having left my house since Thursday) and while I was out I thought I would treat myself to a little something from out. 

I pulled into Portillo’s (which for those of you not from around Chicago - is full of the most delicious foods ever - if you are into beef sandwich, polish, dogs, burgers etc).  The line around these places is always packed and the smell as you drive by is amazing.  You know what else they have that are equally as delicious as all that other stuff - their salads.

So I got their Mediterranean salad (dressing on the side) and that was my treat for lunch.  Because only unsuccessful people in my situation would get anything else on the Portillo’s menu, and I don’t eat those foods anymore anyway (See what I did there). 

It was very tasty (didnt nee or use the dressing) - but my brain made me feel sad and down the entire time I was eating it.  And so I thought to take my mind off my feelings I would blog about all of this here - as its been a few days since you all have heard from me and I wanted to let you in on my ongoing struggle.

The other thing pushing me to stick to almost exclusively eating at home is that my leg is feeling so much better and I have the follow up blood work done this Wednesday and the long awaited Dr appointment next week - so hopefully all of these food changes show in the results because that is the driving factor to keeping me in check here.

#999,979/1,000,000: Portillo's

For the love of me.  HOW LONG WILL ROKEFORT, ILL-UH, NOY talk about bringing the famed and delicious Chicago area (once family run and now a borderline chain) restaurant that is #999,979/1,000,000: Portillo’s?  

Why must the local elitist humans with the monies and the potholed parking lots tease the minions with talk of meat and pork and shakes and beer and roasted red peppers and granitas and ribs and cheese fries and FOR THE LOVE OF ME- iDAMN THEE TO END THIS FOOCOCKY NO-WALKY TALK.  IT WILL NEVER COME HERE BECAUSE THEY ARE AFRAID OF OPENING UP SUCH a DELICIOUS RESTAURANT in a town that can barely feed peasants on the poor wages elitists feed the minions.  

It’s obvious by now that their marketing research department, like the Cheesecake Factory, and many ‘chains’ that refuse to plant themselves in Rokefort, are not lured by the demographic math their reading on paper about Rockford and jobs, peoples wages, and family household gross income, staggering unemployment numbers (that don’t truly show how many people are unemployed) and questionable city leadership always being covered in poor light by the media.  I, GOD, AM TELLING YOU NOW, “YOU DO NOT DESERVE THE DELICIOUSNESS OF PORTILLO’S!  IT IS NOT FOR PEASENTS!!!”

The people who are not peasents or elitists are tired of listening to lies, thankfully, I, God, did not create Rockford, or the people in need of a Portillo’s.




One of the best things about being on the road is all the great food we get to eat. Every city we go to we look for a new restaurant to try out.

This weekend we traveled to Chicago, IL where we enjoyed Chicago style hotdogs from Portillo’s.


03/09/2011 - choc-pecan frozen custard

description: met up with coral’s friend after berghoff’s. after looking for a sit-down place for an hour, we ended up at chili’s (like sizzler, but even worse). floated around the bad part of town for another hour and ended up at portillo’s

location: portillo’s, south wabash, the loop.

final rating: 6.5. frozen custard was okay (maybe i had too-high hopes for such an awesomely-named dessert); a little like a super sugary, extra-thick soft serve. bonus points for a restaurant that looked like a disneyland diner, though. fact: bebop makes any kinda of food more fun.